Who Did Plastic Surgery in BTS and Where, Why People Think So?

Tattoos might be a taboo in Korea, but plastic surgery sure isn’t. Korea is even known to be the plastic surgery capital of the world.

As it is common for ordinary people to have plastic surgery, it is no surprise that some Korean celebrities will undergo this procedure.

Let’s find out which members of BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, were rumored to have plastic surgery.


This very handsome member of BTS doesn’t look like he underwent plastic surgery at first glance. However, some pictures show that his nose has gotten smaller, albeit not too obvious.

The change might also be due to lighting, angles and make-up and not plastic surgery. If ever he did perform plastic surgery, it must have not been too extensive.


Some netizens suspected that Jimin might have undergone alterations on his nose as some of his pre-debut pictures showed that his nose had gotten smaller.

However, it isn’t too obvious that other people tend to view this suggestion with reservations.

Another rumor of Jimin’s plastic surgery was an inner corner fold removal eye surgery because his eyes became wider compared to his pre-debut pictures.

Again, some netizens comment that it might have just been the angle the pictures were taken.
What do you think?

Rap Monster

Another member suspected to have surgery is Rap Monster. Backed up with his pre-debut pictures, some say that Rap Monster also underwent plastic surgery on his nose.

He used to have a wider and flatter nose compared to his current pointed nose with a straight bridge–a change which could only be possible through surgery.

Although the pictures did show that his nose became smaller, netizens were also quick to point out that the change could have been made by the angles or make-up.


Suga did not appear to have any plastic surgery although his nose looks different especially in promotional pictures.

However, since promotional pictures have been notorious to being photoshopped, they can’t be used as a basis.
For now, Suga appears to have not gone under the knife.


J-Hope looks like he could’ve gotten a nose job, because his nose looks too small for his face.
It also looks more pointed compared to his pre-debut pictures.

In addition, he has double eyelids which might have been done through surgery, but they might also have been natural.
There are not too many old pictures to make a good comparison, however.


Well-known by netizens as plastic surgery-free, V is proud to flaunt his natural beauty.

Pictures of his pre-debut compared to the present times do not show much of a difference to the delight of his fans.

However, V has been receiving hate from netizens, who claim he made changes to his nose, and called him ugly for it.


Although not obvious, there are rumors that Jung Kook had a slight nose job, but nothing major.

Some fans deny that he went through any plastic surgery at all as any changes might have only been reflected due to make-up, lighting or picture angles.

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