Profile and Facts of Momo of TWICE: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Momo is one of supportive vocalists and is one of lead dancers of South Korean girl group “TWICE,” and is also one of three members from Japan.

She started dancing when she was a little girl. JYP Entertainment in South Korea scouted her when they watched her dance video. She took an audition in 2012 and became a member of TWICE.

The group debuted on October 20, 2015, with the mini-album “The Story Begins”.



Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

She was born on November 9th in 1996 in Kyoto, Japan. She is now 19 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Height and Weight

She is 168 cm (about 5′ 6″) tall. She has never mentioned about her weight.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name & Childhood Stories

She was born as Hirai Momo in Kyoto, Japan.

She started dancing with her older sister when she was very young. At three years old, she started going to a dance studio called “Stepout Dance Studio” in Osaka, Japan.

She used to be a member of a dance team called “Barbie” when she was in the third grade.

As a child, she always wanted to be a performer. She decided to become a singer when she watched the famous Japanese singer Amuro Namie perform.

She also likes K-pop, and got hooked, after watching artists like Rain and Lee Hyori, that is because her mother is a big fan of K-pop, especially Rain.

She was scouted by JYP Entertainment who saw her dancing with her older sister on YouTube. They were told to audition for JYP trainees, but only she passed and moved to South Korea alone.

Bio and SNS

Blood Type: Unknown.
Japanese Name:平井桃

Label: JYP Entertainment

Official Website:
Instagram: twicetagram
Fan Cafe:


Although Momo and JYP Entertainment has never mentioned about her academic background, she was a high school student in her hometown, Kyoto, when she was scouted.

Momo had to halt her studies for her training; she was in her last year of junior high school (middle school).

Although she didn’t attend senior high school (high school), in 2016 she received the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates through taking an exam.


Momo has an older sister who also dances well and took audition for SM Entertainment along with her.

Her parents were completely against her career choice and moving to Korea. After countless attempts of persuading, they agreed, under the condition that she would come back if she doesn’t succeed.

Career & Bio

When she was still in Japan, she and her older sister were scouted by JYP Entertainment who saw their dance video.

JYP told them to try out the audition on April 13th in 2012, as a result, only she made it in and became a JYP trainee.

She then appeared in some music videos, including Got7‘s “Stop Stop It,” Junho‘s “Feel” with two other Japanese members Mina and Sana, in 2014, and Wooyoung‘s “R.O.S.E.,” and others in 2015.

Then she made her debut as a member of TWICE on October 20th in 2015 with eight other members.

Sixteen, a competition survival program, once dropped her out. She was the only eliminated member, however, and they brought her back in to make her debut as a member of TWICE.

Occupation: Singer and Dancer
Position in Twice: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Sub Rapper
Active Years: 2015–present
Status: Single



-“The Story Begins” (2015)
-“Page 2” (2016)
-“Twicecoaster: Lane 1” (2016)
-“What’s Twice?” (Japanese, 2017)

TV Show

My Little Television(2015
The Show (2016
Hit The Stage (2016

Music Video

Stop Stop It (2014)
Feel (Japanese) (2014
R.O.S.E. (Japanese) (2015
Only You (2015)

Net Worth

Neither Momo nor JYP Entertainment has ever mentioned anything about her net worth.


There is a rumor that Momo used to have a boyfriend in Japan, however, she currently has no boyfriend. Having a boyfriend within three years from her debut is against the rules of JYP Entertainment.

Also, it is commonly known she is a big fan of ShinEE‘s Minho. She is intrigued by his sharp dance moves and was a fan ever since she was a student in Japan.

Still, the two are not in a relationship. She doesn’t seem to have time for herself because she is very busy practicing and performing.

Rumor: Jungkook (BTS)

One rumor that spread online was the relationship of Momo and BTS’ Jungkook. When the two collaborated in an sports event for k-pop idols, Jungkook was constantly looking at Momo.

This lead to some speculations, but there is no other proof confirming this rumor.

Favorite Things

3.Watching movies and dramas
5.Weight training
7.Minho of SHINee
8.Michael Jackson
10.Lee Hyori

Food: Pig feet, meat, black-bean noodles, ice cream, chips,etc.
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite Music: Michael Jackson, Ciara, Tinashe, Beyonce, K-pop
Motto: “If you work hard, you can eat delicious food”
Personality: Hard worker
Hobby: Eating, looking at pictures of food when I’m on a diet, shopping,nail art
Perfume: Perfume from Victoria’s Secret
Fashion: High-rise mini shorts, crop tops

Fun facts

1.Her blood type is A.
2.She and her older sister danced together.
3.She practices a lot.
4.She sometimes practices dancing for more than 12 hours.
5.She is the best dancer in TWICE.
6.She speaks Korean very well.
7.She once dyed her hair blond.
8.She likes to see pictures of food when she is on a diet.
9.She dances solo in a music video of “Like OOH-AHH.”
10.She is not good at freestyle dancing.
11.She lost about 7 kg ( lbs) when she was a trainee.
12.She likes pettitoes a lot.
13.Her mother also likes K-pop, especially Rain.
14.She always looks in the mirror to check her conditions.
15.She says she is greedy in a good way.
16. Known as the only member of the show ‘Sixteen’ who was eliminated once but was brought back to debut as a member of Twice.
17. Does not like cucumbers, watermelon, and melon.
18. Is known to be dedicated to dance.
19. She has 3 pet dogs named Petco, Pudding, and Lucky
20. Her fanclub name is Once.
21. Her shoe size is 23.5cm.
22. She can speak Japanese and Korean
23. When Momo can’t sleep, she watches dramas.
24. Momo started dancing when she was 3 years old.
25. She doesn’t like rides like a roller coaster.
26. She is good at doing a wave using her stomach.
27. Her habit is keeping her mouth open at some moment.
28. In her personal life,she wears simple clothes.
29. She likes New York Cheesecake flavor in Baskin Robbins ice cream.
30. She is part of TWICE’s “Japan Line”, which includes herself, Sana, and Mina.

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