Who has tattoo in iKON and where?

Getting a tattoo is a very big decision as tattoos in the traditional sense mean that they will stay with you forever.

Tattoos are also a way to express a person’s individuality and personality.

Tattoos in Korean society are a taboo, which makes this an issue for some of the fans.

So far in iKON, only BI has been sighted with his tattoos.

The answer to whether these tattoos are fake or real still remain a mystery.


BI has two tattoos. One on his left chest and one on the left side of his back. The tattoo on his chest reads “nihilism”, a philosophy on the lack of belief in life’s meaning.

The tattoo on his back is a more colorful one.

It’s an illustration of a sail on a paper airplane with balloons tied to it.

It apparently signifies “dreams and hope”. Such a stark contrast between entirely different concepts!

BI might actually be deeper than we perceive him to be.

Some fans are split as to whether these tattoos are real or not, but the colorful tattoo on his back might be difficult to keep up if it were fake.


Bobby has a tattoo on his back reading “Fear only God Hate only sins” which was a modified lyric from Born Hater.
His tattoo was speculated to be real as it has not faded yet since the past years.

Other Members

Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, Junhoe, Chanwoo do not have a real tattoo as having a tattoo is a taboo in Korean society.


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