Members Profile of iKON: Sworn Brothers of BIGBANG!

iKon, stylized as iKon and iKON, is a South Korean boy group consisting of seven members; the group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2015, but their selection process was a little bit different, as they were presented to the world through survival shows “WIN: Who is next”, and “Mix&Match”.

The latter survival program determined all the seven members, and they are: Bobby, B.I. Junhoe, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Chanwoo and Yunhyeong.

The ‘K’ in iKon, according to YG’s CEO, stands for ‘Korea’, and the group was formed to aim to become ‘the Korean icons’.

Their debut single was “My type”, with which they debuted in September 2015; iKon has always been well known despite never making official releases until late 2015.

This is because the members were known as the ‘team B’ of the survival program “WIN”, and specifically Bobby and B.I were the first widely popular members because of working with Epik High on their single “Born Hater” as well as being part of the hip hop survival show “Show me the money 3”, where Bobby actually won.

Profile of iKon

Debut and Success

Prior to iKON’s debut, the members all met as trainees at YG Entertainment, and got put together for the survival program “WIN: Who is next”; firstly, they were a six member team in 2013 during the show (without Chanwoo).

iKON were known as Team B throughout “WIN” and the team known as Team A ended up taking the title and becoming the group WINNER; Team B got the opportunity to be back up dancers for Taeyang in the video for “Ringa linga”.

After participating in “WIN: Who is next”, Bobby and B.I entered the hip hop survival show “Show me the money 3 (SMTM3)” in 2014; B.I was eliminated after entering the Top 8, and Bobby won the season after a duel with the 2nd runner up, the rapper Iron.

Bobby did really well solo during SMTM3, releasing 4 singles from the cooperation with his mentors on the show, Dok2 and The Quiett from the underground rap label Illionaire; the track “Bounce (raise your guard and bounce)” brought Bobby the win.

In June 2014, iKON, then known as Team B, participated in the “Mix&Match” survival show which determined the final line-up and introduced Chanwoo to the group.

The program was so successful that the group held fan meetings in South Korea, Japan and China, without even debuting or having an official group name; around 40 thousand fans applied for tickets in Japan and 50 thousand in China, despite the limit of 2000 tickets per event.

Team A, finally known as WINNER, debuted with the song “Empty” in August 2014, which was produced by Bobby and B.I; the two later recorded the hip hop cipher track “Born hater” with Epik High, where B.I wrote the chorus himself; Bobby also appeared on Masta Wu and Dok2’s single “Come here”.

iKON was the opening act for BIGBANG in Japan during December 2014, and in 2015, they were voted as one of 5 acts to look forward to in 2015 by Billboard; they hadn’t even debuted yet, and they were the only group like that on the list.

In September 2015, iKON finally debuted with the single “My type”, and the full-length album “Welcome back” which was released in 2 parts; 6 out of 12 tracks were title tracks, and the first 6 tracks were released as the “Debut half album” in October.

iKON made a debut on September 15th, 2015 with a digital single “Chihyang Juhkyuk.”

They won the first place in Show! Music Core in 11 days after their debut.

It was the second shortest after WINNER who won the first place in six days after their debut.

They had a debut concert “SHOWTIME” on October 3rd in 2015.

The concert ended in success with 13,000 audiences.

Because fans had been waiting for their debut for three years, at the concert, many fans cried as they show group’s performance.

The other half was the whole album of 12 tracks, titled “Debut full album”, which was released in November 2015.

B.I produced and co-composed all of the songs on the album, while Bobby wrote the lyrics; Junhoe participated in the creation and composition of the track “Rhythm Ta” which ended up being a huge hit single, followed by a music video.

iKON held a solo concert in Seoul in October, in front of 13 000 fans; the concert was held at the largest arena in South Korea, which was a first for a group performing a debut album.

The “Debut half album” sold around 82 000 copies within its 1st month of release, which brought iKON an ‘all-kill’ award for winning all the music shows with the album.

In December 2015, the group released 3 new singles “Dumb and dumber”, “What’s wrong?” and “I miss you so bad”.

In June 2016, iKON’s new single “#WYD”, as well as their new album, was released, alongside Bobby’s solo album; the group sold out their 2nd Japanese arena tour, which they held during July 2016.

Originally, the group called themselves icon but changed it to iKon and changed the letter c to k to reflect the group’s origin and nationality and their intention to spread their pop culture worldwide.

iKON is a compound word of “icon” and “Korea” containing a message from YG Yang Hyun-suk for the group to “become an icon of Korea.”

Debut in Japan and other countries

During their first venture outside of South Korea, iKON performed as Team B at YG Family’s Japanese tour in Osaka.

Later that year, in December, they were the opening act for BIGBANG during their Japan Tokyo Dome tour 2014-15 X.

After debuting with “My type” in September 2015, iKON hit the charts and became one of the most selling groups around Asia, especially in China, where they landed the number one spot on the music video charts on QQ Music and Youku; during their debut, iKON were searched 1.3 billion times on the Chinese search engine Weibo; “My type” was released in Chinese, too.

On January 14th, 2016, the group made their debut in Japan.

Their album ranked the first on Oricon daily chart and the fifth in Oricon monthly chart.

“My Type” music video appeared on the first positions in charts of such music streaming sites as QQ Music and Youku based in China.

They also had iKON JAPAN TOUR 2016 in February.

After debuting their “Debut half album”, iKON held fan meetings all over Japan during October 2015 in Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Aichi; overall, the group met up with 26 600 fans.

They were the fastest among idol groups in both Korean and Japan to have a concert in Budokan.

In March, they have released an original song “Just Go” in Japan.

Even though it has been less than a year after their debut, they are already having Asian Tour including major cities in China.

Also, In March 2016, the group started their 1st Asian tour, which included countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

“iKontact” fan meetings were held in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Aichi and gathered thousands of iKon’s fans.

To increase their popularity even more, the agency organized the first Asian Tour of the group in 2016.

iKon visited such countries as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Indonesia.

“Welcome back” was released in Japan in January 2016, but it was released a bit differently; the group released the entire album with a 2-disc package, one with 12 songs in Japanese and the other with those same songs, only in Korean.

Not long after, in March 2016, “Welcome back” was released in a full edition re-package, with 18 original songs, 12 from the previous release and 6 bonus songs, and the same 2nd disc edition in Korean.

After the release of their 2nd album in July 2016, iKON announced a Japanese arena tour called ‘iKON Japan tour 2016’, with 5 cities on the roster and 14 performances overall.

In 2016, iKON appeared in the Chinese TV program “Heroes of the remix”.

30 Fans Fainted in a iKon Concert in 2015


In October 2015, in their performance in Jamsil Stadium, fans fainted during their exciting performance. One even needed to get to the hospital due to unconsciousness.

Fainting during concerts of pop stars is normal, but 30 fans all in all is exaggerated. They have had fans faint in their previous concerts, but not as much as this.

Bobby Releases His Solo MV


In May 2016, iKon member Bobby declared that he will have his solo debut.

Bobby first teased his fans by posting a screenshot of a conversation between him and her girlfriend, talking about having to keep a secret.

Fans were not sure of what the teaser meant, the did not see it coming. In the teaser screenshot, he then mentioned that he will be releasing a solo music video in the next few days.

B.I. Did Not Perform in Japan


On the 23rd of September 2016, iKon member B.I. decided to not join their performances in Japan.

Due to an accident, his physicality was affected, causing injury and prevention of participation for the upcoming shows in Nagoya.

This was announced in their Japanese website, because it will mostly concern their Japanese fans.

The injury was not that bad, but the doctor said he has to rest just for a little while.

He will be performing for the next shows, but not completely. He will miss the original performances, photoshoot sessions and rehearsals.


Official Website:
Youtube Channel: Official iKon
Instagram: @ikonofficial_
Twitter: @iKon_global
Facebook Page: OfficialYGiKon



Born Kim Jiwon, Bobby is not new to winning. He grew in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. He came back to South Korea alone leaving his family in the USA.

He participated in the program Show me the money3 of which he won and he is remembered well for telling her mum to start packing because she was going to buy her a house in South Korea.

Though he was born in United States, he is a bit stiff in English and prior to that win, he hadn’t met her family for over 3 years-YG entertainment CEO actually sponsored him to see his parents after that win.

Now, BOBBY is the main rapper of the group. He had featured in songs such as Epik High’s “Born Hater,” and even appeared on TV commercial before his debut.

Bobby was announced to release his solo album in June 2016.


・Birth name: Kim Jiwon
・Date of Birth: December 21, 1995
・Star sign: Sagittarius
・Place of Birth: Virginia, USA
・Specialty: Rapper, Lyricist, Swimming and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korea
・Height: 177 cm
・Additional trivia: He is a Christian.
・Position: Main Rapper and Dancer
・Weight: 65 kg
・Hobby: Basketball, Football, Playing video games and taking naps
・Attraction: His teeth

Quick Facts

1. He had lived in the United States.
2. His family is still in the United States. When he sees her family on video letters, he cries.
3. He is very kind than how he looks on stages. Fans found his message to his relatives when he was young. It was full of love.
4. He used to do volunteer work at the church.
5. He sent the prize money he won from Show Me the Money, which worth 100 million won to his mother.
6. He likes eating snacks.
7. Given his stiff English, he speaks Konglish when skyping with her mum. He is also the funniest in the group and creates the mood when things get serious.
8. Kim Ji Won (Bobby) was born in South Korean, but he grew in Virginia, USA.
9. His English is not good; skyping with his mother he speaks a mixture of Korean and English.
10. His religion is Christianity.
11. He took part in a survival program WIN.
12. Bobby won in “Show Me the Money 3”.
13. Bobby appeared in several music videos, Hi Suhyun “I’m Different” and Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” being among them.
14. He promised to buy a house for his mother in South Korea.
15. Bobby’s family still lives in the USA.
16. His favorite artist is Michael Jackson.
17. His specialties are freestyle rapping, swimming and playing the guitar.
18. His ideal type is someone skillfull, who knows what she wants; someone like Wonder Woman.
19. He auditioned for YG Entertainment in New York city.
20. His family used to live in the USA and he brought them to Korea with the money he won on “Show me the money 3”.
21. His favorite item to have at all times is a stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll.
22. He would love to work with the legendary rapper Yoon Mirae.



The young and hardworking Yun Hyeong was the 5th member announced in the Mix and Match program, when iKON was being formed.

Yunhyeong dreamed of becoming an actor when a child.

Born Song Yunhyeong in February 8, 1995 and initially wanted to be an actor when he was introduced to YG entertainment in 2012.

YG entertainment CEO was the one who noticed his vocal skills and convinced him to be a Vocalist trainee.

When the group is touring, he will be the only group member wondering where his B.I is at and not forgetting his treasured item-the lip balm so he has a nickname from fan “lip balm elf.”

Luckily for the fans of iKon, he decided to pass an audition at YG Entertainment, who encouraged him to take vocal classes as their trainee.

The agency later convinced him to become a vocalist, and Yunhyeong is now bringing joy to his fans with his vocal skills.

When he needs to relax, he exercises or cooks – other members love his culinary skills, and call him Chef Song.


・Birth name: Song Yunhyeong
・Date of Birth: February 8, 1995
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Specialty: Vocalist, Sports, Singing and Dancing
・Blood type: A
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 177 cm
・Weight: 60 kg
・Additional trivia: He graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School
・Position: Sub-vocal and Dancer
・Hobby: Cycling and Cooking
・Attraction: His face

Quick Facts

1. He is a mischievous member of the group.
2. He is good at taking selfies.
3. He calls himself the visual of team B.
4. He is good at comic dance.
5. His sister is also beautiful.
6. He originally wanted to be an actor. However, when he auditioned for YG as a trial, he got through and became a trainee.
7. He is good at cooking.
8. He likes Cherry flavored Nivea Lip balm.
9. He is all amazing when he sings but do you know that his family owns a barbeque shop? And he is closest to B.I and Jinhwan in the group.
10. He is iKon’s most mischievous member.
11. Song Yoon Hyung likes to make selfies a lot.
12. He participated in the WIN show as well.
13. He has a sister.
14. Song Yoon Hyung graduated from Hanlim Multi Art School.
15. His family are the owners of a barbeque shop.
16. He is the closest with B.I and Jinhwan.
17. Song Yoon Hyung was a model for Nivea commercials.
18. His specialty is exercising.
19. His nicknames are Song Prince and Song Chef.
20. His ideal type is a girl who likes what she does.
21. Other members say he is the one who improved the most.
22. His parents followed iKON on their Japanese tour.
23. His favorite singer is Justin Timberlake.



Kim Han Bin, known as B.I is the leader of iKon, was appointed as the leader when he was only 14 years old.

B.I is only 20 years old, but he’s already had a lot of successful career moments which solidified his position as the leader and a musician.

B.I is the former member of the Team B group and he is nicknamed the Charisma Leader or the Hanbin. He was born Kim Hanbin in October 22 1996 at Seoul, South Korea.

MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” was the first music video featuring B.I. YG Entertainment signed a contract with Kim Han Bin in 2011.

B.I is the only member of iKon who has been a trainee with YG entertainment since 2012 and no wonder this guy is a perfectionist.

Before his debut, he made demo tapes and uploaded song he wrote on blogs and Youtube. One of demo tapes got into YG Entertainment.

Then, YG Yang Hyun-suk himself had a personal interview with B.I and B.I became the trainee of YG.

His talent came in handy when producing and composing the debut album of iKon.

Kim Han Bin is very strict to himself and always practices harder, which helps him to be the real leader of iKon.

When news came out that he was the main man behind iKON’s album “Welcome back”, he became more and more appreciated by rappers of old and new school alike; he also participated in “Show me the money 3” with Bobby, but he was eliminated.

B.I worked with Epik High on the song “Born Hater”, for which the main producer of the group, DJ Tukutz, told B.I to write his own chorus and produce it; the result was stunning, as “Born Hater” is one of the best cyphers/tracks that came out in the past few years.

There is a lot to be expected from B.I in the future, so we look forward to him and his talent.


・Birth name: Kim Hanbin (B.I)
・Date of Birth: October 22 1996
・Star sign: Libra
・Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
・Specialty: Beatboxing, Rapping, Composing, and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 177 cm
・Additional trivia: He was the Indian Boy of MC Mong
・Position: Leader, Lead rapper, Vocalist, Composer and Dancer
・Weight: 65 kg
・Hobby: Walking and Playing Card Games
・Attraction: His charisma as leader

Quick Facts

1. He has never been in love before. He writes love songs based on dramas.
2. His little sister is six years old. He loves his sister very much.
3. He composed WINNER’s debut songs and all songs of iKON’s debut album.
4. He sleeps over 12 hours on a holiday.
5. He is good at dancing. JYP praised his dance is excellent.
6. Even though he is younger than some of the members, he is the leader of the group.
7. He is very strict about himself. He went home from practice at 6 in the morning when he was 18.
8. Because he didn’t go to school, he felt a responsibility to practice harder for members who went to school.
9. He has a charisma as a leader. When he is a leader, he speaks roughly even to older members.
10. His producing ability is the top among idol stars.
11. He loves visiting the zoo during his free time though he fears bugs. He also won’t resist a bite of Pringles snack and you will find him watching Mickey Mouse when he is not at the zoo or practicing.
12. B.I appeared in Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” music video.
13. YG Entertainment thinks of him as the next G-Dragon.
14. Kim Han Bin participated in “Show Me the Money 3”.
15. He is afraid of bugs.
16. His nicknames are the Charisma Leader or the Hanbeen, Mambin, Binnie and Godbin.
17. He has a little sister, whom he loves sincerely.
18. When Kim Han Bin is on a holiday, he sleeps for 12 hours.
19. He speaks Korean and Japanese fluently.
20. His specialties are producing, composing and beatboxing.
21. His ideal type is a girl who can be his best friend.
22. G-Dragon praised him and said he reminds him of himself.
23. He’s the choreographer and the producer for the group.
24. He participated in “Show me the money 3” but got eliminated.
25. His favorite artist is Michael Jackson.



Born as Koo Junhoe in March 31 1997, he has utmost respect of Michael Jackson. At a height of 182cm, he is the tallest member of the group.

Ju Ne is one of the youngest members of iKON, but he’s also the main vocalist of the group.

Prior to debuting, he didn’t really like singing and didn’t dedicate a lot of his time to it, but eventually, his auditioning made him reveal that he actually can sing, and really well, too.

After participating and making it to YG in the show “Kpop Star 5”, Ju Ne got a lot of praise for his amazing singing vocal; he charmed Park Bom from 2NE1 so much, that she had to tell him how much she loved his singing.

Ju Ne seems to be the little sister of the group, as B.I jokingly said, but he’s certainly the sister with the strongest voice, and a very valuable member.

It is said that when June first saw his band members, he confirmed that YG entertainment were not selecting individuals based on their faces but skills and once appeared in SBS Star King.

After his TV appearance, he passed the audition to YG Entertainment.

Before his appearance on WIN, he was exposed to media several times. He was on K-Pop Star, an audition program, and called “Keuk chan” which means “high praise.”

In 2013, he joined some of the future members of iKon in the survival show WIN.

When Junhoe came to know his band mates closer, he acknowledged their talents and skills.


・Birth name: Koo Junhoe (Ju Ne)
・Date of Birth: March 31 1997
・Star sign: Aries
・Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
・Specialty: Dancer and Vocalist
・Blood Type: A
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 182 cm
・Weight: 65 kg
・Additional trivia: He has a unique low voice.
・Position: Main vocalist and Dancer
・Hobby: Collecting music albums and watching movies
・Attraction: His Voice

Quick Facts

1. He is a big fan of Michael Jackson. He was on TV as a Michael Jackson expert.
2. After the TV appearance, he applied for auditions. When he passed YG’s audition, he canceled his school trip to start training.
3. He has beautiful legs. He likes to wear shorts to show off his legs.
4. He is the tallest in the group. Also, he looks oldest in the group.
5. His older sister is also preparing to become a singer.
6. He is active at night and shy in the day.
7. YG entertainment producers finds June voice nice though June himself isn’t very
close with Bobby and finds accepting people difficult.
8. Junhoe also participated in the survival program WIN.
9. He is the tallest member of the group.
10. He took part in an audition program K-Pop Star.
11. Junhoe is keen on wearing shorts.
12. He has an elder sister, who is also pursuing her singing career.
13. Junhoe is very shy and hard to find a common language with.
14. His specialty is spinning nunchucks.
15. His ideal type is a girl with a sexy aura, who is also understanding.
16. He didn’t like singing before debuting, he enjoyed dancing more.
17. His favorite singers are Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher and Ariana Grande.
18. He received praise from 2NE1’s Bomi for his singing.
19. He is afraid of heights.
20. He is bad at swimming, he barely knows how to swim.
21. B.I said that if iKON were a family, Ju Ne would be the youngest sister.



Kim Dong-hyuk is vocal of iKON.

His real name is Kim Donghyuk and he is pretty intelligent, most of his band members don’t really understand why he wants to be a singer.

He was born in January 3, 1997 and his nick name is cutie Maknae.

Kim Dong-hyuk at first didn’t have his place when WIN was on process. Even though he had a beautiful voice, he didn’t get a good review, and he didn’t have confidence.

However, after his debut, he has improved. He improved a lot after their debut and earned the others’ respect.

According to other members of the group, Kim Donghyuk is very intelligent, so that they didn’t understand his choice of the career as a singer.

Kim Donghyuk joined iKon after their appearance in the survival program WIN.

Dong Hyuk is apparently the best dancer of iKON; other members seem to think so, and love to praise him for his good dancing skills.

It seems that his bandmates are not the only ones who think so, because Dong Hyuk auditioned for JYP and SM Entertainment before entering YG, and got accepted at both.

He won the JYP auditions and got accepted at SM, but his final call was to go to YG and become a part of iKON.

Dong Hyuk has always worked hard to achieve his dreams, and he’s really close to B.I, whom he sent a letter of gratitude for doing a lot of good things for him.

The support he received was great and Dong Hyuk works really hard out of appreciation for it; watch out for his good dance moves, he’s one of the best out there!


・Birth name: Kim Donghyuk
・Date of Birth: January 3, 1997
・Star sign: Capricorn
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Specialty: Singing, Playing Basketball and Dancing
・Blood Type: O
・Nationality: South Korean
・Height: 175 cm
・Additional trivia: Before entering YG, he was in JYP.
・Position: Sub-vocal and Dancer
・Hobby: Playing the piano, drums and guitar
・Attraction: He is mischievous than he looks.

Quick Facts

1. He passed with a top grade in JYP audition in 2012.
2. He can sing, dance and also play the piano. He has been playing piano since young.
3. He was a fan of G-Dragon of BIG BANG.
4. The daughter of YG Yang Hyun-suk chose Dong-hyuk as a favorite member in WIN.
5. He was the president of the student council when he was in elementary school and junior high school.
6. He is a Christian.
7. According to fans, Dong-hyuk’s voice is similar to Jin-hwan’s voice.
8. He is not new to winning; back in March 2012 he won the JYP competition. Many do not know that he was the OSIS Manager when he was in school.
9. He was a part of Team B in the survival show WIN.
10. Kim Dong-hyuk’s nickname is Cutie Maknae.
11. He can play piano.
12. Kim Dong-hyuk’s role model is G-Dragon.
13. He has a strong voice, though he is not confident in his talent.
14. He speaks Korean and English fluently.
15. His specialties are playing soccer and speaking foreign languages, especially English.
16. His ideal type is a girl who smiles a lot, and has a lot of aegyo (cuteness).
17. His father died when he was a child (8 years old).
18. He was the president of student council at his high school.
19. He has a lot of knowledge about history and popular culture.
20. Other members say that he’s the best dancer in the group.
21. He was on the show Kpop Star 5.
22. He was the last member of iKON announced.



Jung Chan-woo is the youngest and vocal of the group.

Chan Woo started his career as a child model and actor, and when he was only 10 years old, he landed a small role in the movie “Sweet lies”; he was also the face of a lot of Korean companies, out of which the most famous one was LG.

As a kid actor, Chan Woo made it to auditions in YG, where he made it to the final cut of being in iKON, and when he was selected, he started to perfect his skills of singing and dancing.

Chan Woo and Bobby get along the best, as Bobby likes to tease Chan Woo a lot, but Chan Woo does the same to him, as he teases him but also makes him laugh at a lot of his jokes; still, all of the members like Chan Woo and treat him as the young brother of the group, which he is.

Chanwoo is a guy who loves confessing, he already did it by saying that the most handsome member of the group was B.I while the cutest was Yunhyeong.

He is the youngest of the group and was born in January 26, 1998 as Jung Chanwoo.

Chanwoo used to work for Kids Planet Entertainment and Fantagio Entertainment before joining YG.
Chanwoo has been working in show business since 8 years old.

He is known for being a child actor and appearing in such dramas as “Boys over Flowers” and “The Heirs”.

He played roles like young Lee Min-ho and Shin Ha-kyun in famous dramas such as Boys over Flowers.

Before becoming a member of iKon, he played a younger Max Changmin in TVXQ’s “Balloons” music video.


・Birth name: Jung Chanwoo
・Date of Birth: January 26, 1998
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Place of Birth: South Korea
・Blood Type: A
・Nationality: South Korea
・Height: 182 cm
・Weight: 62 kg
・Additional trivia: Although he is the youngest in the member, he is the most senior in entertainment among members.
・Position: Sub-vocal, Dancer and Maknae
・Specialty: Flute, swimming, dancing, piano and modeling
・Attraction: His tallness
・Hobbies: Swimming, dancing hip hop and playing video games.

Quick Facts

1. He is the tallest member with Koo Jun hoe.
2. He was named the kindest “Maknae” of the world through “Kind Maknae Test” on Mix
and Match, the audition program.
3. He has round cheeks which he considers as a complex.
4. He was presented with face roller for his cheeks from Yang Hong-suk.
5. He has many ambitions. He wants to continue acting as well.
6. He hates to lose. He gets angry when he loses at a game.
7. He has a fansite since long time ago because he was in entertainment for a long time.
8. Fun Facts: he is nicknamed the world’s nicest maknae and he is an actor by profession. He may appear fearless but he actually fears Bobby in the group.
9. Chanwoo does not like to lose in anything.
10. Chanwoo is very ambitious.
11. He is afraid of Bobby.
12. He thinks of B.I. as the most handsome one among the iKon’s members.
13. He started his career as an actor first.
14. He has one older brother.
15. His favorite foods are meat, sushi and fruit.
16. He is shy, so his ideal type of girl is someone talkative and tender.
17. His favorite anime is One Piece.
18. He can play the piano and the flute.
19. He acted in two movies: “Sweet Lies” (2008) and “Russian Coffee” (2012).
20. The first concert Chan Woo went to was a BIGBANG concert.
21. His favorite group is BIGBANG.
22. He learned Mandarin and Japanese for a while.
23. Bobby likes to joke with him the most, and tease him.

Kim Jinhwan


He is the vocal of the group.

He is also the oldest member of the group and takes care of the younger members.

He is very kind and is like the anchor of the group.

Jinhwan was previously a trainee under SM Academy.
However, he changed it for YG Entertainment.

YG Entertainment announced Jinhwan to be the next Taeyang.

Even though he was the YG’s trainee for only one month, Jinhwan improved quickly to make his debut as a member of iKon.

He is very kind, and all the younger members of the group look up to him.

He is a very versatile musician and has a strong voice, but his dancing is sometimes very clumsy – he fell onstage twice!

When Jin Hwan was asked why he fell off the stage, he said he had a weak lower body and that he’d work on it, but that didn’t stop the other members from teasing him and making jokes about him.

Apparently, Jin Hwan is a common target of pranks and jokes in iKON, but his bandmates still love him and appreciate that he can take care of them, as the eldest member, as well as how sentimental he can get.


・Real Name: Kim Jin-hwan
・Birthday: February 7th, 1994
・Star sign: Aquarius
・Additional trivia: According to himself, his voice is better to listen to at night.
・Position: Main vocal and Dancer
・Height: 165 cm
・Weight: 55 kg
・Blood Type: A
・Hobby: Playing the guitar and swimming
・Specialty: Foreign language, swimming, trumpet and singing
・Attraction: The black spot on his cheek and his nose

Quick Facts

1. He likes meat and hamburgers.
2. At first, he was supposed to be a one-month trainee in YG. He had improved to make
a debut.
3. Even though he is the oldest in the group, he is the shortest. Fans call him an elf.
4. According to other members, he is the spiritual leader of the group.
5. He is from Cheju Island.
6. He cries a lot.
7. His pants size is XS, which came as a shock to fans.
8. He was in training at SM Academy.
9. Joon-hee especially depends on Jin-hwan.
10. He has a milky white skin which makes him sexy according to fans.
11. Jinhwan was born on Jeju-do Island.
12. The singer has a very white skin.
13. Jinhwan takes cares of the younger members of iKon.
14. Jinhwan took part in “Ringa Linga” music video by Taeyang.
15. AOA’s Jimin is rumored to be Jinhwan’s ex-girlfriend.
16. Jinhwan participated in WIN, a survival program.
17. His mother is a professional violinist.
18. He has an older sister, who works in the fashion world.
19. He was a trainee for 3 years.
20. His ideal type of girl is someone who can communicate well with him.
21. His specialties are swimming, playing the trumpet and speaking foreign languages.
22. He is always the target of pranks in iKON.
23. People say he looks like Taeyang.



Welcome Back (2015)
2016 iKON – iKONcert Showtime Tour in Seoul Live CD (2016)


Just Another Boy
Wait For Me
Long Time No See
My Type
Rhythm Ta
What’s Wrong
Dumb & Dumber

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