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Members Profile of 2PM : Best Idol in Korea!

2PM is a boy idol group under JYP Entertainment. The group was originally consisted of 7 members.

However, after Jay Park, the former leader of 2PM dropped out, there are 6 members with Jun.K being replaced as the new leader.

2PM made their debut in 2008 with their single, ‘Hottest Time Of The Day’. Immediately after their debut, they win several music charts with their song, ’10 out of 10’.

The group 2PM means ‘featuring music that are best to listen at 2PM, the hottest time of the day’. 2PM’s attractiveness mainly comes from their powerful dance and beast-like performances, hence earning the title, ‘beast idol’.

2PM is known for the number of concerts they hold. They held their 100th concert during 2PM of 2PM tour (2015).

Here’s a fun fact. Some members have actually lived in the U.S. Nichkhun in Southern California, Jaebeom in Seattle and Taecyeon lived in Massachusetts for 7 years and then returned to Korea.

Actually, the members of 2PM were originally part of a different but larger group called One Day. After their training, it turned out that they had to be reduced to just 11 members.

This is the reason why we have 2AM and 2PM. 2AM has 4 members, while 2PM has 7.

Debut and Success

In September 2008, 2PM first debuted and released their song “10 Out of 10”.

As it was a huge success, they began promoting their track “Only You”, which is also another song from their album “Hottest Time of the Day”.

A year after their first ever debut, they released their second mini-album called “2PM Time For Change”.

Yet again, succeeding in their 2nd album, they have deservingly won their first Mutizen Song Award on M!Countdown, succeeding even more and more through their other 2 wins in Music Bank Award.

They began promoting their song “Niga Mipda” in June, which also led them to success by winning an award for the Only One Song award in M!Countdown.

Jaebeom’s 2009 Incident

Unfortunately, things did not go smooth all the way. In the same year, issues regarding Jaebeom’s old post on myspace regarding his hatred for Korea was leaked through the internet.

He had a post in his own myspace account in 2005, voicing out his own opinions about his hatred for Korea. He was still not famous that time, he was still a trainee.

The pressure on him must have made him feel so stressed, thus he took it all out on Korea in general.

A netizen hacked his account and posted it everywhere, causing people, especially his Korean fans to react on his rude move.

Jaebeom did not let this issue pass though, he made a public apology right away and saying that he was still young when he posted the hate post.

However, some people were just so angry that they wanted Jaebeom out of the group right away.

He then decided to leave the group for a while, take a break from his problems in Korea then flew to United States and try to live a peaceful life there.

He also wanted to continue his studies and study about music more.

There were also problems regarding his issue being a leader in the group. He apologized to his whole group for being such an irresponsible leader, and promised to become a better person as time goes by.

The group will then continue their journey with a member of six, while also thinking of Jaebeom’s situation, wishing that they would fix the problems and become complete again soon.

2015-2016 Updates

2PM released their 5th album called “No. 5” on the 15th of June 2015. There were 12 song tracks all in all, in which 9 of the tracks were greatly written by no other than the members.

In September 2016, one of the members posted a hint in the social media–stating that they will come back soon. On the same month, the group celebrated their official 8th year together.

On the day of their 8th anniversary, they then teased their fans by posting hints here and there, posting individual portraits in their own social media platforms.

Then, they finally released their 6th album called “Gentlemen’s Game”, including their single track called “Promise (I’ll Be)”.

2PM Members Planning To Enlist in Military

(Source: http://koreaboo.tumblr.com/post/97553148343/2pm-reveal-all-members-except-nichkhun-plan-to)

After releasing their 6th album, the 2PM members except for Nichkhun are planning to join the military. They mentioned in an interview that their registrations are still pending.

The first member who decided to be enlisted was Jun.K, the leader.

He said, that if they instead register one by one and not all together, the earliest possible date for 2PM to have a comeback is already in 2022, which is so unimaginable. They would be old by then.

However, Taecyon has some negative views about 2PM making a comeback in the future. He said that there are not much members right now, which makes it unlikely for them to make a comeback sooner. They would be busy with their own lives.

The group, however, feels nostalgic sometimes whenever they attend events and their fellow members are there, together with them.

That is the only time they realize that solidarity, too, is important. Just because the group is inactive now, it does not mean that what they have been through in the past does not matter anymore.

Wooyoung expressed his sadness in an interview saying “I will feel very lonely having to promote without all the members.

Especially because Junho recently did a solo promotion in Japan, I felt bigger sense of loneliness.”

Jun K is planning to enlist on January next year. Thankfully, one member tried to cheer up fans by announcing that they will still continue their activities as a group until Jun K goes to military.


Official Website: 2pm.jype.com
Youtube Channel: 2PM
Instagram: @2pm.officiial
Twitter: @follow_2PM
Facebook Page: 2PM


Jun.K is the leader and a lead vocal of 2PM.

Jun.K dreamed of being a singer after being inspired by Steve Wonder. Jun.K won several awards in music competitions, including Dongseongro Music Festival, where he won a gold award.

Jun.K passed auditions both for YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment and chose to join JYP Entertainment.

After a period of about 4years, Jun.K made a debut with 2PM single, ‘HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY’.

Jun.K is a talented musician who produces songs and writes the lyrics. He produced songs for his group, such as ‘My house’, ‘HOT’, ‘Game over’ and several others.

He also produced for Junior group of JYP Entertainment, GOT7, the music, ‘So Lucky’.

・Birth name- Kim Min-Joon
・Nickname- Jun.K
・D.O.B- January 15, 1988
・Height- 180cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality- South Korean
・Blood Type- A
・Position- Main Vocal
・Education- Kyung Hee University
・Specialties- Dancing, singing, composing songs
・Ideal type – Person with beautiful smile


Instagram: @jun2dakay
Twitter: @Jun2daKAY

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Daegu in South Korea
2. He started as a trainee in YG Entertainment. And there he met Taeyang and G-Dragon, starting hanging out with them and thus they became friends
3. He only speak a little of English
4. Using the jump rope is included in his workout routine. By using this, he feels sexy.
5. The reason why he always wears black tank tops under every clothe that he wears is because he has a very sensitive skin.

Chan Sung

Chan Sung is a sub rapper and a sub vocalist of 2PM.

Chan Sung is the maknae of 2PM. However, Chan Sung is the tallest member of 2PM, being called an ‘Old Maknae’ when 2PM made debut.

Chan Sung has appeared in several TV dramas and movies. He appeared in the Korean Drama, ‘Unstoppable High Kick (2006)’, one of the best hit TV drama of 2006, in Korea.

Chan Sung also appeared in Japanese movie, ‘Wasure Yuuki (2015)’.

・Birth Name- Hwang Chan Sung
・Nickname- Chan Sung
・D.O.B- February 11, 1990
・Height-184 cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type – B
・Education – Howon Univeristy
・Specialties – Tae Kwon Do, playing game, sports, Kendo
・Ideal type – Person with kind eyes


Instagram: @chansung2004
Twitter: @2PMagreement211

Fun Facts

1. Born in Seoul
2. He is a native Korean speaker and he can speak a Japanese and English in a daily conversation speaking level


Wooyoung is a sub vocalist and the main dancer of 2PM.

Wooyoung began dancing after he was inspired by Michael Jackson. However, there was opposition from the father and Wooyoung had to secretly dance. After success of Wooyoung, the father supports him.

Wooyoung was ranked number one in the JYP 1st public audition, surpassing IU, Goo hara (KARA), Yoon Doo Joon (B2ST). Not only is he a great dancer, but also a good singer.

Wooyoung usually sings the opening part of the 2PM title songs.

Wooyoung is a good entertainer. His entertaining talent was at peak during a 2PM real variety show, ‘Wild Bunny’. Wooyoung also appeared in Korean TV drama, ‘Dream high (2011)’

・Birth Name- Jang Woo Young
・Nickname- Wooyoung
・D.O.B- April 30, 1989
・Height- 178cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type- B
・Education – Howon University
・Specialties – Dancing
・Ideal type – one who matches well with him


Instagram: @dddnnnmm
Twitter: @0430yes

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Busan
2. In 2012, he released his very own album, entitled “23_Male_Single” that includes his most popular single song called “Sexy Lady”
3. He is a perfect bilingual. He can fluently speak Korean and Japanese while he can only speak a little amount of English


Taecyeon is the main rapper of 2PM.

Taecyeon is known for being a ‘beast idol’, after his performance at ‘Heart beat’ where he tore his shirt.

Taecyeon’s family moved to boston, USA, when he was eleven years old.

Taecyeon was a top grader when he was in high school. He was a member of ‘National Honor Society’ and had received a full score at TOEIC.

Taecyeon is also a good actor. He appeared in several Korean TV dramas, including ‘Dream high (2011)’, ‘Who are you (2011)’, ‘Assembly (2015)’, and several others.

・Birth Name- Ok Taec Yeon
・Nickname- Taecyeon
・D.O.B- Dec 27,1988
・Height- 185 cm
・From- South Korea
・Nationality- South Korean
・Blood Type- AB
・Education- DanKook University
・Specialties- Cooking
・Ideal type– a girl good looking in jeans, girl with a beautiful body


Twitter: @taeccool

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Busan
2. When he was little, he and his family moved to Massachusetts in U.S.
3. He is a perfect trilingual. He can speak English, Korean and Japanese fluently.


Nichkhun is a sub vocalist and a sub rapper of 2PM.

Nichkhun is the only foreigner member of 2PM. He carries Thailand and U.S citizenship. Nichkhun was born between a Thai father and Chinese mother.

Nichkhun participated a Korean festival when he was still a high school student, where he was scouted by JYP Entertainment. Even before he made debut, he appeared at Korean real variety show, ‘Ya Shim Manman’.

He appeared in ‘We got married’, a Korean real variety show. Nichkhun contributed to the high viewers rating of the program.

Nichkhun is also a good producer. He composed the song ‘Let it rain’ for his fans, who have spent difficult times with him.

Nichkhun is also well recognized at his home country, Thailand. He was awarded ‘Kerd of the year’, which is awarded to the most influential Thai of the year.

・Birth Name- นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล ( Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul)
・Nickname- Nichkhun
・D.O.B- Jun 24 1988
・Height- 180cm
・From- Thailand, U.S.A
・Nationality- Thai, American
・Blood Type- O
・Position- Vocal and Rap
・Education- Los Osos High School (USA)
・Specialties- Playing piano, Acrobatics
・Ideal type– cute and kind person


Twitter: @Khunnie0624

Fun Facts

1. He was born in California
2. He has a Chinese and Thai descent and no Korean descent.
3. When he was 2 years old, he moved to Thailand.
4. In 2010, in a show called We Got Married, people shipped him with Victoria of f(x), who portrayed the role of his wife.


Junho is the lead vocalist and the lead dancer of 2PM.

Junho won ‘SBS Superstar Survival (2006)’, which had competitiveness of nearly 6500:1. With his stable voice and dance techniques, he was named ‘Little Bi (rain)’.

Junho made his debut in Japan with solo album, ‘Kimi no Koe’ on July 24, 2013. He appeared in Japanese broadcasting, including a program with his own name. ‘JUNHO From 2PM no SAY YES Friendship’, and ‘2PM & 2AM Wander Trip’, both aired on MXTV.

Junho’s popularity in Japan reached its peak when his 2nd Mini album ‘FEEL’, maintained the 1st place for two consecutive days on Oricon. The sales of the album reached 27,939 on the very day it was released.

・Birth Name – Lee Jun Ho
・Nickname – Junho
・D.O.B- January 25, 1990
・Height-178 cm
・From – South Korea
・Nationality – South Korean
・Blood Type- A
・Education – Howon University
・Specialties – Reading, beat box, dancing, singing
・Ideal type – Scarlett Johansson


Instagram: @dlwnsgj
Twitter: @dlwnsghek

Fun Facts

1. He was born in Ilsan
2. He has a soft spot for animals. Especially cats. He loves cats so much.



01:59 PM (2009)
Hands Up (2011)
Grown (2014)
Go Crazy! (2014)
No. 5 (2015)
Gentlemen’s Game (2016)

Japanese Albums

Republic of 2PM (2011)
Legend of 2PM (2013)
Genesis of 2PM (2014)
2PM of 2PM (2015)
Galaxy of 2PM (2016)


Hottest Time of the Day: “10 Out of 10”
Only You (Winter Special)
2:00PM Time For Change: Again & Again
My Color
Cabi Song
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop: Without U
Thank You
I’ll Be Back
Tik Tok
Open Happiness
Follow Your Soul
What’s Your Celebration
Fly to Seoul
Nori For U
This Christmas
Hands Up
Share The Beat
Comeback When You Hear This Song
Go Crazy!
My House
Promise (I’ll Be)

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