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Member Profile of INFINITE: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

INFINITE is a K-pop idol boy group with seven members. The group belongs to Woollim Entertainment.

The group was given its name by the president of Woollim Entertainment. It means as it is, “infinite, without limit.”

The group is known for its sophisticated adaptation of the 80s and 90s music, and the group dance.

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INFINITE made its debut on June 9th, 2010 with its first album “First invasion.” The year 2010 was a hard year for boy idol groups; it was a year of collapse for idols.

INFINITE also were at first not very famous and had a hard time despite praises of its album by professionals.

In 2011, INFINITE came back with the song “BTD (Before The Dawn).” It was the first time the group ranked in a music chart.

The group gained public attention with their group dance and from then the group became famous.

INFINITE made its debut in Japan on November 19th, 2011. Before its debut, the group published four rental singles, and some of them ranked the first in a mobile chart.

Also, the group had two showcases and appeared on festivals and concerts to appeal to fans in Japan.

After its debut, the first album ranked in daily and weekly Oricon charts. In 2013, their concert in an arena was sold out. INFINITE is praised as representing the next generation of K-pop stars.

Kim Sung-kyu



Kim Sung-kyu is the leader of the group. He is known for his intelligence, vocal, social skills and wit.

Also, he is cowardly which is a surprise for how he looks. Before his debut, he was a vocal of his rock band in high school.


Real Name: Kim Sung-kyu
Birthday: April 28th, 1989
Additional trivia: When he first came to Seoul to become an artist, his parents disapproved of it.
Position: Leader, Main Vocal
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Listening to music
Specialty: Singing
Attraction: Cynical humor

*Quick Facts about Kim Sung-kyu

1. He is a big fan of rock band Nell.
2. He can also rap.
3. He is very close to Nam Woo-hyun. He had shared a room over four years.
4. He was a fan of Hong Jin-ho, a pro game player. They appeared on the TV show Genius together.
5. He likes the actress Han Ye-seul.
6. He hates beans.
7. Before his debut, he worked part-time at a café. There he got to know the manager of Nell, who came as a customer.
8. He wasn’t originally the leader of the group. When the group was in training, the oldest member who was the leader, quitted the group. From then, Sung-kyu is the leader of the group.
9. He is afraid of dogs.
10. He was originally a rock singer when he was in high school. However, he changed his vocal to fit into the K-pop.

Jang Dong-woo



Jang Dong-woo is not like how he looks; he looks cold at first, but he is very kind and reportedly like an angel.
He never gets mad at a person and always considers for other people.
He is also always cheerful and joyful.
According to people who saw him on the street, he was always smiling and sometimes dancing.


Real Name: Jang Dong-woo
Birthday: November 22nd, 1990
Additional trivia: He is the shortest in the group.
Position: Main Rapper, sub-vocal, lead dancer
Height: 171cm
Weight: 59kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Skateboarding
Specialty: Beatbox, dance, sleeping
Attraction: Angel-like personality

*Quick Facts about Jang Dong-woo

1. On June 4th, 2011, there was an incident that he was dragged down from the stage by the audience. With the help of securities, Dong-woo returned to the stage still smiling to continue his performance.
2. He changed his hair color the most among the members.
3. His specialty is sleeping regardless of time and space.
4. He went to the same high school with Xiumin of EXO.
5. He can play bass.
6. He is not good at speech. He is often confused with word orders.
7. When he was young, his mom found a bunch of receipts in his room. He collected them because he was going to pay his parents back when he becomes an adult.
8. He is called ‘mom’ by other members.
9. He cries a lot. When INFINITE ranks the first on a music chart, he cries the most.
10. He was worked as a dance instructor before his debut.

Nam Woo-hyun



Nam Woo-hyun is the main vocal of INFINITE. He sings in a different style compared to Sung-kyu’s singing.

This is also one of the reasons that make this group’s music special. Before the group recording, Sung-kyu and Woo-hyun do record first. Usually, Woo-hyun does a recording of ballad songs.


Real Name: Nam Woo-hyun
Birthday: February 8th, 1991
Additional trivia: He often exposes his muscular body on stage.
Position: Main vocal
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood: B
Hobby: Weight training, tennis, ski
Specialty: Singing, cooking
Attraction: His muscles

*Quick Facts about Nam Woo-hyun

1. He is good at sports. He used to play soccer when he was young.
2. He is especially good at a run.
3. According to the leader, in summer, Woo-hyun stays almost naked in the house.
4. He uses the emoticon “=_=” often on Twitter.
5. He had never danced before he entered Woollim Entertainment to become an idol.
6. He was ranked first in a popularity survey conducted by a kid website.
7. He is good at cooking. It is an influence of his older brother.
8. He broke his shoulder during the Idol Star Track and Field Championship in 2014.
9. He is called “Namu” meaning tree in Korean by fans. It comes from his name “NAM WOO-hyun.”
10. Even though he is the third oldest in the group, he acts charming in a cute way (“Ae-kyo”) to other members.



Ho-ya is the dancing machine of the group INFINITE. He was on a dance team with his hometown friends before his debut.

His “Jungal (scorpion in Korean) Dance” is what made INFINITE famous during the song BTD.


Real Name: Lee Ho-won
Birthday: March 28th, 1991
Additional trivia: His stage name has been his nickname since childhood.
Position: Lead Rapper, sub-vocal, main dancer, choreographer
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood: AB
Hobby: Wakeboarding
Specialty: Dancing
Attraction: Wit

*Quick Facts about Ho-ya

1. He is the favorite member of Sung-kyu’s sister.
2. He is a close friend with the members of the crew he formed before his debut.
3. His favorite artists are Yoo Seung-jun, Rain, Usher, Chris Brown, etc.
4. He is excellent at sports.
5. He bought his parent a house on parents’ day in 2013.
6. He set Ha Jung-woo and Leonardo DiCaprio as a role model for acting.
7. He dreams of making an album filled with songs he wrote.
8. He used to do Taekwondo before his debut.
9. He was on an audition of JYP with Choa and Hani of EXID.
10. He practices a lot. Even though he is a rapper, he put his effort for vocal as well, according to the vocal trainer of INFINITE.

Lee Sung-yeol


Lee Sung-yeol’s vocal was at first without uniqueness. However, he has been improved with his effort.

At first, he was in Actor’s class in SM Academy because he wanted to be an actor. He had appeared in many dramas as an extra.


Real Name: Lee Sung-yeol
Birthday: August 27th, 1991
Additional trivia: He was the first member to appear on drama after the debut of the group.
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 183cm
Weight: 59kg
Blood: B
Hobby: Reading, Web-surfing
Specialty: Acting
Attraction: His comical dance

*Quick Facts about Lee Sung-yeol

1. He likes to do volunteer work. He sometimes does volunteer work in secret.
2. He is a big fan of Taeyeon of SNSD.
3. He has sensitive skin. He has to cut off tags and labels of clothes.
4. He likes to pierce his ears.
5. He likes RC cars.
6. He is a fan of Dragon Ball. His role model is Son Goku.
7. He is good at doing magic tricks.
8. He likes animals. He has a dog named “Ah-ga” now.
9. He has a childish character in variety shows.
10. When he went to a jungle for a variety show, he tamed animals like a lizard, crabs, armadillo, etc.




L has everything; vocal, dance, and look.
Usually, people have a prejudice that the most handsome member of an idol group is not good at singing.
However, he can sing and even play guitar.
He has a unique tone and boyish voice which is a surprise for his face.


Real Name: Kim Myung-soo
Birthday: March 13th, 1992
Additional trivia: At first, he didn’t consider him as handsome. However, he is now used to be called handsome.
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood: O
Hobby: Reading comics, Cooking
Specialty: Photography
Attraction: His eyes

*Quick Facts about L

1. He worked as a model for clothing company before his debut.
2. He likes meat very much.
3. He likes to clean up.
4. He has originally curly hair.
5. He can speak Japanese.
6. He has many male fans as well.
7. He has a cat named “Byul-yi.”
8. He does not have many face expressions. He either smiles or not.
9. He was a big fan of TVXQ before his debut.
10. He likes Japanese comics and dramas.

Lee Sung-jong


Lee Sung-jong is the youngest member of INFINITE. He has the highest voice in the group.

According to the songwriter, when he writes a song for INFINITE, he imagines a woman singing Sung-jong’s part.


Real Name: Lee Sung-jong
Birthday: September 3rd, 1993
Additional trivia: He is good at girl’s dance.
Position: Sub-vocal
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood: A
Hobby: Collecting Rubrics
Specialty: Dance
Attraction: Cuteness

*Quick Facts about Lee Sung-jong

1. He has an epicene beauty. Sung-kyu at first thought Sung-jong was a woman.
2. He is very sociable.
3. He is very close to his family members.
4. He is a Christian.
5. He likes chocolates.
6. L calls Sung-jong the best subject for photography.
7. He loves fashion. He often appears on fashion shows as an audience.
8. Even though he can dance well, he is not good at sports.
9. He likes amusement parks.
10. He likes horror movies.