Member Profile of Mamamoo: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

Mamamoo is a South Korean girl group quartet which debuted in 2014 under Rainbow Bridge Management.

They are labeled as a group with a unique sound that mixes jazz, R&B, retro and pop concepts, in which they were rare and special at the time of the debut.

Many groups today mix hip-hop with pop or R&B with pop, but Mamamoo sustains a retro image and music style that really wins over fans who after a few listens become loyal for life.

They can lately be heard in their recently released songs “I Miss You”, from January 2016 and hip-hop powerhouse track “1cm/Taller than you”, from February 2016.

Profile of Mamamoo

Debut and Success

The four members are Solar, Hwasa, Wheein and Moon Byul; the girls’ debut single was “Mr Ambiguous”, released and promoted in June 2014.

The girls did a lot of collaborations before their official debut, with artists like Bumkeyk.Will and Geeks, out of which the most successful one was “Peppermint Chocolate” with K.Will.

The debut single of the group, “Mr. Ambiguous” wasn’t only popular, but the music video featured a lot of actors and idols giving cameo performances; the album came out and all three of their previous collaborations were on it.

They performed live for the first time in June 2014, and held a guerrilla concert at Hongik University in Seoul and surprised a lot of people with their good vocals and fun performances.

By the ending of the year, and after another release of the mini-album “Piano Man”, Mamamoo were number 10 on the chart of most digital sales among girl groups, 19th in album sales and they took the 11th position for overall sales that year.

In June 2015, Mamamoo released their third mini-album “Pink Funky” which was advertised by the single “Ahh Oop!” in April.

“Ahh Oop!” was the group’s first single to end up in top three on the Korean chart.

In 2016, Mamamoo released a single “I miss you” in January, followed by the amazing rap single filled with jokes and clever rhymes, “1 cm/Taller than you”; these were the singles from the group’s first full-length album called “Melting”.

Another song from the album, “You’re the best” was the group’s first number one single, when it received a lot of praise and acclaim. They’ve received a total of 8 wins in this single hit.

In March 2016, they have finally performed overseas, in Texas, at South By Southwest’s K-Pop Night Out. After 3 months, they decided to go back to the United States and perform at the KCON in New York in June.

In August, Mamamoo released “Angel” and “Dab Dab”, which are two of their singles and had Solar and Wheein, Monbyul and Hwasa alongside with them.

After a month, they again released a single called “New York”, probably inspired by their KCON visit, and also released a music video alongside.

It is clarified that the group will have their comeback in October. Meanwhile, fans are expecting more and more of them.

Debut in Japan and other area

Mamamoo made a lot of international success, but their journey abroad started with them being booked to perform in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar in June of 2014.

Over there, they promoted the group alongside Crayon pop and K-Much, in an attempt of the South Korean Embassy in the city to bridge the gap between the diplomatic ties in the two countries’ relationship.

The group also performed on the Texas-based festival SXSW, which promotes a lot of new artists, especially from abroad.

They had a gathering with their fans in Los Angeles, cleverly named “The Moo Party”.

“The Moo Party” had previously been sold out in Seoul within one minute, so another one had to be held; later on, in October of 2014, they did the same thing in Los Angeles, thus making their 1st visit to the United States.

Latest News

It is clarified that Mamamoo will be joining the wave of comebacks in the Kpop industry, alongside with Blackpink, EXO, CBX, B.A.P. and more Kpop groups. Thankfully, this coming November, Mamamoo’s new mini album called “Memory” will be released on the 7th of November, which fans are very excited about.

Their agency said that their comeback project has just been finished, and it will be including their new single “New York.”

Since they released their first studio album “Melting” nine months ago, rumour has it that their image and appearance have changed from a young group of goofy girls to a more sophisticated lady-like transition.

It is said that they will officially start their promotion broadcastings.

The charming and hyperactive leader Solar, is the oldest member of Mamamoo, even though her innocent and youthful look makes her seem as the youngest one.

However, Solar is far from the inexperienced maknae, as she’s dipped her fingers in many entertainment fields, starting with acting and hosting and continuing with singing.

She’s acted in the drama “Imaginary cat” and appeared in both reality and radio shows.


Official Website:
Youtube Channel: WAMamamoo
Instagram: @mamamoo_official
Twitter: @rbw_mamamoo
Facebook Page: @rbw.mamamoo

Solar (Kim Yong Sun)


Solar is a South Korean singer, and the main Rapper and lead vocal of mamamoo.
Solar might be the one who looks the youngest, but in fact, she is the eldest and she is the leader of the group.

She was born in Seoul, South Korea and is South Korean by birth. She is the youngest in the family. She has an elder sister. She attended Modern K Music Academy University.

She made her debut in 2014 as Mamamoo.

She can really sing beautifully, and so is her face. In the group, she is often teased by members, but she is one of the most loved in the group.

Solar’s stage name is the last one she thought of, as she wanted to perform as either Sunny or Taeyang, but since the names were taken by other famous idols, Solar decided on this word because of the meaning of her name (“Fresh faced”) as well as the 2nd word of her name, ‘Sun’.

Actually, her stage name “Solar” is actually from the note “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.”

Supposedly, she wanted her stage name to be “DoReMi” but because of the fact that she can reach higher notes, her name became Solar or So La instead.


Real Name: Kim Yong Sun
Chinese Name: 金容仙
Birthday: February 21, 1991(currently 25 years old)
Star sign: Pisces
Specialties: dancing, modeling, singing, composing, acting, hosting
Position: leader, dancer and main vocalist
Height: 163161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: B
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
Marriage Status: Single
Hobby: listening to hip-hop, collecting hats, raising fish
Subject in School: Korean history
Favorite Movie: Grave Encounter
Favorite Food: deep-fried sweet rice cakes, chocolate Drama Genre: Gore
Favorite Drama Genre: Gore

Quick Facts

1. Her favorite music is hip-hop.
2. Her favorite artists are Lil Wayne and Amy Winehouse.
3. Solar is also an actress, and she appeared in a lot of dramas.
4. She looks up to Lee Hyori.
5. At first, everyone thought she was the maknae because of her youthful look, but she is the oldest.
6. Solar was paired up with Eric Nam in 2016 for the variety/reality show “We got married”.
7. Eric Nam said that her personality and looks are all what he likes in a girl.
8. Other members say Solar is actually obsessed with hip-hop music.
9. Her nicknames include Yongkong and Squirtle.
10. Her name, Kim Yong Sun, means “Fresh faced”.
11. She thinks that she has the Mom role of Mamamoo.
12. Solar is currently learning Japanese, taking courses in Kumon.
13. Her dream job was actually to be a flight attendant. But she seems contented in her job now.
14. She once participated in Ailee’s show, which enabled them to perform together.
15. Solar was just signing up for a free gift, then an agency discovered her.
16. Her ideal type of man is Simon D Sunbaenim. She likes a man who can rap.
17. She lives with Hwa Sa.
18. She does not like reptiles.
19. Her fan club name is Moo Moo.
20. Her famous quotes are “I am a pervert but not an insane pervert.”
21. Her shoe size is “23.5 cm”.
22. She said she is like a mother of mamamoo.
23. She mentions that she looks like a turtle.
24. She was nervous when she appeared on variety show for the first time.
25. She likes to wear striped clothes.
26. Her favorite character is Rirakkuma.
27. Her roommate is Hwasa.
28. She likes to listen to Southern Rap.
29. She originally wanted to be a flight attendant.
30. She is taking Japanese course.

Moonbyul (Moon Byul Yi)


Moonbyul is a South Korean singer, and is the lead rapper, and lead dancer of mamamoo.

She was born in Bucheon, South Korea and is South Korean by birth. She is the oldest daughter in the family. She has two younger sisters named Seulgi who was born in 1996 and Yesol who was born in 2004.

She made her debut in 2014 as Mamamoo.

Moon Byul is the cute and charming rapper whose innocent look fooled everyone upon the group’s debut; Moon Byul’s rapping skills are not something to joke with, as she writes clever rhymes and is capable of rapping really fast, in a low voice.

She said that rapping in a low voice makes her sound better, and that she seems tougher.

But Moon Byul is so sweet and pretty that it was a surprise that she could hold such a masculine attitude, which is essentially the spirit of Mamamoo.

These girls don’t just have fun, but the quality of their lyrics and production are so serious and impeccable, meaning that they simply can’t not be listened to.

She can dance very gracefully and energetically, and she even has a great sense of fashion style. It is also said that she looks like Xiu Min from EXO. Her smile is the best part of her.

The pretty main rapper Moon Byul has ventured into acting, too, as she participated in the drama “Start Love”.


Real Name: Moon Byul Yi
Chinese Name: 文星伊
Birthday: December 22, 1992(currently 23 years old)
Star sign: Capricorn
Specialties: rapping, acting, modeling, choreographer
Position: main rapper, vocalist and main dancer
Height: 165163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: B
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Hobby: dancing, creating choreographies, collecting hats, raising fish

Quick Facts

1. Moon Byul’s rapping skills shocked everyone because of her innocent, cute look.
2. “Byul” means “Star” in Korean.
3. Her favorite music is R&B and hip-hop.
4. Moon Byul’s favorite musicians are Iggy Azalea, Kanye West and Verbal Jint (South Korean rapper).
5. She likes TVXQ and f(x).
6. She writes her own rap lyrics for Mamamoo songs.
7. Moon Byul is close to the members of the girl group Red Velvet.
8. Her nicknames are ByulKong and MoonStar (from Moon Byul).
9. She feels most comfortable to perform in genres like R&B and hip hop.
10. AOA’s Jimin is a fan of Moon Byul and her rapping skills.
11. She is friends with Haena, Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Ram.
12. She was the main choreographer for their “Mr. Ambiguous” routine.
13. Because she sweats a lot, her nickname used to be “Black Hole.”
14. One of her dreams in life is to have a collaboration with Verbal Jint
15. Her ideal type of man is Gong Yoo Sunbaenim. She likes guys with broad shoulders that can hug her so tight.
16. She lives in the same place with Whee In.
17. She is known for the tallest and slenderest.
18. Her fanclub name is Moo Moo.
19. Her famous quotes are “Thank you so much, Moo Moo.”
20. Her shoe size is “23.5 cm”.
21. Her father named her name Byul-ie (star) after sky with many stars at night when she was born.
22. She is very talented in music.
23. She is good at dancing and created choregraphy of Mr. Ambiguous.
24. She also wrote rap of Piano Man and Mr.Ambiguous with Hanhae of Phantom.
25. She says she wants to collaborate with Verbal Jint. Whee In who is her roommate.
26. She likes to wear stripes for stage costume.
27. Her favorite number is 2 since her birth date is December 22, 1992.

Whee In (Jung Whee In)


The tiny powerhouse called Whee In has the face you can’t forget, and not just that, but her vocals can sweep anyone off of their feet.

Wheein is a South Korean singer and actress, and she is the lead vocal and main dancer of mamamoo.

She was born in Jinju, South Korea and is South Korean by birth. She is an only child in the family, but mentioned she has cousins who got along with her like siblings. After graduating from art college, Wheein was greatly influenced by her mother, and could not made up her mind if she continues art or moves to music. Finally, she decided to select music career.

She attended Jeonju Elementary School, later attended Sacred Heart Girls’ Middle School and High School of Arts.
She made her debut in 2014 as Mamamoo.

Whee In is incredibly energetic and laughing all the time, and her favorite pastime is coming up with freestyles, rapping and singing her heart out.

Her freestyle raps are hilarious, but she does it with such ease that it’s difficult not to be impressed by it; Whee In’s voice is, however, the main star.

Whee In sings so well that people she sang with in duets so far have said that her voice is so magical, that you get transported into another world.

Who’d have known that this little cutie would hold such incredible strength inside of her!

That is exactly what makes her Whee In, anyway – small frame, and a spirit larger than life.

It is said that she is the one who makes the weirdest poses whenever the group takes pictures or selfies. She is the only one who can pull of a funny ugly face the best.


Real Name: Jung Whee In
Chinese Name: 鄭輝人
Birthday: April 17, 1995(currently 20 years old)
Star sign: Aries
Specialties: dancing, singing, writing songs, hosting
Position: 2nd main vocalist and dancer, rapper (on occasion, with amazing freestyling skills)
Height: 162159 cm
Weight: 4345 kg
Blood type: B
Zodiac sign: Aries
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
Marriage Status: single
Hobby: freestyle rap

Quick Facts

1. Her favorite music genres are Urban and R&B
2. Whee In is probably the loudest member, even though she is the shortest.
3. Her rapping skills, especially freestyle, are really good.
4. She and Hwasa were born in the same city, in the same year; they were very close in high school, too.
5. She loves Seventeen, the idol boy group with 13 members.
6. Heechul from Super Junior said after singing with her that he fell in love with her voice.
7. She is comfortable with singing in any genre.
8. Her name Whee In means “bright person”.
9. Whee In is very interested in arts.
10. She wrote some of the lyrics for Mamamoo’s song “Hometown” from their album “Melting”.
11. The group members call her “Jindo Dog” because she looks like one.
12. She loves watching eating shows.
13. Wheein was once featured as a vocalist in Phantom’s “Under Age’s Song”.
14. Her ideal type is a man like Beenzino Sunbaenim. He is actually her crush.
15. She proclaimed herself as the Snack Queen.
16. One of her hobbies is drawing.
17. She is known for the tallest and slenderest.
18. Her fanclub name is Moo Moo.
19. Her religion is Catholic.
20. Her aunt named her name after a character, Jo Whee In, from comic books. She also loves comics as well as her aunt.
21. She has known Hwasa since middle school, and they have been very good friends. They took the same audition and could make their debut as the same group, mamamoo.
22. She is the best performer as for variety shows out of the members.
23. She did not think her voice was a husky one, but people around her told so.
24. She also enjoys listening to Urban R&B.

Hwasa (Ahn Hye Jin)


The sexy Hwasa will leave no head unturned when she passes by; she was thought to be the eldest just because of her sexy, classy appearance, but in all actuality, she is the youngest one.

Hwasa is a South Korean singer and actress. Hwasa is the main rapper and lead vocal of mamamoo.
She made her debut in 2014 as mamamoo.
She was born in Jeonju, South Korea and is South Korean by birth. Hwasa is the youngest in the family. She has two elder sisters. Hwasa told many times that she used to be bullied in elementary school because she was a chubby kid. She attended Sacred Heart Girls’ Middle School, and later attended High School of Arts.

As she grew up, she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to lose weight and spite everyone – Hwasa transformed into a sexy, healthy beauty that immediately got her a position in a girl group.

It would be irresponsible, however, to only present her as the girl with the hot appearance, as Hwasa was graced with a velvety, old-school-like voice that is good for singing jazz and ballads.

She has the most unique appearance in the group. As a lady who has a glamorous body that can deliver a great performance, many people are awed by her.


Real Name: Ahn Hye Jin
Chinese Name: 安惠眞
Birthday: July 23, 1995(currently 20 years old)
Star sign: Leo
Specialties: singing, dancing, rapping, composing, writing and radio hosting
Position: dancer, vocalist, rapper and maknae
Height: 162160 cm
Weight: 4447 kg
Blood type: A
Zodiac sign: Leo
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
Marriage Status: single
Hobby: listening to jazz music and relaxing
Favorite Music: Jazz Music
Personality: energetic

Quick Facts

1. Hwasa’s favorite music genres are jazz, blues, R&B, hip hop and heavy metal.
2. Her first love was singing, but she wants to try acting, too.
3. She is close with Hyuna from 4Minute.
4. Her ideal type of man is Zico (Block B), and George Clooney.
5. The rapper Loco said he would love to be her ‘husband’ in the variety/reality show We Got Married.
6. Nana from After School said Hwasa is her favorite member of Mamamoo.
7. She wrote her own lyrics for the instrumental of the song “Blurred Lines”, called “Pink Panties”.
8. Her name Ahn Hye Jin means “Grace in truth”.
9. She likes the group Stooshe.
10. She was mistaken as the oldest member because of her sexiness and old-timey voice.
11. Like Wheein, Whasa was also featured as a vocalist in Phantom’s “Fingernail” and Baechigi’s “Boy Jump”.
12. She loves to cook, which is convenient for the other Mamamoo members.
13. One of her favorite song genre is Jazz.
14. A man who are like a father, just like Ryu Seung Ryong Sunbaenim or like George Clooney are her ideal type of man.
15. She is one of the people who composed “My Heart/I Do Me” from “Hello”, which is one of their albums
16. Whasa lives with Solar
17. She is known as sub vocalist, and lead lapper
18. She does not like dogs and stops moving when seeing dogs.
19. She is known for Maenae.
20. Her fanclub name is Moo Moo.
21. Her religion is Catholic.
22. Her famous quotes are “I would love and die for eating pizza.”
23. Her stage name, Hwasa, means shining brightly in Korean. She chose this name because her birth name, Hyejin, is too common in Korea.
24. She used to record guide vocals for 4Minute.
25. She is good at cooking and mamamoo’s cook.
26. Her voice goes with R&B tone and she is the second rapper of the group.
27. She released a short solo track “Pink Panty”.
28. After she played a musical role as “Patzzi” back in elementary school, she started working very hard to work in the music and arts industry in the future.
29. Her roommate is Solar.



Melting (2016)
Hello (2014)
Piano Man (2014)
Pink Funky (2015)


Don’t Be Happy
Peppermint Chocolate
Mr. Ambiguous
Piano Man
Love Lane
This Song
Ahh Oop!
Um Oh Ah Yeh
Girl Crush
I Miss You
Taller Than You
You’re The Best
New York
Woo Hoo
Friday Night
Words Don’t Come Easy
Funky Boy
Cat Fight


TV show:

Hello Counselor (2014) Solar and Moonbyul
You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook (2014)
Immortal Song 2 KBS (2015)
You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook
King of Mask Singer (2015) Solar
Going Until the End (2015)weein and Hwasa
After School Club (2015)
Fashion King (2015)
Weekly Idol (2015)
MBC Duet Gayo Festival (2015)Wheein
Two Yoo Project: Sugar Man (2015)Solar and Moonbyul
MBC Duet Gayo Festival (2016) Wheein
Immortal Songs 2 (2016)
Weekly Idol (2016)
Escape Crisis No.1 (2016) Solar
The Qmentary (2016)
You Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook (2016)
Open Concert (2016)
Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chef King (2016)
Same Bed Different Dreams (2016)
Dream Players (2016)
MBC Duet Gayo Festival MBC (2016) Solar (2016.04.08)
We Got Married MBC (2016) Solar (with Eric Nam Episode 316- )
Star King (2016)Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa
King of Mask Singer (2016) MBC Wheein (Episodes 55-56)


New Artist of The Year (2014)
Rookie of the Year (2014)
Idol of the Year (2015)
Song of The Month (March) (2016)

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