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Who has girlfriend in EXO?

The Seoul-based and bi-ethnical South-Korean-Chinese boyband EXO, has been through some shaky times with three of its members leaving the band since its founding. Be it as it may, the band still has a huge fan base which reacts to every little scoop about their beloved idols.

What rumors or confirmed stories surrounding the EXO members have been floating around? Let’s have a look at some of them.


Chen’d been Leaked Pics with Alleged Girlfriend?

Chen has no gossip of his personal life, till a few days ago! Pics with his girlfriend (or ex-gf, no proof for this) was leaked from somewhere, and fans cannot keep themselves from gossiping.

Some rumors also went around that he used to date Yoon Bomi of Apink, but the veracity of it remains a mystery.


Some fans have expressed disappointment after hearing an official confirmation from the agency that Baekhyun’s alleged relationship with Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation was TRUE.

Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets.

In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates.

Car Date was Snapped

This became a hot topic after photos of the couple in a car were released by “Dispatch”, a Korean entertainment news website.

The dissatisfaction among some fans became even more apparent as Taeyeon’s alleged attendance at an EXO concert led the star to receive rash comments in her Instagram.

Although there was no proof that Taeyeon did attend the concert, some comments of disagreement flooded her account asking her why she showed up and condemning her for not staying away from the concert.

It does appear that Baekhyun’s relationship with Taeyeon strikes some nerves with some of Baekhyun’s rabid fans.

However, the couple recently broke up around the middle of 2015. Perhaps Baekhyun’s fans are more relieved now?


Although having suspended his activities with the group since 2015, Tao was rumored to have a girlfriend when a viral video showed him kissing an unknown woman by Chinese media mid-October.

Due to the intensity of the rumors, SM Entertainment confirmed that it was indeed Tao in the video, but clarified that the woman in the video was simply a friend.

SM Entertainment also warned of legal action against the spread of false rumors or misinformation regarding their talents.


Kai dating with Krystal = Kaistal?

Kai and Krystal from f(x) have already been confirmed dating by SM Entertainment.

Apparently, there were some more juicy scandalous photos which “Dispatch” possessed, but were asked to be kept secret.

And for good reason, as the shocking pictures showed Kai and Krystal allegedly kissing in a swimming pool at Hong C hotel in Gangneung.

The article which showed the concerned photos was originally from “Pann”, a Korean website. The news did not sit well with everyone as some netizens reacted negatively and proceeded to bash the stars.

Analyzing Love Relationships Between KPop Stars Just Like Lee Hong Ki’s

(Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2056510)

Even though the Kpop Industry has their strict policies, they never put limits when it comes to love. In this matter, FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki and actress Han Bo Reum are definitely the center of these relationships.

It was announced on November 9 2016 that the star couple Lee Hong Ki and Han Bo Reum confirmed their relationship status and proudly stated that they are dating.

They were both in the TV Drama “Modern Farmer” that was aired in 2014, and their friendship started by just talking about their favorite sport which is bowling, then lead to romance.

Like Min from Miss A and G.Soul, they started as friends and announced in their JYP Entertainment that they are now lovers.

In October 2016, Shin Ha Kyun and Kim Go Eun confirmed that they were dating.

There were actually rumors that Kim Go Eun changed agencies and went to Shin Ha Kyun’s agency so that they could be together.

But wait, there’s more. The star couple that has been the hot topic these days are Kim Gook Jin and Kang Soo Ji.

By working with each other in a SBS Drama called “Burning Youth”, fans were cheering for the two of them, which led to them actually falling for each other and people started calling them the “Chihuahua Couple.”

These couples that were mentioned above are not the only couples who we want to look up to, there are and will be more. Love is just in the air these days, you can’t just stop and you can’t just resist it.

Just like EXO’s Kai and f(x)’s Crystal, 2AM’s Jinwoon and Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, SE7EN and actress Lee Da Hae, all of them publicly and proudly announced their love for each other.

On the other hand, Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun’s relationship was revealed by a scandal. Other than that, Kpop fanatics must be really happy about what’s going on with these star couples and their dreamy lovelife.


Xiumin currently does not have a girlfriend because there have been no rumors about him so far being seen together with girls who appear to have a close relationship with him.


D.O. was rumored to be dating Red Velvet’s Irene because he was sighted holding her arm onstage during an event.

However, some fans were quick to point out that this only happened because she was out of balance and he held her arm to keep her stable.

Besides that, there are been no other substantial rumors about him dating anyone.


Although Sehun has no girlfriend, there were some delusional fans (or possible haters) who claimed to be his girlfriend on Instagram.

Sehun did not take this lightly and wrote an open message asking who they were.

Sehun was also rumored to be dating because he once purchased a luxurious Mercedes Benz with tinted windows, possibly hinting that he had something to conceal.

But hey, it doesn’t always have to be a girlfriend. He could just want some privacy.


Even after leaving the group, there were rumors of Luhan getting married and having a kid.

Prior to that, he was also rumored to be dating Wei Qian Ya, his alleged friend from high school. However, these rumors were proven to be fake because it was an attempt to generate web traffic.


Someone came forward claiming that a friend of her’s used to date Kris.

Photos of Kris were leaked which also contained a screenshot of a message to Kris calling him “husband”.

The pictures were said to have been hacked from Kris’ phone, but its credibility is to be doubted as some say it was fabricated and everything, even the girlfriend story, was taken from a Kris fanfic.


Suho has been rumored to be dating someone named Jenny Kim and Luna from f(x), but this has not been confirmed.

Some fans also noted that although the name is the same as Jenny from YG Entertainment, it must be a different person of the same name.

Besides these rumors, there have been pictures of Suho with matching rings and seemingly appearing close to a girl during his trainee days.

Whether they are still going out is a mystery, however, as after Baekhyun was revealed to have a girlfriend which did not exactly sit well with his fans, he appeared worried for the well-being of his fellow member.

It would be difficult for him to keep up a relationship in those circumstances seeing as he is the leader of the group.


Chanyeol and Sandara Park from 2NE1 have been spotted wearing the same t-shirts which led fans to suspect that they have been dating.

Not much is known if they have really been dating or if it was just a mere coincidence, but being spotted wearing pair shirts more than once might not be a coincindence.

If they were indeed dating, it would be difficult to say if they are still going out.


Lay admitted to having a girlfriend before his debut, but there is not much known about this person who is most likely not a celebrity.

Currently, he does not have a girlfriend as he is busy with his job as an idol.


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