Member Profile of AOA: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

AOA is an idol girl group with eight members of FNC Entertainment. AOA is an abbreviation for “Ace of Angels,” and the members are supposedly angels from heaven.

The group has three units: AOA Black, AOA White, and AOA Cream. One member, Yoo-kyung only belongs to AOA Black, so she is called Half-Angel.

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The group AOA made its debut on July 30th, 2012 with the single album “Angels’ Story.” Their debut stage was on August 9th, 2012 at M Countdown.

Before their debut, they were in training that was very competitive. Every month there was an audition to select members, and new girls came in to replace the dropouts.

The group was not a success for the first two years. They first gained public attention with “JJalbeun Chima” in 2014. They won the first place 550 days after their debut.

On October 14th, 2014, AOA released their first regular album in Japan. It ranked 1st~3rd in Oricon daily charts and 2nd in the weekly chart. On December 18th of the same year, the group had a concert at Shinkiba.

Few days later, they appeared on the FNC Kindom Concert in Japan with FT Island, who is in the same company as the group.

As they have been successful since their debut in Japan, they also decided to compose a Japanese version of their song “Like A Cat” and released it in February 2015.

After a few days, after releasing the short music video, it topped at the number 1 position on “Gayp!” views daily and weekly rankings. On a bigger scale, the track boosted to the top on the famous Oricon Daily Charts.

After a few weeks, the group then premiered their first ever reality TV show called “Open Up! AOA”. It had 10 ten-minute episodes, airing every Thursday.

In several months, around June, AOA finally confirmed that they will be making a comeback and will be releasing “Heart Attack”.

Because they were successful in Japan and China, they decided to try and promote themselves in the U.S.

Thus, they made their appearance at KCON and went to New York. At the same time, AOA announced that they will also make a comeback in their beloved Japan and will be releasing an official Japanese album, released on October 14th, 2015.

Member Seolhyun was assigned to host an award show with Shin Dong-yup, a South Korean comedian and Sung Si-kyung, a singer.

2016 Updates

At new year’s day, it was announced that AOA would make their comeback alongside with new music.

FNC Entertainment, their agency, announced that members “Chanmi, Hyejeoing and Yuna willl promote as a unit group. They are planned to release a new song in February.

We ask for a lot of anticipation.” The sub-unit is called AOA Cream and will make their first ever appearance around February.

Member Jimin, striving for recognition, went solo for just a moment and released her solo debut called “Call You Bae”, alongside with Xumin of EXO.

Their fourth album called “Good Luck” was released on May 16th, 2016.

AOA celebrated their fourth anniversary as a group by posting pictures and messages on their social media accounts.

As they wanted to show their love to their fans, they surprised them by making a music video for their song track “Cherry Pop”.

Unfortunately, member Youkyung decided to leave the group. It is said that it was because of her contract.

However, this does not mean that she would not be interacting with fellow AOA members anymore, of course she will still keep in touch and try to appear as a guest in future activities.

Other members sincerely accepted the departure of Youkyung, and one member posted on instagram a picture of the remaining 8 members with no bad intentions.

Yeokyung Bids Farewell


Around October 2016, AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment officially announced that member Yeokyung has officially quit AOA, stating “We are informing you of AOA’s drummer Yeokyung’s contract finishing with FNC.

After an adequate period of time and discussion this decision was made in respect to Yeokyung’s opinion.”

Even though her contract has already ended, it is said that she will still keep in touch and appear as a guest in future AOA activities.

Her fellow AOA teammates took this well and assured the fans that there is no bad blood between them.

The agency asked fans to keep sending love and support to Yeokyung even though she is not part of the family anymore.

AOA’s Success Through The Years Has Paid Off


2015 was AOA’s year. They had a lot of things going on, their schedule was fully booked, they released a couple of hit albums and singles, they debuted worldwide–including Japan, China and U.S.

Thus, the hard work that the members dedicated to their project finally paid off, especially financially.

It was reported that they can already break even from their past earning, that they can already cover their expenses in the past 3 years and can still earn much profit.

This, in fact, is rare for Kpop groups, especially when they just started to debut 3 years ago. The Kpop industry found their hard work impressive, encouraging them to keep it up and give as much as they can.

Also, as AOA has 2 sub-units, which are AOA Cream and Black, what more can they earn? It is pretty predictable that they would earn twice more than they did in the past year.


Official Website:
Youtube Channel: AOA
Twitter: @Official_AOA
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Cho-a is the oldest and the main vocal of the group. She is known for her diligence and her faithful personality.

She had been dreaming of becoming a singer since she was young despite her shyness. She started training a little bit late for idol stars.


Real Name: Park Cho-a
Birthday: March 6th, 1990
Additional trivia: She went to Inha Technical College instead of music college because her parents told her so.
Position: Main vocal, guitar
Height: 159cm
Weight: 42kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Searching blogs, cooking, listening to music, walking
Specialty: Dancing
Attraction: Her faithful personality

Quick Facts about Cho-a

1. She eats a lot. Fans can find her eating even at autograph events.
2. She likes eggs. However, she does not eat egg yolks because of its protein.
3. She is like a mother in the group. She does laundry and cooking for other members.
4. She can play guitar, drum, and piano.
5. She does stretch every night before she goes to sleep.
6. Her motto is to live today without regrets.
7. She likes salmon, eggs, watermelon, chicken, and cappuccino.
8. She likes, respects, and wants to be like Rachel Yamagata.
9. She loves color white. Many of her clothes are white.
10. She is good at Japanese.



Ji-min is the leader and main rapper of the group. When she was in junior high school, her parents sent her to China to learn Chinese. After she had come back, her parents wanted her to continue studying Chinese.

However, she went to music lessons instead of Chinese lessons without letting her parents know. After she had got accepted to the university, she confessed that she wants to become a singer and persuaded parents.


Real Name: Shin Ji-min
Birthday: January 8th, 1991
Additional trivia: At the audition, she sang. She learned rap after she started training.
Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Guitar
Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood: AB
Hobby: Collecting pictures of puppies
Specialty: Rap making, Chinese
Attraction: Her unique voice

Quick Facts about Ji-min

1. She is allergic to cucumbers.
2. Her motto is “Mythos of Summer.”
3. Her favorite food is hamburger.
4. She has a habit of biting her nails.
5. Her role model is Lee Hyo-ri.
6. She hates sports.
7. She always carries her MP3 player around.
8. She has many girl fans among members of the group.
9. She likes to play pranks on other members.
10. She likes the movie “About Time.” She wrote lyrics of the song “Tan Dool-yi” thinking about this movie.



Yu-na has a perfect body; she is often introduced as a glamorous angel. She has played piano since she was 7.

When she was in high school, she dreamed of becoming a singer and persuaded her parents. She came to Seoul by herself and started training when she 19.


Real Name: Suh Yoo-na
Birthday: December 30th, 1992
Additional trivia: She played classic piano and won an award at competitions.
Position: Lead Vocal, Keyboard
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Listening to music, playing piano
Specialty: Piano
Attraction: Her beautiful voice and perfect body

Quick Facts about Yu-na

1. Her motto is to live optimistically.
4. She does not like exercising.
5. She likes eating especially noodles.
6. She has the most feminine beauty among members.
7. She is a roommate with Chan-mi.
8. She cannot drink coffee very much. She drinks tomato juice instead at café.
9. She sleeps with stuffed animals.
10. Her fans call her lion because she looks like a lion.



Yoo-kyung is a “half angel” who only belongs to the unit band group AOA Black. She started learning drum when she was in junior high school.

In 2010, she dropped out of high school and made a debut as “Sponge Band.” Her favorite genre is Death Metal.

She is finding her identity between the music of AOA and Death Metal.


Real Name: Suh Yoo-kyung
Birthday: March 15th, 1993
Additional trivia: She goes to university to study music.
Position: Drum
Height: 164cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Listening to Rock and Death Metal
Specialty: Drum
Attraction: Charisma

Quick Facts about Suh Yoo-Kyung

1. She had good grade before she started to drum.
2. She is not living with other members because of her study.
3. She does not appear on public TV very much.
4. She is putting her effort in her study according to Ji-min.



Hye-jung is the tallest member of the group. Her mother wanted her to be in entertainment since she was young.

She had been refusing because of her shyness. However, after learning to cheerlead in high school, she got her confidence and decided to go to entertainment.


Real Name: Shin Hye-jung
Birthday: August 10th, 1993
Additional trivia: Her mother entered her into Super Model contest without letting her know. Because of lack of preparation, she was eliminated. On her way back home, she was cast by FNC manager.
Position: Sub-vocal, lead dancer
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Making a to do list
Specialty: Nail art, cheerleading
Attraction: Her long legs

Quick Facts about Hye-jung

1. She hates insects.
2. Her motto is “do your best without regret.”
3. She likes meat, especially beef.
4. She has no siblings, not like other members.
5. Her role model is Rhianna.
6. She was a fan of god, a Korean artist group.
7. She gets nervous easily. When she gets nervous, it is very easy to know because she bites her tongue, shakes her legs, and bites her nails.
8. Her favorite color is red.
9. She dreams of being on runway someday.
10. She shares a room with Ji-min and Sul-hyun.



Min-a is a member of AOA and an actress. She is known for her slender waist.

It was 17.9 inches when measured.

She dreamed of becoming a singer when she saw Lee Jung-hyun’s performance on TV when she was in the first grade of elementary school. After her family had moved to Seoul, she searched homepages of talent agencies.

When he visited FNC Entertainment’s website, she felt the fate. She applied for an audition and started training there.


Real Name: Kwon Min-a
Birthday: September 21st, 1993
Additional trivia: She worked as a model of an internet clothes shop before her debut.
Position: Lead Rapper, sub-vocal, bass
Height: 160cm
Weight: 41kg
Blood: AB
Hobby: Listening to music, Walking
Specialty: Writing
Attraction: Her smiling with eyes

Quick Facts about Min-a

1. She likes raw food: Yook-hwe and raw fish. She also likes cream pasta.
2. Her favorite colors are white, black, and red.
3. She always carries perfume with her.
4. Her favorite foreign artist is Mr. Children.
5. She was a fan of Shinhwa.
6. She likes sweets and prefers to eat desserts rather than a meal.
7. She once dreamed of becoming a scientist when she was young. Other members laughed about it because they know her personality.
8. Lee Jung-hyun is her idol.
9. She can speak natural Japanese because she likes to watch Japanese dramas.
10. She is clumsy not like how she looks.



Sul-hyun often comes in the center of the group when posing for photos. Her natural beauty is praised by many fans and even from entertainment.

Her personality is also good; one of her colleagues said she is innocent and kind. Before her debut, she was in a band circle in school.


Real Name: Kim Sul-hyun
Birthday: January 3rd, 1995
Additional trivia: She can play piano because of her mother.
Position: Sub-vocal, lead dancer, center
Height: 167cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Walking, watching movies
Specialty: Piano, acting
Attraction: Her beautiful face and glamorous body

Quick Facts about Sul-hyun

1. When the group came out with “Jjalbeun Chima,” Sul-hyun couldn’t be on the stage with other members because of her injury.
2. She likes to eat. She loves instant noodle. She eats two bags of instant noodle at once.
3. She likes to tease other members.
4. She likes to collect things. She has collected tumblers, and character stickers.
5. She is indifferent to fashion.
6. She has a blanket she has been using since she was a child. She cannot sleep without it.
7. Her favorite food is milk and coffee. She drinks 500ml of milk every morning.
8. She is selected as the laziest member from other members.
9. Her favorite Korean artist is god. They are also her role model.
10. She likes almost every sports.



Chan-mi is the youngest member of the group. She was a very active child.

Her mother sent her to a dance school hoping her to express her energy there before coming home. From then, she has been dreaming of becoming a singer.


Real Name: Kim Chan-mi
Birthday: June 19th, 1996
Additional trivia: On the first day she started training, she broke the door knob because she was so excited.
Position: Sub rapper, sub-vocal, main dancer
Height: 167cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood: AB
Hobby: Making accessories
Specialty: Craft, nail art
Attraction: Her personality

Quick Facts about Chan-mi

1. Her parents divorced when Chan-mi was 10. Since then she has been living with her mother. She wanted to become a singer since she was young because she wanted to help her mother who was working for Chan-mi and sisters’ study.
2. She likes cats.
3. She likes reading comics, so she often goes to comic café.
4. She is often selected as the smartest member.
5. She likes to play games.
6. Her role model is BoA.
7. She likes her bed and likes to do everything on the bed because it is the most personal space in the home.
8. She writes dairy every day.
9. Her favorite color is black. Many of her belongings are black.
10. She is the strongest member of the group.



Ace of Angels (2015)
Runway (2016)

Compilation Albums

AOA Best Songs For Asia (2014)


Short Hair (2014)
Like A Cat (2014)
Heart Attack (2015)
Good Luck (2016)


Get Out
Short Hair
Like a Cat
Girl’s Heart
Heart Attack
Oh Boy
Luv Me
Come To Me
One Thing
I’m Jelly Baby
Good Luck
Give Me The Love
Wow War Tonight~Get On Up Join Our Movement
Still Falls The Rain
Cherry Pop
Crazy Boy

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