Top 40 Korean Girl Groups You Must Listen in 2016

Korean girl groups need no introduction; they are famous everywhere, as K-pop becomes a genre that many start turning to and being fans of.

Anyone who listens to K-pop knows the names like Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, SISTAR, but what makes a Korean group so different from any other groups in the world?
Their discipline, image and talent are polished and worked on for years, as they spend time in training for becoming a member of a team.

It’s important that the girls know their best attributes, but more importantly, that they learn what it’s like to be a part of a synchronised team.

Korean groups, especially girl groups, are accurate as clockwork and can very often become the ideal of beauty in their native country.

Here is a list of the recent girl groups, groups who have been active during the year 2016, and in general, the groups that everyone loves, and that any aspiring fan should consider listening to.



TWICE is a girl group consisting of nine members and they were signed and trained under JYP Entertainment.
They debuted in October 2015, after being chosen during the filming of the competition show “Sixteen”; TWICE will release their 2nd EP on April 25, 2016.

The members of the group are – Jihyo, the leader; Nayeon, the main vocalist; Jungyeon, the lead vocalist; Momo, main dancer and rapper; Sana, the lead dancer; Mina, dancer and vocalist; Dahyun, rapper and vocalist; Chaeyoung, rapper and vocalist; Tzuyu, face of the group and the maknae.

TWICE have been hitting the charts in Korea with their hit song “Like Ooh Ahh” which peaked at 10th place in the official Korean charts, Gaon, and 6th on the US and global Billboard charts.

Their debut EP “The Story begins” ranked 3rd in Korea, 1st in Taiwan, and 6th in the US and globally.
No doubt that, with these rankings, TWICE are the new girl group to beat these days.

The beauty of each member can individually be compared to the most beautiful singers, and their debut was an instant success; hopefully, their image will grow stronger, as they grow into beautiful women.

Most members are still very young, the youngest being barely 17, but their instant fame is a telltale sign of further, explosive success.


“Like Ooh Ahh” (from their debut “The story begins”, 2015)
Upcoming song, “Cheer up” will also be the release of their 2nd EP – “Page Two”.

Fun Facts

1. Tzuyu (born Chou Tzu-yu) is Taiwanese, and also the youngest (born in 1999).
2. Mina (born Myoui Mina), Sana (born Minatozaki Sana) and Momo (born Hirai Momo) are Japanese.
3. Girls from TWICE have participated in 34 variety programs since their debut.
4. They have a TV program dedicated to their lives as a group, called “Twice’s private life”.
5. Nayeon appeared in San E’s video “Please don’t go” and Jun.K’s Korean and Japanese versions of the single “No love”.
6. Together with Jungyeon, Nayeon also appeared in the MV for GOT7’s debut single “Girls girls girls”.
7. Sana appeared in GOT7’s MV for the single “A” and in Junho’s (2PM) MV for the Japanese release of the single “Feel”.
8. Mina and Momo appeared in MV’s for GOT7’s “Stop stop it”, Wooyoung’s (2PM) “R.O.S.E”, miss A’s “Only you” and J.Y.Park’s “Fire”.
9. They were part of a survival program that determined the members of TWICE.
10. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are currently attending the Hanlim Multi Art School together, as music majors.
11. Jihyo, the leader, was a trainee for 10 years before becoming a member of TWICE.
12. Jungyeon is the younger sister of actress Gong Seung-yeon.

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Red Velvet


Red Velvet is a girl group consisting of five members and they are signed by SM Entertainment.
These girls debuted in 2014 with the single “Happiness”, but their single “Dumb Dumb” really exploded onto the charts everywhere.

Not only is the MV (music video) for “Dumb Dumb” packed with stunning and unusual visuals, but the single itself makes everyone smile and, most certainly, dance.
There hasn’t been a bad review of the single “Dumb Dumb” yet.

The members of Red Velvet are – Irene, the leader, main rapper and face of the group; Wendy, main vocalist; Seulgi, lead vocalist and dancer; Joy, rapper and vocalist; Yeri, rapper, vocalist and maknae.

When “Dumb Dumb” was released, it hit number 3 on Billboard’s chart, and became the best selling Korean single of the week.
The music video was included in Rolling Stone’s list of 10 Best Videos of 2015, and it was the only non-English speaking video on the list.

Their debut single “Happiness” has nearly 30 million views on YouTube.
Red Velvet released a new album “The Velvet” in March 2016, and along with it the ballad “One of these nights” as the first single from the album.


“Happiness” (2014), “Dumb Dumb” (2015), “Ice Cream Cake” (2015), “One of these nights” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. The group debuted with four members at first; Yeri joined them in 2015.
2. Seulgi is close friends with Krystal and Sulli from f(x), and Kyuhyun from Super Junior.
3. Wendy was born in Toronto, Canada.
4. Irene’s favorite group is AOA.
5. Wendy used to actively make YouTube videos, but she deleted her account.
6. Seulgi was the first member, casted in 2007.
7. Seulgi can speak Japanese.
8. Wendy used to star in musicals.
9. Irene appeared in music videos for SHINee, Kyuhyun and Henry.
10. Irene can also act really well.
11. Yeri is the maknae, and she was never a trainee at SM.



MAMAMOO is a girl group of four members, and it’s been called one of the most refreshing groups to come out lately.
Their style is both cute and sexy, as the member strut their vocals in retro-sounding hits and power ballads.
MAMAMOO are signed under the Rainbow Bridge Management.

The four members of MAMAMOO are – Solar, the leader and main vocalist; Moonbyul, the main rapper and dancer; Wheein, the lead vocalist and dancer; and Whasa, the maknae and lead rapper.

The group debuted in June 2014 with the single “Mr. Ambiguous” with which came their first mini-album “Hello”.
According to many critics and Internet users, their debut was the strongest K-pop debut in 2014.

Their 2nd mini album is called “Piano man” in which they flaunted R&B, jazz and retro production, a fresh twist in the K-pop genre.
MAMAMOO are officially back in 2016 as well, as they released singles like “Taller than you”, “You’re the best” and “I miss you”.
Their debut single from the latest album “The Melting” (2016), “You’re the best” was the number one single on the Korean charts in February 2016.

The album “The Melting” peaked at number 3 spot; Billboard called this album bold and refreshing, bringing retro soul back into Korean music.

Overall, the reviews on the album keep MAMAMOO at the top of the freshest faces in K-pop lately; we expect a lot from these girls in the future.


“Mr Ambiguous” (2014), “Peppermint Chocolate” (2014), “Um Oh Ahh Yeah” (2015), “I Miss You” (2016), “Taller than you / 1cm” (2016), “You’re the best” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. Moonbyul was the main choreographer for “Mr Ambiguous”.
2. Mamamoo’s fandom is called MooMoo.
3. Whee In was named so after a comic book character.
4. Wheein’s talent is drawing and she loves to watch cooking shows.
5. Hwasa loves jazz music.
6. Hwasa sang the song “Ice Ice” with Hyuna.
7. Mamamoo are the biggest surprise in K-pop lately, because of their jazzy style and unique looks.

Oh My Girl


Oh My Girl (sometimes presented as OMG) are a girl group of eight members, and they debuted in April 2015.
They are signed under WM Entertainment, and when they debuted, they were presented as B1A4’s sister group.

Oh My Girl’s debut came with roaring reviews and massive worldwide acceptance, in the form of a single “Cupid”.
They released their first album “Oh My Girl” on the same day of their debut on April 20, 2015.
Their 2nd album, “Closer” came out in October 2015, with the title single of the same name; both albums did really well on the Korean Gaon chart, peaking at position 6.

The members of Oh My Girl are – Hyojung, leader and vocalist; Mimi, rapper and vocalist; Jiho, vocalist; Seunghee, lead vocalist; JineE, vocalist; Binnie, vocalist; YooA, vocalist; and Arin, maknae and vocalist.
Oh My Girl came back in March 2016 with an album “Pink Ocean”, and feature singles “Liar Liar” and “One Step Two Steps”.

The group won an SBS award for Best Newcomer in 2015, and their debut was raved about worldwide.
Oh My Girl’s style can only be described as pop and cute; their cute vocals grace the songs without any rap sections; they are a classic K-pop group for all fans who prefer the melodic, bubblegum sounds.


“Cupid” (2015), “Closer” (2015), “Liar Liar” (2016) and “One Step Two Steps” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. Oh My Girl were involved in a scandal in a Los Angeles airport in 2015; they traveled to America for a photoshoot and the US customs officers mistook the band for underage prostitutes because of their props and outfits.
2. Leader Hyojung was the winner of WM Entertainment auditions in 2014.
3. Jiho can speak Japanese.
4. Binnie used to model under YG Entertainment.
5. The oldest member Hyojung is currently 22 and the youngest, Arin, is 17.
6. B1A4’s Jinyoung produced OMG’s “One Step Two Step”
7. OMG’s fandom name is Miracle.



GFRIEND are a six member girl group that debuted in 2015.
They made their debut with the EP “Season of Glass” in January, 2015.

GFRIEND are signed under Source Music, and coming from such a small record company, their debut exploded in the charts and among the fans.

GFRIEND already have a huge fanbase, and they gained popularity with the song “Glass bead”, which was in the Top 10 most viewed Korean videos in January 2015.

After the song “Me Gustas Tu”, GFRIEND got on the radar as prominent newcomers expected to rank high in a lot of charts.
“Me Gustas Tu” was a part of their 2nd EP “Flower bud” which they promoted nationwide.

Funnily, their international fame came after a viral video, which showed GFRIEND performing on a slippery stage and falling over; this garnered attention and commendation for professionalism, as the group finished the entire show despite a few injuries.

GFRIEND’s members are – Sowon, leader, rapper and vocalist; Yerin, dancer and vocalist; Eunha, vocalist; Yuju, main vocalist; ShinB, dancer, vocalist and face of the group; Umji, vocalist and maknae.

In 2016, the group took over the charts with their 3rd EP “Snowflake” and the song “Rough”; “Snowflake” debuted as number 10 on the Billboard album chart, and GFRIEND went on promotion of the album nation and worldwide.

The MV for “Rough” was ranked in Top 10 most viewed Korean videos in January 2016.
In February 2016, GFRIEND won Music Bank, Inkigayo, The Show and M!Countdown, with “Rough”.


“Glass Bead” (2015), “Me Gustas Tu” (2015), “Rough” (2016), “Luv Star” (2016), “Trust” (2016), “Say My Name” (2016), “Someday” (2016).

Fun Facts

1. Sowon is also a model, and she can cook really well.
2. Yerin’s specialty is dance.
3. Eunha is good at acting
4. Umji can speak English really well and does voiceovers for Disney OST’s.
5. Yuju is the main lyricist and composer of the group.
6. Yuju can play the guitar.
7. GFRIEND’s fandom is called “Buddy”.
8. Interestingly, all the girls, except for Yuju, are the youngest children in their families.
9. One of their possible group names was Guardian Angel.
10. GFRIEND actually means “good friend” and they explained that they are all good friends to each other.



Lovelyz is an eight member girl group that debuted in November 2014, with the album “Girls’ Invasion”.
Lovelyz music style is very retro, reminiscent of 80s synth pop and power ballads.
They brought in an old vibe of pop music that hasn’t been heard since S.E.S and FinKL and that is why Lovelyz are a beloved group in Korea.

They quickly became nation’s sweethearts, being announced on KBS as a new group and releasing the digital single “Good night like yesterday”.

Before any musical debut, they were the dancers for Infinite’s performance of “Man in love”.
Lovelyz are signed under Woollim Entertainment.

In September, the group released their first mini album called “Lovelyz8” and had a feature song from it, called “Ah-Choo”.
Members of the group are – Baby Soul, leader and vocalist; Jiae, vocalist and face of the group; Jisoo, vocalist and lead dancer; Miju, vocalist and main dancer; Kei, main vocalist; Jin, lead vocalist; Soojung, lead vocalist; Yein, maknae and vocalist.

On April 25, 2016, Lovelyz will come out with a new mini album called “A New Trilogy”, while a reality show about their life as a group was aired on SBS MTV in February 2016, called “Lovelyz in Wonderland”.


“Goodnight like yesterday” (2014), “Candy Jelly Love” (2014), “Hi~” (2015), “Ah-Choo” (2015), “For You” (2015), “Shooting Star” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. Baby Soul was a solo artist before Lovelyz; she debuted solo in 2011.
2. Jisoo was involved in a scandal around the group’s debut, as she was harassed online by netizens who spread negative rumours about her.
Jisoo was admitted in a hospital room and treated for mental shock, and the netizens were sued in May 2015.
3. The maknae Yein used to be a trainee under JYP Entertainment.
4. Most members of Lovelyz have cooperated with Infinite by making songs together or appearing in their music videos.
5. Jiae is known as Infinite’s “Little Sister” because of the reality show that featured Infinite taking care of Jiae while she was in school.
6. Jiae’s talent is acting, and she was signed under Woollim Ent. as an acting talent.
7. Baby Soul and Jiae are the most famous members of the group.
8. Jiae’s nickname is Elephant Jiae, which was given to her by Infinite’s L.
9. Their song “Ah-Choo” debuted in September 2015, but it is still in the Korean charts (April 2016)
10. Lovelyz’s fandom name is “Love In Us”.

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Cosmic Girls


Cosmic Girls is a Chinese-Korean girl group made up of 12 members.
They were unitedly formed under Starship Entertainment and Yuehue Entertainement in 2015, and they debuted in February 2016 with the mini album “Would you like?”

Their official release came with two feature singles, “Mo mo mo” and “Catch me”; while “Mo mo mo” showed a classic bubblegum pop side of the group, “Catch me” was an edgier, more fierce song that displayed rapping skills of a few members.

Cosmic Girls are divided into four sub-units, named Wonder, Joy, Sweet and Natural; that’s why the group is also known as WJSN.

Cosmic Girls’ members are – Exy, leader and main rapper (part of Sweet sub-unit); SeolA, lead vocalist (Sweet sub-unit); Soobin/Xiubin, lead vocalist (Sweet sub-unit); Xuan Yi, lead dancer and vocalist (Joy sub-unit); Eunseo/En Xi, lead dancer and vocalist (Joy sub-unit); Yeoreum/Xia Tian, rapper and vocalist (Joy sub-unit); Mei, lead dancer and vocalist (Natural sub-unit); Dawon/Duo Yuan, main vocalist (Natural sub-unit); Luda, lead vocalist (Natural sub-unit); Bona/Bao Na, lead vocalist and face of the group (Wonder sub-unit); Cheng Xiao, main dancer and vocalist (Wonder sub-unit); Dayoung/Duo Rong, maknae and vocalist (Wonder sub-unit).


“Mo Mo Mo” (2016), “Catch me” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. Exy was on Unpretty Rapstar 2.
2. The group was featured in Korean Cosmopolitan prior to their debut.
3. SeolA was the first member introduced as part of a new girl group.
4. Exy released a mixtape with rapper Crucial Star, called “Sweep Away”.
5. Only 3 members of the group are Chinese, but all the members have their Korean and Chinese nicknames.

AOA Cream


AOA Cream, a sub-unit of the famous group AOA was formed at the beginning of 2016.
The sub-unit released a single in February 2016, called “I’m Jelly, Baby”.

AOA is a very famous Korean girl group that took over the charts and won the hearts of public very quickly; since the group isn’t releasing anything new during the year, they are all focusing on promoting sub-units and solo projects.
Jimin took on a solo project by releasing an EP, and AOA Cream released a single “I’m Jelly Baby” that peaked at position 25 in the Korean charts.

The fans were super excited for the formation of the subgroup, and it seems that the popularity of AOA never waivers, so the sub-unit became popular before even releasing any singles.

The members of AOA Cream are YuNa, Hyejeong and ChanMi.


“I’m Jelly Baby” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. They are originally members of AOA.
2. In AOA, Hyejeong is a sub-vocalist and lead dancer, YuNa is a keyboardist and dancer and ChanMi is the maknae, vocalist and dancer.
3. Hyejeong used to be a cheerleader.
4. Hyejeong always says she is fit because of yoga.
5. ChanMi is not only the group’s maknae, but she is the youngest child of three in her family.
6. Yuna starred in a Japanese musical, called “Summer Snow”.

Nine Muses


Nine Muses, sometimes styled as 9MUSES is a power group in South Korea formed in 2010.
They made their debut the same year with a hit song “No Playboy”; shortly after that, their debut album was released, with the title “Let’s Have a Party”.

Nine Muses started off with nine members, which is where the name comes from, but changes throughout the years and the band’s many differences led to one member leaving the group.
Nine Muses celebrated their comeback in February 2016 with a very first solo concert ever, held in Seoul; their official comeback is planned for May 2016.

Until the group comes back and vows their old and faithful fans once again, there is always time to look back on how they did before and prepare for their new singles; they released a studio album in 2013 called “Prima Donna”, and five EPs (“Sweet Rendezvous”, “Wild”, “Drama”, “9Muses S/S Edition” and “Lost (Till the Night is Over)”).

The current members of Nine Muses are – Hyuna, leader and vocalist; Euaerin, vocalist, main rapper and main dancer; Kyungri, lead vocalist; Hyemi, main vocalist; Minha, vocalist and face of the group; Sungah, vocalist and lead rapper; Sojin, vocalist and main dancer; Keumjo, maknae and vocalist.


“No Playboy” (2010), “Ladies” (2010), “Figaro” (2011) , “News” (2012), “Ticket” (2012), “Dolls” (2013), “Wild” (2013), “Gun” (2013), “Glue” (2013), “Drama” (2015), “Hurt Locker” (2015), “Sleepless Night” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. Nine Muses has six former members.
2. Euaerin is also a DJ.
3. Sungah grew up in Fiji and speaks English fluently.
4. The youngest member of the group is 24 and the eldest is 29.
5. Nine Muses’ fandom name is “MINE” (Muse Is Never Ending)



EXID are a five member girl group from South Korea formed in 2012.
EXID are very specific and unique, as their variety presence took over the TV stations rather than their music videos and songs.

However, possibly very few people who love Korean pop are unaware of EXID’s hit single “Up and Down”.
It’s a popularly used and catchy melody and song, with an easily recognizable and memorized choreography; they took over the radio waves by storm after that single, which was actually released in 2014.

“Up and Down” was on the Korean chart for four months straight, finally reaching the number one position at the end of that four months period.

Their debut song was actually “Whoz that girl” in 2012, and their first EP was “Hippity Hop” which wasn’t very popular.
EXID’s mini album “Ah Yeah” was released in April 2015, along with a single of the same name; this is when EXID reached the top of their career.

In November 2015, EXID released the single “Hot Pink” with which they won both Show Champion and Inkigayo in December.
EXID didn’t have the same members from the beginning; three of the former members are now in a girl group called BESTie.
Members of EXID are – LE, leader and rapper; Hani, vocalist and face of the group; Solji, main vocalist; Hyerin, lead vocalist; Junghwa, maknae, vocalist, dancer and rapper.

Solji and Hani released a single together in 2016, called “Only One”, which peaked at 11th place in the Korean charts.


“Whoz That Girl” (2012), “I Feel Good” (2012), “Every Night” (2013), “Up and Down” (2014), “Ah Yeah” (2015), “Hot Pink” (2015), “Only One” (as SoljiHani sub-unit) (2016)

Fun Facts

1. Hani is a variety show queen; she debuted as a solo variety appearance in “Running Man” in 2015, and soon became the most wanted variety guest, because of her display of humor, spontaneity and cheerful spirit.
2. The group had a variety/reality show about them called “EXID Showtime”; they showed how well they get along and how funny they all are individually as well.
3. A viral video of EXID singing “Hot Pink” in an acoustic version over dinner and drinks, is the most popular viral video among recently popular girl groups.
4. “Up and Down” was actually made for an OST for the drama “Incarnation of money”.
5. Junghwa will show her acting skills in a drama called “Webtoon Hero Tundra Show”, in which she was cast as the lead female; it will air in July 2016.
6. EXID’s fandom name is L.E.G.O



MATILDA may be the freshest faces on the list, since they debuted in March 2016.
It’s a girl group made of four members, and they were formed under BOXMEDIA Entertainment.

On March 17th, MATILDA made their first TV appearance and debut, with a retro pop hit “Macarena”.
The choreography of the music video for “Macarena” was based on the legendary Macarena dance moves, but it was redone in the South Korean girl group style, by adding a few more elaborate details to it.

The members of Matilda are – Haena, leader and main vocalist; DanA, main rapper; Semmi, lead vocalist; Saebyeol, maknae and sub-vocalist.


“Macarena” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. The leader Haena was a member of the group “Kiss and Cry” before forming “Matilda”.
2. Haena by herself is a sub-unit of Matilda.
3. The oldest member Haena is 25, and the youngest, Saebyeol is 20.



ACE is a four member girl group that was formed under Worthy Entertainment in 2015.
ACE were formed in September, and they debuted in September of 2015 with the album “You Fell In Me”.

Unlike many groups, ACE were invited to promote in China just one week after their Korean debut.

Their first single and music video, “You Fell In Me” was shown in October 2015 on Show Champion; the single has an old school pop vibe with vocal and rapping displays, while the video shows some seductive moves by the group members.
Members of ACE are – Jina, leader and vocalist; Yujin, vocalist; Dareum, main rapper; Seora, rapper, vocalist and maknae.


“You Fell In Me” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. The group already has one former member, which left before the group debuted.
2. ACE have been active in promoting their new image in China lately.



SUS4 are a girl group, one of the rare trios in K-pop.
SUS4 debuted in March 2015 under TK Entertainment, and they won over the hearts of public very quickly with their two massive hits “Shake it” and “Pick Me Up”.

The group’s roster changed up from the first single “Shake it”; two former members, Jimin and Hena, performed in the “Shake it” video, but in the next video, “Pick Me Up”, only one of three previous members, Sanha, was still a part of the group; Hena and Jimin got replaced by Ain and Hwirin.

The video for “Shake it” took over the fans with its humor and fun characters; but the fandom is divided on whether the old SUS4 combination was better than the latest one.

There are many fan-cam releases of SUS4 performing “Shake it” during their promotions; the girls always showed professionalism and great energy on stage.

Nevertheless, the new members were very well accepted by fans, and many claim that the two new members give SUS4 a better, cuter image.
Members of SUS4 are – Sanha, leader, vocalist and rapper; Hwirin, lead dancer; Ain, maknae and lead vocalist.


“Shake it” (2015), “Pick Me Up” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. Their fandom name is called “4US”

Hello Venus


Hello Venus is one of the veteran girl groups from South Korea, formed in 2012.
They were formed under Pledis and Fantagio entertainment houses, but when the collaboration split, the group continued under Fantagio.
In May 2012, Hello Venus debuted with the song “Venus” since they were first known as only “Venus”.

They released an album of the same name.
While Pledis and Fantagio worked together, Hello Venus was announced as After School’s sister group, but ever since they went with Fantagio after the split, they are the sole and exclusive act of that company.

In July 2012, Hello Venus released their first mini album “Like a wave” and promoted it alongside a single of that same name.
Later, in December 2012, the group released their 2nd mini album “What are you doing today?”.

The group barely had any rest until the end of January 2013, since they promoted new singles and came out on shows constantly.
Beginning in April 2013, the group continued to promote their third mini album, and spent the entire spring and summer of that year promoting and having solo gigs nationwide.

Their latest venture into music was the single “I’m ill”, released in July 2015, which was an electro pop dance hit.
There are six members of Hello Venus, and they are – Alice, main vocalist and leader; Nara, face of the group and vocalist; Lime, main vocalist, rapper and dancer; Yooyoung, lead dancer and rapper, vocalist; Seoyoung, lead vocalist; Yeoreum, maknae and vocalist.

Hello Venus have not announced any recent comebacks, but they are a beloved and respected group; turning on “I’m ill” this summer as well may get all fans in the mood for jumping around their rooms and having lots of fun.


“Venus” (2012), “What are you doing today?” (2012), “Would you stay for tea?” (2013), “Sticky Sticky” (2014), “Wiggle Wiggle” (2015), “I’m ill” (2015).

Fun Facts

1. Yooyoung is the most famous and most active member of Hello Venus.
2. The band used to be known only as Venus, but after their publishers split and the group went with Fantagio, they became Hello Venus.
3. The group won the Popularity Award in 2015.
4. Hello Venus has two former members, Yoo Ara and Shin Yoon-jo.
5. Lime’s other nickname is Haley.
6. Lime and Yooyoung can rap really well.
7. Nara’s specialty is acting.
8. The group’s fandom name is Hello Cupid.

Dal Shabet


Dal Shabet is a super girl group which debuted in 2011.
It used to consist of six members, but currently has four.

They were the first music group to debut in 2011, when they released their music video for the single “Supa Dupa Diva” in January.
They went on to promote their music throughout January, resulting in their hit song “Supa Dupa Diva” to be voted as the most catchy song of the year.

In August 2011, the group planned a style overhaul by presenting an upcoming funky theme, but the population thought their new image was too sexual, so Dal Shabet went on to change their planned image into a finer one; this is when they released their most popular single “Bling Bling”.
“Bling Bling” took over the charts in 2011 and became one of the most popular K-pop tunes ever.

The group released music throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014, too.
Their Japanese debut came in 2015, and that’s when Dal Shabet also released their 8th mini album “Joker is Alive”, with which they revived a jazzy retro sound.

In 2016, Dal Shabet continue to impress, as they released their 9th mini album “Naturalness” in January 2016, and prepare an album for summer 2016.

Their hit from the album “Naturalness” called “Someone Like U”, ranked number 1 in Japan and number 4 in China.
Current members of Dal Shabet are – Serri, leader, lead vocalist and dancer; Ahyoung, vocalist and face of the group; Jiyul, vocalist; Woohee, lead vocalist, main dancer; Gaeun, main rapper and vocalist; Subin, maknae and main vocalist.


“Supa Dupa Diva” (2011), “Pink Rocket” (2011), “Bling Bling” (2011), “Hit U” (2012), “Mr Bang Bang” (2012), “Have, Don’t Have” (2012), “Be Ambitious (Look at my legs)” (2013), “BBB (Big Baby Baby) (2014), “Joker” (2015), “Someone Like U” (2016), “Hard to Love” (Japanese lang., 2015).

Fun Facts

1. Subin was in Taeyang’s video “I Need A Girl”; she is much taller than him.
2. Gaeun is also a model.
3. Jiyul grew up in London, and speaks English fluently.
4. Ahyoung is fascinated by Greek and Roman mythology.
5. Ahyoung’s hobbies are playing basketball and watching movies.
6. Serri was once a professional gymnast.
7. Jiyul is good at street dancing.
8. “Dal Shabet” means “Moon Sherbet”.
9. Former member, Viki, was supposed to debut with Nine Muses.
10. Their fandom name is Darling.



BESTie, a four member girl group, debuted in 2013 with the single “Pitapat”.
They were formed under YNB Entertainment.

They are one of the most famous girl groups from South Korea, always releasing catchy singles and colorful music videos.
Three of the original BESTie members have debuted in EXID in 2012, but they left the group out of different reasons, which forced them to debut a year after EXID.

In July 2013, BESTie debuted their single “Pitapat” during Music Bank.
Their first mini album was called “Hot Baby” and got its release on July 28, 2013.
Their latest projects happened in 2015, when they released another mini album “Love Emotion” and a feature single “Excuse Me”.

BESTie are referred to as one of the iconic girl groups in Korea; they have cooperated with Girls’ Generation very often.
Members of BESTie are – Hyeyeon, leader and lead vocalist; U-Ji, main vocalist; Dahye, main rapper and vocalist; Haeryung, maknae, vocalist and face of the group.

It is unknown if BESTie would make a comeback in 2016, but they grew alongside the biggest K-pop girl groups of all times; their fanbase keeps increasing despite their current hiatus; any time a fan wants to research and get into K-pop, BESTie is on the top of many lists.


“Pitapat” (2013), “Love Options” (2013), “Zzang Christmas” (2013), “Thank U Very Much” (2014), “Like A Star” (2014), “Hot Baby” (2014), “I Need You” (2014), “Excuse Me” (2015), “Love Letter” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. In 2015, BESTie won the Next Generation Award for their new hits.
2. U-Ji, Hyeyeon and Haeryung were members of EXID previously.
3. Haeryung was an actress before becoming a k-pop star; she started acting at age 10.
4. Hyeyeon’s hobby is collecting insects.
5. U-Ji is a graduate of Seoul Institute of Arts.
6. Dahye is very athletic, loves all kinds of sports.
7. Haeryung is great at skateboarding and cooking.
8. They released “Like A Star” as a celebration of their 1 year anniversary.
9. The members that left EXID were actually forced to leave under contractual complications.
10. BESTie doesn’t have a fandom name yet.



Sonamoo is a seven member girl group which debuted in December of 2014.
Their debut single was “Deja Vu” and it was an instant hit the same week it came out; it was a number one single throughout the month.
In February 2015, Sonamoo released another single called “Just Go”.

After their debut, they also became popular in Japan and had many showcases throughout March of 2015; the same year, in May, they went and promoted the group in Singapore.

Summer of 2015 was a busy period for Sonamoo, as the girls promoted 4 singles during that time.
One of their most popular singles is “Cushion” which solidified Sonamoo as a popular and beloved girl group.

Members of Sonamoo are – Sumin, leader, vocalist and rapper; Minjae, lead vocalist; D.Ana, main rapper; Nahyun, vocalist and lead dancer, and the face of the group; Euijin, lead vocalist and dancer; High.D, dancer; NewSun, lead rapper and maknae.

The last activity by Sonamoo was in September 2015, when they promoted a single called “Round and Round”.
Anyone who is looking for a good pop sound, catchy melodies and dancing tunes, Sonamoo is the right group for them!


“Deja Vu” (2014), “Just Go” (2015), “Cushion” (2015), “Deep”, “Let’s Make A Movie”

Fun Facts

1. Sonamoo literally means “Pine Tree”
2. Sonamoo’s fandom name is Solbangul, which means “pine cone”.
3. D.Ana and NewSun wrote all the raps in the songs “Deep” and “Let’s Make A Movie”.
4. Sumin speaks Chinese really well.
5. Nahyun is the most athletic member, she goes hiking and does yoga every day.
6. Euijin’s hobby is collecting socks.
7. Euijin loves Japanese dramas and anime.
8. High.D’s favorite artist is Jessie J.
9. Minjae speaks English really well.
10. NewSun loves to listen to rap, especially Tyler the Creator.

Crayon Pop


Crayon Pop is a girl group of five members, which was formed in 2012.
These girls are very unique, as the release of their debut album came at a time when they didn’t have many chances to promote, so they are famous for doing guerrilla performances all over unique places in Seoul.

This move created Crayon Pop a huge and faithful fanbase, with a separated male fanbase as well.
Their management is Chrome Entertainment.

After some mediocre success of their 1st mini album, the promotions they did around Seoul increased their popularity; then, they released a song called “Bar Bar Bar” and came out with unique outfits and concepts, which instantly made them wonders in the pop world.
It paid off to be unique, as Crayon Pop delivers upbeat electronic pop songs, followed by MVs that most people in the K-pop world still haven’t imagined.

Crayon Pop had massive success in USA as well, as they were the opening act for Lady Gaga in 8 cities; this was during June and July of 2014.

Their latest single in Korean was “FM” in 2015, but the girls also recorded an album entirely in Japanese in January 2016 and did an all-round tour of Japan during January and February of 2016.

Crayon Pop are incredibly popular in Japan, which may be because of their unique and kooky style of performance.
Members of Crayon Pop are – Gummi, leader and main vocalist; Choa, main vocalist; Ellin, dancer and vocalist; Way, lead vocalist and rapper; Soyul, maknae, and main vocalist.


“Saturday Night” (2012), “Bing Bing” (2012), “Dancing Queen”
(2012), “Bar Bar Bar” (2013), “Lonely Christmas”
(2014), “Uh-ee”
(2014), “FM” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. Crayon Pop has an extra Japanese member that follows them on tour around Japan only; her name is Arisa.
2. Their concert in Japan in 2013 was sold out in one hour.
3. Some of their stage outfits include school uniforms over tracksuits, skirts over tracksuit pants and polo helmets, rubber tracksuits and white boots…
4. The music video for “Uh-ee” had more than one million views on YouTube in one day.
5. Crayon Pop were signed with Sony Entertainment in 2014.
6. Their first fan meeting in March 2014 in Hong Kong was attended by more than 1,000 fans.
7. Choa dropped out of high school to follow her dream of performing in musical theatre.
8. In 2014, Geummi debuted as an actress in a web drama “6 Persons Room”, and she was the lead female.
9. In 2015, Choa’s dream came true as she was cast in a role in the musical “Princess Deokhye”.
10. Crayon Pop’s male fandom name is Popjusshi, and female fans are Popgirl.

Melody Day


Melody Day is a girl group that was formed in 2012, but they didn’t have their debut until 2014.
They started their career as drama soundtrack singers, until they were signed as a unit and been given a chance to promote their vocal skills and looks.

In February 2014, they released their official single “Another Parting”, which charmed the public after they were able to also see the members of Melody Day, rather than just hear them.

While they were soundtrack singers, they made songs for dramas such as “Master’s Sun”, “My daughter Seo-young”, and “Pretty Man”.
Their single for the drama “My daughter Seo-young” was nominated at Seoul International Drama Awards for Best OST.

In June 2015, Melody Day released a single called “Love Me” and in September of the same year, they followed up with the single “Speed Up”.

Any fans who love melodic and strong vocals in their pop songs, are sure to enjoy the lovely voices and harmonies of Melody Day.
Members of Melody Day are – Yeoeun, leader and main vocal; Yein, vocal; Yoomin, vocal; Chahee, maknae and vocal.


“Another Parting” (2014), “Love Alone” (2013), “The Very Last First” (2014), “To Tell You the Truth” (2014), “Anxious” (2014), “Come To Me” (2015), “When It Rains” (2015), #Love Me (2015), Speed Up (2015)

Fun Facts

1. They began as a trio; Yoomin was the last member to join the group.
2. Jang Dong Gun, famous South Korean actor, is Yoomin’s uncle.



4TEN, also known as Poten, is a Korean female group which debuted in 2014 with five members.
The group currently has four members, so they call themselves 4Ten again, instead of Poten.

The meaning of the original word, “Poten” was an abbreviation for the word “potential”, but it’s also wordplay on the Korean pronunciation of the English word “four” (Koreans usually transcribe “f” as “p”).

In August 2014, 4Ten debuted with their single “Tornado”, a pop love song with a catchy beat that’s easy to dance to; that is the image the band presents as well.

Their singing and music style is reminiscent of current pop that graces the radio waves and charts, so if fans love to keep up with modern music, 4Ten might give everyone some catchy melodies to dance and unwind to.

The group underwent a lot of changes; two members left during 2015 and got replaced by three new girls; however, one of the three new girls soon left the group and the number of the members finally came down to four.

Members of 4Ten are – Hyeji, leader and main vocal; Hyejin, maknae and vocalist; Heeo, main rapper; Yun, lead vocalist.
Fans can rejoice at their return in 2016, since they released their first album in February 2016, called “Jack of all trades”.


“Tornado” (2014), “Why” (2015), “Go Easy” (2015), “Severely” (2016).

Fun Facts

1. Hyeji and Hyejin are the only two original members.
2. Heeo is a real fashionista; her hobby is making fashion collages and visiting and watching fashion shows.
3. Hyejin is a true foodie and loves trying out international dishes.
4. Hyeji loves snowboarding.
5. They still don’t have a fandom name, but the fans are working on thinking of a good name.



Purfles are a K-pop trio which debuted in 2015.
The group’s music style is retro pop, with some jazzy sounds, and their debut single is a real representation of it.

They got on the scene with the single “1, 2, 3” and then released “Bad Girl” soon after.

Purfles are a fresh group that still need to gain the trust of K-pop fans everywhere, but their vocals and choreographies are promising; following Purfles this year may be a good choice, since they are expected to rise in the next few months.

The members of Purfles are – Geonhee, leader and vocalist; Eunyoung, vocalist; Wooyoung, maknae and vocalist.


“1, 2, 3” (2015), “Bad Girl” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. Geonhee graduated from National university of Theatre and Film.
2. Eunyoung’s nicknames are Great Goddess and Silver Dragon.
3. Wooyoung lost 10 kg prior to the group’s debut.
4. Geonhee sings the low vocals, and Wooyoung sings the high pitched parts.



D.Holic is a five member girl group that was formed in 2014.
They debuted in October 2014 under HMate Entertainment.

D.Holic have a cute and shy image, but their music speaks for them, since their singing and music style is a mix of R&B, modern pop and electronic music.

Their debut album is called “Chewy”, and they released two single albums called “Dark with dignity” and “Murphy and Sally”.
D.Holic’s debut single was “I don’t know”, which had an R&B/pop vibe.

In 2015, they came out with singles like “Murphy and Sally” and “Chewy”, both energetic dance hits with a lot of reactions from the public.

D.Holic got a big fanbase during their debut year, but they are still a new group; it’s safe to say that their comeback is expected in 2016 with another fiery hit.

Members of D.Holic are – Duri, leader and vocalist; Rena, vocalist and face of the group; Danbee, vocal and main rapper; Hami, main dancer and vocalist; Hwajung, maknae and main vocalist.


“I don’t know” (2014), “Dark with dignity” (2014), “Without You” (2014), “Chewy” (2015), “Murphy and Sally” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. The group has one former member called Nine, who left for personal reasons in 2015.
2. Hwajung was the last to join, and she replaced Nine.
3. Rena is Japanese and Hami is Chinese.
4. Their fandom name is Holica!



Stellar is a four member group that debuted in 2011 with a single called “Rocket Girl”.
They were first attractive to the public because their original producer was Eric Mun from Shinhwa.

Stellar’s first single didn’t attract a lot of attention, and passed with mediocre success.
Then, Stellar went through some changes member-wise, and released another single in February of 2012, called “UFO”.

Eventually, their success in the charts came along when they released the single “Study” in July of 2013; after this, they went into serious production and had an image overhaul, adopting a more sexualized and seductive style.

Stellar are known as the sexy girls of K-pop, and getting such a reputation was because of their EP “Marionette”.
The girls continued to pursue such an image, despite certain criticism of the public, and they defended their sexy concept, saying that that is how the group is unique and different from the others in the pop world.

In an honest interview, the girls revealed that they didn’t mind a sexy concept, because they were broke and didn’t have enought to even eat after their unsuccessful debut; their honesty and bravery was what attracted more and more people to the Stellar fan club.

They went on to release “Mask”, “Fool” and “Vibrato” in 2015, and a mini-album “Sting” in early January of 2016.
Members of Stellar are – Gayoung, leader and vocalist; Hyoeun, main vocalist; Minhee, lead vocalist; Junyool, maknae, lead rapper and vocalist.


“Rocket Girl” (2011), “UFO” (2012), “Study” (2013), “Marionette” (2014), “Mask” (2014), “Fool” (2015), “Vibrato” (2015), “Sting” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. They are signed under Eric Mun’s company, Top Class Entertainment.
2. The girls said in an interview that they used to split a portion of food for one into four parts, since they became really poor due to low success of their debut.
3. Gayoung appeared in dramas during 2011 and 2014.
4. Their EP “Sting” was released in 2016 as a part of a crowd-funding project; they were planning to earn a little over $8,000 but ended up earning $35,000.
5. They promoted their EP “Marionette” by inviting fans to like their page on Facebook; each like would reveal one body part of one member of the group, which was deemed controversial.
6. “Sting” was released with a “girlfriend concept”; they tried to get back into the public’s hearts with a more natural look.



Bloomy is a new girl group, which debuted with four members in February 2016.

They revealed themselves to the world with a photo shoot that showed their schoolgirl concept and lovely faces; their first single was “Because of you”, and the release of their mini-album came right after.
The mini-album is called “Blooming Day”.

Bloomy are young and fresh faces in the pop world, but they dominated the scene with powerful vocals and strong videos that display catchy choreographies.

Bloomy’s 2nd single was of the same name as their album, “Blooming Day”.

Members of Bloomy are – Geunyoung, leader and vocalist; Yeonji, vocalist; Seoyeon, vocalist and dancer; Jiyun, maknae and dancer.
A lot more can be expected from Bloomy and their cute pop sound, so we can join their fan club and expect some good tunes for the summer.


“Because of you” (2016), “흥칫뿡” (2016), “Blooming Day” (2016).

Fun Facts

1. They were formed under DS and CG Entertainment houses, in joined forces.
2. Their concept and style are “school girl”.



Hi.D, or High Lady, is a Korean girl group formed by the Heroes Factory label in January of 2016.
They released their single “Dollar” as their debut, and they are working hard at promoting it these days.

Hi.D are preparing a lot more material for their future fans, as they expect to take over the K-pop scene with catchy synth and hiphop beats; their voices align in perfect harmonies while singing and rapping the song “Dollar”, so we can expect Hi.D to be the new SISTAR in the next few years.

Members of Hi.D are – Edge, leader and vocalist; Hayang, vocalist; Seyeon, vocalist; Bonny, rapper and maknae.


“Dollar” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. The members are older than the usual new girl groups – the youngest, Bonny, is 22 and the leader, Edge, is 24.
2. Their style and music are edgy, with a hint of rap and electronic music.
3. Their label is relatively new, so Hi.D may have some problems breaking through at the beginning; however, their music is what’s wanted on the scene today, so the group’s new fans are hoping the girls will push through and come on top.

Brown Eyed Girls


Brown Eyed Girls, or sometimes referred to as BEG, are a legendary K-pop girl group that was formed and debuted in 2006.
They are one of the rare groups that debuted with R&B songs; their image and looks were fresh on that day’s market, so the Brown Eyed Girls took over the charts by storm.

Since 2006, BEG changed their style of music and took on a few challenges when it came to that.
Their debut song was “Come Closer”, but it was “L.O.V.E” and “How Come” in 2008 that really made BEG one of the girl groups to beat at the time.

The video for “Abracadabra” in 2009 really cemented the girls’ position on the top of the charts; the dance for the song was also a popular dance that even today, people perform and imitate whenever they hear “Abracadabra” at parties (and it plays at parties very often).

They promoted in Japan during 2011 without resting, as they released a special album called “Sixth Sense” for the Japanese market.

The girls had a break during 2012 and ventured out into solo careers; their latest releases were in 2015, when they released a choreography heavy video for a song called “Brave New World” as part of promotions for a smartphone app, and a controversial song called “The Warm Hole” (which everyone pointed out to be a reference to the female organs, due to sexual lyrics).

In 2016, BEG celebrated their 10 year anniversary by holding a concert in Los Angeles.
Members of Brown Eyed Girls are – JeA, leader and main vocalist; Miryo, main rapper; Narsha, lead vocalist and lead dancer; Gain, maknae, lead dancer, vocalist and face of the group.


“Come Closer” (2006), “Hold The Line” (2006), “I Got Fooled By You” (2006)
, “L.O.V.E” (2008), “How Come” (2008), “My Style” (2008),
“Abracadabra” (2009), “Sign” (2009),
“Sixth Sense” (2011), “Hot Shot” (2011), “Cleansing Cream”
(2011), “One Summer Night”
(2012), “Kill Bill” (2013), “Recipe” (2013), “Brave New World” (2015)

Fun Facts

1. BEG are the only girl group that went through 10 years without lineup changes.
2. Their dance for “Abracadabra” is called ‘The Arrogant Dance’.
3. Gain was in the variety show We Got Married, paired up with Jo Kwon from 2AM.
4. Gain’s hobby is interior design.
5. BEG have released 8 studio albums.
6. Narsha’s name means “Fly” in Korean.
7. Miryo’s ideal type of man is a guy with a sense of humor.
8. JeA plays the piano.
9. They are signed under Sony Entertainment in Japan, and speak Japanese fluently.
10. Their fandom name is Everlasting.



April is a five member group that was formed in 2015 by DSP Entertainment.
They are usually associated with KARA, a popular girl group which is under the same label, but April have a whole other fandom for themselves.

April got their name not by a month in a year, but as a combination of “A”, as the best, and “Pril” which means “lovable girl”.
The group took over the charts and fans’ hearts in 2015 with the mini-album “Dreaming” and the title song “Dream Candy”.

In September 2015, April released a choreography music video of their debut album’s title song, “Dream Candy”, which was made in downtown of Seoul; this is what made them popular and the album itself peaked at 8th place in the Korean chart Gaon.

In November of 2015, April released the music video for a new single called “Muah!”, as well as some footage from behind the scenes and an interview with the girls.

It was a little before that that the sixth member of the group, Somin, left the group permanently and April came down to its original five members.

In December 2015, April released a mini-album called “Snowman” and in January 2016, there was a special music video of the performance of the song with the same name.

Fans rejoice as April will release another album on April 27th 2016.
Members of April are – Chaewon, leader and main vocalist; Hyunjoo, vocalist and main dancer; Naeun, vocalist and face of the group; Yena, vocalist and lead dancer; Jinsol, maknae and dancer.


“Dream Candy” (2015), “Boing Boing” (2015), “Snowman” (2015), “Tinkerbell” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. The former member Somin was the leader.
2. Somin and Chaewon won the Kara Project show and were supposed to become new members of KARA, but they were put together into a group called Puretty; later, the group April was formed.
3. In February 2016, April won the Girl Group Rookie of the Year award.
4. The youngest member, Jinsol, is almost 15 years old (born 4.12.2001).
5. Jinsol is a former JYP Entertainment trainee.
6. Former member Somin was in Epik High’s video for the song “Born Hater”.
7. The group’s fandom name is Fineapple. “Fineapple” is a combination of “Fine” plus “Apple,” which is a shortened form of “April.”



LABOUM is a six member girl group which debuted in 2014, under Global H Media.

The girls were in training for four years before finally debuting in August 2014 with the single album “Petit Macaron”.
After releasing “Petit Macaron”, they came out with a few other singles like “Pit-a-pat” and “What About You”.

In 2015, the girls continued to work hard, and released another two singles, named “Sugar Sugar” and “AALOW AALOW”; there was no rest for the girls during 2015, as a few members went on different variety and talk show programs, to promote their latest work.

In February 2016, LABOUM started a crowd-funding campaign for releasing their new album; they promised an ‘honorary producer’ title to the person who donated the most.

Finally, the girls reached their 8 and a half thousand dollar goal in just four hours, and made $27 000

Fans can see LABOUM in their latest, 4th single album release and music video for “Fresh Adventure”.
Members of LABOUM are – Yujeong, leader and main vocalist; Haein, dancer; Solbin, face of the group, lead dancer and vocalist; Soyeon, main vocalist; ZN, vocalist, lead rapper and dancer; Yoolhee, maknae, vocalist and main rapper.

LABOUM’s music style can be enjoyed during summer; their vocals are very feminine and gentle, and their style is very retro and girly.
The girls have really discovered a feel-good type of music, which can be seen more in their recent work, rather than their beginnings.


“Pit-a-pat” (2014), “Petit Macaron” (2014), “What About You” (2015), “Sugar Sugar” (2015), “AALOW AALOW” (2015), “Journey to Atlantis” (2016), “Fresh Adventure” (2016)

Fun Facts

1. ZN was cast in the drama “Milky Love” in 2015 and starred in two episodes.
2. LABOUM, or La Boum, means “Party” in French.
3. Their fandom name is ‘Latte (라떼)’

Girl’s Day


Girl’s Day is a four-member girl group formed by Dream Tea Entertainment in 2010.

The group debuted and went on with five members for a couple of years, but they experienced some changes before their final lineup.
Two members departed during their beginning years, but while they were the original Girl’s Day, they managed to create a lot of fame and excitement over their debut by promoting the label and the group around the country; Girl’s Day organized flash mobs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts, and encouraged the fans to create a fan blog.

Then, in July 2010, the group released their debut song “Tilt My Head”.
Soon after, their debut mini-album “Girl’s Day Party 1” was released, and following that, came their 2nd summer hit “How About Me”.
In September 2010, the first line up change happened, and two new members were introduced.
In 2011, Girl’s Day had their year, with releases of singles “Hug Me Once”, “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Young Love”, which were all featured on their 2nd mini album “Everyday”.

In 2014, the group ventured out into Japanese market, where they released a compilation album first; their popularity massively rose this year, and in 2015 they went into producing singles in Japanese and having concerts there.

Girl’s Day also lost a member in 2012, so their popularity rose while they were in their current lineup.

The members of Girl’s Day are also famous for lots of charity work, volunteering and helping Asian girls that went through hardship; they especially did lots of volunteering in Thailand, which made them Asia’s sweethearts in every way.

If you don’t know about Girl’s Day, start with the singles “Expect” from 2013 and “Something” from 2014, since they are their most viewed and, possibly, the best songs they released.

Members of Girl’s Day are – Sojin, leader, lead vocalist; Minah, main vocalist and face of the group; Yura, main rapper and vocalist; Hyeri, sub vocalist, main rapper and maknae.


2010: “Tilt My Head”, “How Do I Look”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”
2011: “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Hug Me Once”, “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wonder”
2012: “Oh! My God”, “Don’t Forget Me”
2013: “White Day”, “Expect”, “Female President”, “Let’s Go”
2014: “Something”, “Darling”, “I Miss You”
2015: “Hello Bubble”, “Ring My Bell”

Fun Facts

1. The music video for “Something”, reached one million views within a day.
2. Sojin’s hobby is calligraphy.
3. Sojin loves to watch Game of Thrones.
4. Yura was featured in the Korean magazine High Cut, flaunting her athletic body.
5. Hyeri’s nickname is Big Laugh Hyeri.
6. Hyeri loves running, and she does marathons often.
7. Minah’s special skill is aegyo! (acting cute)
8. Girl’s Day made their variety show called “Girl’s Day One Fine Day” in Okinawa.
9. While volunteering in Cambodia, they held art and music workshops at a school, since the children did not have the luxury of studying art or music.
10. Their fandom name is Dai5y; they changed the S in daisy into a 5, because there were 5 members when they created this name.



T-ara is a South Korean girl group that debuted in 2009 under MBK Entertainment.
Before their debut, the group was referred to as “Super Rookies”, which made everyone really interested in them and their debut; they trained for 3 years before they finally debuted.

Their first song was “Good Person” for the soundtrack of the drama “Cinderella Man”, released in April 2009; then, the group faced changes in the lineup, as two members left and two new came along, after which they promoted the new group with the single “Lies”.
Their debut album was called “Absolute First Album” and released in December of 2009.

From their first album came several massive hits, like “TTL (Time to Love)”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and “You Drive Me Crazy”.
T-Ara released an EP “John Travolta Wannabe” in 2011, which was their 2nd EP so far; on the EP was the single “Roly-Poly”, which was nominated for several awards and actually peaked as Gaon chart’s number one single of the year.

During that same year, the group released their 3rd EP “Black Eyes”.
Furthermore, the group signed a $4.3 million contract in Japan, which was the highest contractual sum that any Korean girl group ever signed there.

During 2014 and 2015 (even 2016, in March) a few members ventured into a solo career; but, the group still remains together and has many plans.

In 2015, T-Ara released a few hit singles, and it’s incredible how much the group is loved worldwide; they are not only beautiful and have great vocals, but they are likable and their music is a perfect fit to dance to.

T-Ara’s members are – QRi, leader and vocalist; Boram, vocalist and rapper; Soyeon, lead vocalist; Eunjung, main vocalist and lead rapper; Hyomin, main rapper, main vocalist and lead dancer; Jiyeon, vocalist and main dancer, face of the group, maknae.


2009: “Lies”, “TTL (Time To Love”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Like The First Time”
2010: “I Go Crazy Because of You”, “I’m Really Hurt”, “Why Are You Being Like This”, “YaYaYa”
2011: “Roly Poly”, “Cry Cry”, “We Were In Love”
2012: “Lovey Dovey”, “Day By Day”, “Sexy Love”
2013: “Bikini”, “Number Nine”, “I Know The Feeling”, “Do You Know Me (What Should I Do)”, “Hide & Seek”
2014: “Sugar Free”, “Little Apple”
2015: “So Crazy”

Fun Facts

1. In 2016, Hyomin went solo; in 2015, that was Eunjung, and Jiyeon in 2014.
2. T-Ara has two sub-units called T-Ara N4 (Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and former member Areum) and T-Ara QBS (Qri, Boram, Soyeon).
3. T-ara was ranked at number 7 as the group with most number 1 hit songs on music charts in the past decade.
4. Instead of the former member Areum, a member of Korean descent, born in the USA, called Dani is the 4th member of T-Ara N4; she is still learning Korean.
5. Hyomin was on the Chinese version of the variety show “We Got Married” in 2012, where her partner was Fu Xinbo, a Chinese idol.
6. Eunjung’s solo stage name is Elsie.
7. Soyeon was supposed to debut with Girls’ Generation.
8. In August of 2015, T-ara held a free hug event for their official fandom members.
9. Qri and Boram live together.
10. T-Ara’s fandom name is Queen’s.



4Minute is a five-member girl group, formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment.
The group debuted in June 2009 with the single “Hot Issue.
Then, right after, in 2011, they released their first full-length album “4Minutes Left”.

The most famous member of the group is Kim Hyuna, who was previously a member of Wonder Girls; so, after the announcement of Hyuna as the first member, the group was called “Hyuna group”.

However, 4Minute saw major success after “Hot Issue”, and everything after that just honed popularity more and more; they were followed by some controversy, too, as their single “Won’t Give You” was deemed too sexual, and banned from radio and TV stations.
In 2010, the group also released a Japanese album, “Diamond”, and made music for Japanese market equally as for Korean.

They worked on a single with a Korean-American singer Amerie in 2010.
Overall, during their long career, 4Minute published 2 studio albums, “4Minutes Left” and a Japanese album “Diamond”, 7 EPs, and 26 singles in both Korean and Japanese.

Their latest singles “Crazy” and “Hate” went international, and had many positive reactions from the fans; “Hate”, from 2016, was produced by Skrillex, and it came out on their 7th EP called “Act 7”.

Members of 4Minute are – Jihyun, vocalist, leader and face of the group; Hyuna, main rapper, dancer and vocalist, and face of the group; Gayoon, main vocalist; Jiyoon, lead vocalist and rapper; Sohyun, vocalist, raper, lead dancer and maknae.

4Minute have always been different than classic K-pop girl groups, with their fierce style that relied on hip hop beats and intricate choreographies; they’ve also been known to explore sexy images and style, and they are a representation of the concept of sexy in Asia.


2009: “Hot Issue”, “Muzik”, “What A Girl Wants”
2010: “HuH”, “I My Me Mine”
2011: “Heart To Heart”, “Mirror Mirror”
2012: “Volume Up”
2013: “What’s Your Name”, “Is It Poppin’?”
2014: “Whatcha Doin’ Today”, “Thank You”
2015: “Cold Rain”, “Crazy”
2016: “Hate”

Fun Facts

1. Hyuna is a former member of Wonder Girls, signed under JYP Entertainment.
2. When Sohyun was 12, she used to be in a girl group called Orange; the group disbanded after their debut because of many anti-fans and cyber bullying.
3. 4Minute have a sub-unit called 2YOON, and the member are Gayoon and Jiyoon.
4. in 2015, they held a solo concert in Argentina.
5. In October 2014, during a performance at a local festival in Seongnam, a ventilation grate where people were standing on, collapsed and the incident resulted in at least 16 people killed and 11 injured.
6. Their fandom name is 4NIA, which is short for “4Minute Mania”.



APink are a six member girl group; they debuted with 7 members in 2011, under A Cube Entertainment.
APink are a group reminiscent of the first generation idols S.E.S and FinKL.

The group has an innocent, pure image that accentuates the girliness and cuteness; even their newer songs fit the bubblegum pop genre, but show a mature side of the members and how they grew up.

APink debuted in April 2011 with an EP called “Seven Springs of APink” and a featured single from it “Mollayo”.
The group released their 2nd EP “Snow Pink” in November 2011, along with the lead single from it, “My My”.
With the rising success of the group, they were employed to do overseas tours as well; their success was most prominent in Japan, where they released an album in the Japanese language, in 2015.

APink toured Canada and Thailand in 2012, Japan in 2014 and Singapore in 2015.
From their beginnings, APink released 3 studio albums, 5 EPs, 29 music videos and 12 singles; throughout 2016, they are busy touring in USA, and on April 19, they released a single called “The Wave”, which was a mark of their five year anniversary.

Members of APink are – Chorong, leader, rapper and vocalist; Bomi, lead vocalist and main dancer; Eunji, main vocalist; Naeun, vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group; Namjoo, lead vocalist and lead rapper; Hayoung, maknae, vocalist and rapper.


2011: “I Don’t Know”, “MY MY”
2012: “Hush”
2013: “NoNoNo”, “Secret Garden”, “U You”
2014: “Good Morning Baby”, “Mr. Chu”, “Crystal”, “LUV”
2015: “Promise U”, “Remember”, “Petal”
2016: “The Wave”

Fun Facts

1. In February 2015, Apink entered a list in Forbes magazine, “Korea Power Celebrity 40” ending up at number 18.
2. Apink raised funds for charity from September to November 2014, in the purpose of helping ALS patients by building a hospital especially for them.
3. In November 2011, Apink and Infinite made a variety/reality show called “Birth of a Family”, which followed the two groups as they cared for abandoned and mistreated animals.
4. They filmed three seasons of a reality show that followed them, called “Apink News”.
5. Namjoo is a talented impersonator.
6. Naeun was in “We Got Married” in 2013, and she was paired up with SHINee’s Taemin.
7. Chorong’s special skill is taekwondo.
8. Naeun is also a drama actress, and she will appear in two dramas in 2016 – “Four Knights” and “Cinderella”.
9. Eunji was in the Korean adaptation of the musical “Legally Blonde”, and it was her debut in musical theatre.
10. Their fandom name is Pink Panda.



f(x) was formed in 2009 by SM Entertainment with five members, but currently it has four.
Their debut single was released in September 2009, and it’s called “LA chA TA”.

The group was deemed as something new from the beginning; they were called “eclectic, modern, fun and edgy”.
Labeled as risk-takers and variety queens, the girls of f(x) became popular overseas as well; they were invited to perform in SXSW, a Texas music festival that usually presents artists that are music’s future.

In May 2010, f(x) released their first EP, called “Nu ABO”.
After this, they signed to release music in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Their former member Sulli experienced cyber bullying while being a part of the group, and during 2014 she pulled from performing live anywhere; later on, she left the group.

Members of f(x) are – Victoria, leader, main dancer and vocalist; Amber, rapper and sub-vocalist; Luna, main vocalist and lead dancer; Krystal, lead vocalist and maknae.

In January 2016, the group toured around Korea with a solo concert tour.
Since their debut, f(x) have released 4 albums, 2 EPs, 23 music videos and 15 singles.


2009: “LA chA TA”, “Chu~♡”
2010: “Nu ABO”
2011: “Pinocchio (Danger)”, “Hot Summer”
2012: “Electric Shock”
2013: “First Love (Rum Pum Pum Pum)”
2014: “Red Light”
2015: “4 Walls”, “12시 25분 (Wish List)”

Fun Facts

1. Krystal’s older sister is Jessica from Girls’ Generation.
2. Victoria was paired with 2PM’s Nichkhun in “We Got Married” and they are, to date, one of the most beloved and beatiful couples in the show.
3. Victoria is Chinese, Amber is Taiwanese/American, and Krystal is Korean/American.
4. Sulli, the former member, debuted as a child actress in 2005 and she was known as a talent already.
5. Amber was born in Los Angeles.
6. Krystal was born in San Francisco.
7. Their 2nd album “Pink Tape” was the only K-pop album that ended up in “The 41 Best Albums” list of 2013, put together by an American music channel Fuse.
8. Luna has an identical twin.
9. The song “Red Light” has lyrics with the meaning of taking a break and thinking about what we want from life.
10. Their fandom name is “ME U”; the fandom didn’t get their name until January 2016, even though they have been a strong following of f(x) since 2009.

Wonder Girls


Wonder Girls are a girl group and band made up of four members.
They were signed and are managed by JYP Entertainment and Park Jin-Young, the company’s CEO.

Wonder Girls debuted officially on the show Music Core! in 2007, when they performed thier debut hit single “Irony”, influenced by hiphop music.

With “Irony”, they promoted their first album called “The Wonder Begins”.
They began infiltrating the US market in 2009, when they were the opening act for The Jonas Brothers on their world tour.
This is when they first performed the English version of their song “Nobody”.

Subsequently, during 2009, “Nobody” entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart in position 67, which made Wonder Girls the first South Korean group to enter the chart.

Kim Hyuna from 4Minute was the fifth member during their first year of debut, but after she left, she was replaced by the current leader, Yubin.

Two members left after Yubin joined the group; one was replaced, and the other abandoned her career because of getting married and giving birth in 2013.

Wonder Girls became popular worldwide during their peak in 2011 and 2012.
They toured in 20 cities in North America (USA and Canada), did promotions in China, Taiwan and Japan, and became the faces of Sony Ericsson, mobile phone company.

During their 10 year career, Wonder Girls released 3 studio albums, 2 compilation albums, 4 EPs, 17 music videos and 14 singles.
Wonder Girls are famous for a unique retro sound – their songs are influenced by pop music of earlier decades, mostly 1960s, 70s and 80s; if fans wish to hear an old school sound with a modern twist, Wonder Girls are a good choice for such a playlist.

Their latest work was in a retro sounding song and video “I Feel You”; the girls play all the instruments in the video.

Members of Wonder Girls are – Yeeun, leader, main vocalist, keyboardist; Yubin, face of the group, main rapper, drummer; Sunmi, lead vocalist, bassist; Hyelim, maknae, rapper, vocalist and guitarist.


2007: “Irony”, “It’s Not Love”, “Tell Me”, “Stupid”
2008: “So Hot”, “Nobody”
2010: “2 Different Tears”
2011: “Be My Baby”
2012: “The DJ Is Mine” (English & ft. School Gyrls), “Like This”, “Like Money” (English & ft. Akon)
2015: “I Feel You”

Fun Facts

1. All the girls play instruments in their live shows.
2. Sunmi had left the band in 2010 and rejoined them in 2015, positioning as the bass player.
3. Hyelim was Sunmi’s replacement, and now they’re in the band together.
4. Yubin was on Unpretty Rapstar 2, and she actually did really well, despite poor expectations from other rappers who thought she’d be too weak, since she is an idol.
5. Yeeun’s favorite artist is Lauryn Hill.
6. The girls all speak English and Chinese fluently.
7. Wonder Girls hosted an episode of “Saturday Night Live Korea” in April 2015.
8. They were featured in a reality show in MTV USA, called “MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2010”, when they were followed by cameras while living in California.
9. Hyelim lived in Hong Kong all her life, but is of Korean nationality.
10. Their fandom name is “Wonderfuls”.



AOA is a eight member girl group formed under FNP Entertainment; they debuted in 2012, and currently doing work with only seven members instead of eight.

AOA are South Korea’s sweethearts, without any doubt; men’s hearts fluster when AOA is mentioned, or when a video comes out.
However, their overall concept isn’t completely sexy or cute – they’re a dance group and band that mixes both things successfully.

AOA debuted in 2012 with the single album “Angel’s Story”, after a carefully crafted campaign of introducing members individually to the public.

They released the single “Mini Skirt” in January 2014, with a slightly sexy concept and a catchy choreography; then, in June of the same year, they released the single “Short Hair” that peaked in all the charts in Korea at number one.

In 2015, AOA performed in USA as part of their first international tour, and started their own reality shows.
AOA’s comeback in 2016 was announced for the summer, so be ready for some catchy tunes to dance to, with one of South Korea’s most beloved girl groups.

Members of AOA are – Jimin, leader, main rapper, guitarist, dancer; Choa, main vocalist, guitarist and dancer; Yuna, lead vocalist, keyboardist and dancer; Youkyong, drummer; Hyejeong, vocalist, face of the group, dancer; Mina, vocalist, bassist, dancer; Seolhyun, dancer; Chanmi, main dancer, rapper, vocalist and maknae.


2012: “Elvis”, “Get Out”
2013: “Moya” (AOA Black), “Confused”
2014: “Miniskirt”, “Short Hair”, “Like A Cat”
2015: “Heart Attack”

Fun Facts

1. They have three sub-units: AOA Cream, AOA White and AOA Black.
2. Jimin was on Unpretty Rapstar 1, and she placed fourth.
3. AOA means Ace of Angels.
4. Half of the members play instruments in their live shows.
5. Their fandom name is Elvis.

Girls’ Generation


Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, is the most famous Korean girl group to ever be formed.

SNSD’s influence is so vast, that girl groups worldwide aim to be like them; they are an eight member group, and they debuted in 2007.
SNSD was presented to Korea with the single “Into the New World”, and to the world with the single “Gee”, in 2009.

Their fame was cemented in the Korean market with the singles “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, “Oh!”, and “Run Devil Run”, released in 2009 and 2010.

Girls’ Generation’s style is bubblegum pop, electropop and some mixtures of genres like hip hop, R&B, and soul.
They have sold around 4.4 million albums and 30 million digital singles.

The group is so popular in Korea, that they received titles such as “The Nation’s Singers” and “The Nation’s Girl Group”.
Girls’ Generation is, alongside KARA, the most popular K-pop group in Japan.

Latest release from SNSD was is July 2015, but the facts are there, and this group deserves anyone’s full attention if they are rookies around the K-pop world.

Members of Girls’ Generation are – Taeyeon, leader and main vocalist; Sunny, lead vocalist; Tiffany, lead vocalist; Hyoyeon, vocalist and main dancer; Yuri, vocalist and main dancer; Sooyoung, vocalist and lead dancer; Yoona, vocalist, lead dancer and face of the group; Jessica, main vocalist; Seohyun, lead vocalist and maknae.


2007: “Into The New World”, “Girls Generation”
2008: “Kissing You”, “Baby Baby”
2009: “Gee”, “Way To Go”, “HaHaHa”, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, “Chocolate Love”, “SEOUL” (with Super Junior)
2010: “Oh!”, “Run Devil Run”, “Cabi Song” (with 2PM), “Hoot”, “Visual Dreams”
2011: “Mr. Taxi”, “The Boys”
2012: “Dancing Queen”
2013: “I Got A Boy”
2014: “Mr.Mr”
2015: “Catch Me If You Can”, “Party”, “Lion Heart”, “You Think”

Fun Facts

1. Tiffany dated 2PM’s Nichkhun for one year (from April 2014 to May 2015).
2. Sooyoung is in a relationship with the actor Jung Kyung-ho.
3. Yuri dated the baseball player Oh Sung Hwan for six months in 2015.
4. The group has a sub-unit called TaeTiSeo, comprised of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun.
5. Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California, USA.
6. Sunny was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
7. Taeyeon dated Baekhyun of boy group EXO from February 2014 until September 2015.
8. SNSD was the group that introduced colorful pants into fashion after promoting “Gee”.
9. SNSD released 8 studio albums, 2 live albums, 12 video albums, 2 compilation albums, 43 music videos and 4 EPs.
10. Their fandom name is “S♥NE (So-One)”



SISTAR was formed by Starship Entertainment in 2010, and they debuted in 2011 with the album “So Cool”.
They are a four member group and incredibly famous both in Korea and abroad.

The single “So Cool”, peaked at number one position after its debut, at Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100 singles chart.
The group went viral and became popular after a fan made video of SISTAR promoting a single on a small stage went wrong; the member Bora, fell off stage and broke her thumb.

She returned onto the stage after a few minutes and finished the performance.
In 2013, the group released their first mini album, but they also formed a sub-unit Sistar19, out ot two members, Bora and Hyolyn.
In 2014, the group came back after a small pause and after focusing on the sub-unit, with the single “Touch My Body” and an EP called “Touch N Move”.

The EP peaked at number 2 in the Gaon chart, and number 8 at the USA World Albums chart.
Since 2010, SISTAR have released 2 studio albums, 14 music videos, 5 EPs and 15 singles.

The girls of SISTAR are famous for their sexy looks and concepts; Hyolyn and Bora did a sexy number “Gone Not Around Any Longer” with their sub-unit, which made many hearts flutter because of the seductive choreography and mellow vocals.

Members of SISTAR are – Hyolyn, leader, main rapper and vocalist; Bora, vocalist, rapper, dancer; Soyou, vocalist; Dasom, vocalist, maknae and face of the group.


2010: “Push Push”, “Shady Girl”, “How Dare You”
2011: “So Cool”
2012: “Alone”, “Loving U”
2013: “Give It To Me”
2014: “Touch My Body”, “I Swear”
2015: “Shake It”

Fun Facts

1. SISTAR19 won the “Song of the year 2013” award for “Gone Not Around Any Longer”.
2. Hyolyn was on Unpretty Rapstar 2, but she didn’t do very well.
3. Hyolyn made singles with rappers ZICO and Paloalto, called “Dark Panda”, and with Jooyoung and Bumkey, called “Love Line” in 2015.
4. SISTAR were on Running Man twice, first time in 2012, and second time in 2013.
5. Their fandom name is “Star 1(Style)”



KARA is a four member group formed in 2007 by DSP Media.
Their name was derived from the Greek word “Chara” (“joy”) which they interpreted to mean “sweet melody”.

The beginning of KARA’s career didn’t bring them much success; they debuted with a mature R&B single “Break It” in 2007, and displayed a feminine style.

However, this debut didn’t bring the group any commercial success, so they had to go over the group’s image and musical style.
They then released singles in 2010, “Lupin” and “Jumping”, which was presented with their “pretty but natural” look, which did hone a lot of popularity and fame.

KARA, naturally, became very wanted in Japan, and they were signed by Universal Music Japan, to record albums there.
Currently, KARA isn’t working on any music, since three out of four members’ contracts have expired in 2016; the youngest member Youngji will do a few solo projects, but the group isn’t officially disbanded.

Fans can still rejoice in the old singles of KARA that are a representation of the peak of K-pop music.
Members of KARA are – Gyuri, leader, lead vocalist and rapper; Seungyeon, main vocalist; Hara, vocalist, dancer and face of the group; Youngji, vocalist and maknae.


2007: “Break It”, “If U Wanna”
2008: “Rock U”, “Pretty Girl”
2009: “Honey”, “Wanna”, “Mister”
2010: “Lupin”, “Jumping”
2011: “Step”
2012: “Pandora”
2013: “Damaged Lady”
2014: “MAMAMIA”
2015: “Cupid”

Fun Facts

1. Youngji was in the variety/reality show “Roommate”, in which she formed a close friendship with GOT7’s Jackson Wang.
2. Youngji joined KARA in May 2014 after winning the audition in KARA Project.
3. Hara is somewhat of a beauty symbol in South Korea, since over there, a great sign of beauty is having a small face.
4. KARA, in their five year long career, had released 9 albums, 7 EPs, 34 music videos and 33 singles.
5. Their fandom name is “Kamilia”.



Davichi is a duo, pop girl group that isn’t truly a K-pop group in itself; they don’t present themselves with concepts and choreographies, their voices speak for them and their talent.

Davichi started their career in 2008, and cooperated on songs with many idols since then.

The duo released their debut album “Amaranth”, in February, 2008, and promoted it with the feature song “I Hate You, I Love You”.
“I Hate You I Love You” won the award for ‘Rookie of the Month (February)’ at Cyworld Digital Music Awards, and after that, they started promoting their 2nd single “Sad Promise”.

In July 2008, Davichi released a repackaged edition of their first album “Vivid Summer Edition” and the feature single from it was “Love and War”.

Between 2008 and 2015, Davichi released 2 albums, 5 EPs, 8 singles, and 9 soundtrack albums.
Their latest collaboration was the song “WHITE” featuring Jay Park, and their latest project was the original soundtrack for the drama “Descendants of the Sun”.

The girls have angelic, gentle voices, that stir a lot of emotions when singing about love.
Davichi are Lee Haeri and Kang Minkyung.


I Love You Even Though I Hate You”, “Sad Promise”
, “Sad Love Song”
, “Love and War”
2009: “8282”
2010: “Time, Please Stop”, “From Me to You”
2011: “Don’t Say Goodbye”
2012: “I’ll Think of You”, “Do Men Cry?”
2013: “Turtle”, “Just Two of Us”, “Be Warmed” (feat. Verbal Jint), “Because I Miss You Today”, “The Letter”
2014: “Again”, “Pillow”, “Don’t Move”
2015: “Cry Again”, “Sorry, I’m Happy”, “Two Lovers” (feat. Mad Clown), “White” (feat. Jay Park)
2016: “This Love”

Fun Facts

1. Both members have ventured into solo careers at one point, but they always return to Davichi to sing together.
2. “Be Warmed” managed to place number one on every singles chart.
3. Minkyung has also appeared in a few dramas between 2010 and 2012.
4. Their fandom name is “Girls High”



Last but not least, 2NE1, possibly the most popular Korean girl group in the world; there isn’t a fan, or even non-fan, that hasn’t heard 2NE1’s “I Am The Best”.

2NE1 was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009; since 2009, the group hasn’t gone under any changes, but the youngest member Minzy did depart in April 2016, after some time of absence.
2NE1 debuted with the single “Fire” in May, 2009.

In 2009 and 2011, 2NE1 have released 2 incredibly successful EPs with the same name “2NE1”.
The single “I Don’t Care” was made “Song of the Year” at the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and “I Am the Best” went with same success after winning another “Song of the Year” award in 2011.

Until 2012, members went on a few solo ventures, and toured around Japan, where they honed massive success and respect.
In 2012, 2NE1 made a domestic comeback with the 2nd EP called “2NE1”.
In October 2012, MTV held a global competition, for 10 bands from all around the world getting the possibility to win the “Best New Band” award.

2NE1 won that competition with the song “I Am The Best” in November, 2011, making this their first US Award.
2NE1 then performed at Times Square to accept the award.

In July 2012, the group made a comeback with the song “I Love You”, which was an instant dance hit.
2015 was the year the members went on many more solo projects, making CL the most successful one of the foursome; CL’s main producer became America’s very own Diplo, and she showcased her rapping skills alongside a few American rappers.

Dara ventured out into acting, and she did really well throughout 2015, starring in 3 dramas.
They last performed at the 2015 MNet Music Awards in Hong Kong, which was the last that they were seen as a quartet; 2NE1 will come back as a trio in summer of 2016.

Members of 2NE1 are – CL, leader, rapper, vocalist and dancer; Bom, main vocalist; Dara, vocalist and face of the group; Minzy, main dancer, lead vocalist and rapper, maknae.


2009: “Lollipop (with BIGBANG)”, “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”
2010: “Follow Me”, “Clap Your Hands”, “Go Away”, “Can’t Nobody”, “It Hurts”
2011: “Lonely”, “I Am The Best”, “Hate You”, “Ugly”
2012: “I Love You”
2013: “Falling In Love”, “Do You Love Me”, “Missing You”
2014: “Happy”, “Come Back Home”, “Gotta Be You”

Fun Facts

1. Minzy is a great dancer, and is really good at street dance.
2. Dara spent her teenage years living in the Philippines.
3. Bom lived in the USA and learned English fluently while living there.
4. CL spent her childhood in Paris and Tokyo, changing her living place often; she moved to Paris alone when she was 13, to finish an international high school.
5. 2NE1 are great friends with BIGBANG.
6. CL and BIGBANG’s G-Dragon made a few duets, and were Korean sweet couple for a long time, but they were always more like a brother and sister.
7. Bom’s favorite singer is Mariah Carey.
8. Bom’s favorite food is corn.
9. Dara’s little brother is a member of MBLAQ, Korean boy group.
10. Their fandom name is Blackjack (Korea) & Blackjack Nolza (Japan).