Profile and Facts of Yuta of NCT 127: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Yuta Nakamoto is a Japanese singer based in Korea, and a member of the popular k-pop group NCT and its sub-unit NCT 127. He excels at singing and rapping.

He was found at SM Global Audition Japan held in 2012, and made it through to become a trainee. In 2013, he became part of S.M. Rookies, and finally made his debut in 2016.


Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

Yuta was born on October 26, 1995 in Osaka, Japan. He is now 21 years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Height and Weight

Yuta is 179 cm tall (about 5’10”). He has not mentioned about his weight officially.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name, and Childhood Stories

He was born Nakamoto Yuta in Osaka, Japan. He made it through 2012’s SM Global Audition held in Japan, and moved to South Korea to become a trainee for SM Entertainment.

He excels at dancing, however, he passed the audition as a singer at first.

As a little boy, he always liked playing sports. Especially, he was fond of soccer. He started learning how to play soccer at the age of five and had learned it for more than ten years.

Currently, he is doing his best learning how to sing, dance and rap to be a better performer.

He also has a sense of humor.


In Japan, he attended Yashima Gakuen High School.

There is a rumor that he left high school to move to South Korea and finished high school via correspondence.


Aside from his parents, Yuta has one older sister and one younger sister. It is said his family still resides in Osaka.

Yuta has a good relationship with his family. He says his father is the person he admires most.

Career and Bio

Yuta was introduced to the public as a trainee of S.M. Entertainment on December 24th in 2013. He tried out the 7th Open Audition in Osaka, Japan that S.M. Entertainment held to seek talented young people.

He made it through to become part of S.M. Rookies, a group of trainees. Though he was attending high school at that time, he left high school and moved to Seoul, South Korea.

As an SM Entertainment trainee, he had been appearing in a television talk show regularly. He was a Japanese representative and he was encouraged to state his view in that show.

Although he was the person hard to replace in the show, he had left the show in December 2015 to concentrate on his singing and dancing.

In March 2016, Yuta was chosen to be a fashion model for British Casual clothing brand “Design United” with two other trainees.

During the same time, S.M. Entertainment announced the creation of NCT, a k-pop group that would have unlimited members and sub-units that would be active all over the world. Yuta was one of the S.M. Rookies who was expected to become a member of NCT. 

And on July 1, 2016, it was revealed that Yuta would be a member of the group’s second sub-unit, NCT 127. The group released their debut EP “NCT #127” (2016) a few days later.


-“NCT #127” (2016)
-“Limitless” (2017)

Net Worth

He or SM Entertainment has never mentioned about his net worth.


Although his fans seem to be interested in his romance, Yuta currently is single.

There are some pictures of Yuta of his past, however, there is no picture of him and his girlfriend alone. Yuta, too, is so busy that he cannot seem to have enough time for himself.

It takes a lot of commitment to move to a different country to pursue a passion. Yuta probably realizes this, and thus doesn’t want to be distracted.

Favorite Things

1. Dancing
2. Playing soccer
3. Speaking Korean
4. Wandering in nature
5. Riding bicycle
6. Watching animes
7. Reading novels
8. Likes summer
9. Trying new things
10. Listening to FTISLAND
11. The color yellow
12. ONE OK ROCK (Japanese band)

Fun Facts

1. His blood type is A.
2. He does not like eating green peppers.
3. He respects Changmin, a member of TVXQ.
4. He is a big fan of Lee Hongi, a member of FTISLAND.
5. He does not like to wear watches.
6. His favorite item is “soccer ball.”
7. His favorite actress is Lee Minjung.
8. He likes to wear earrings.
9. He had learned playing soccer for about 11 years, and he still likes playing soccer.
10. His Korean is better than any other foreign trainees.
11. He speaks in dialect in Japanese.
12. He passed the audition for trainees as a singer at first.
13. He takes Japanese lessons with other trainees.
14. He once mentioned about the history in a television program.
15. He likes Kamen Rider, a popular hero tv show in Japan
16. He is close to his family, and looks through family photos when he’s lonely
17. He is sometimes called “Takoyaki Prince”
18. His favorite city in Japan is Kyoto
19. In the future, he will name his daughter “Shiho”.
20. He admires the band ONE OK ROCK.

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