Profile and Facts of J Hope from BTS: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

Jung Ho Seok is a South Korean rapper and dancer. He is one of the members of the popular K-pop group BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys. He is popularly called J-Hope and Hobi.


Jung Ho Seok was born on February 18, 1994 and is currently 23 years old. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius. He stands 177cm tall and weighs 59kg.

He was born in Gwanju South Korea and is South Korean by birth. His original name is Jung Ho Seok.

Information about J Hope

Blood Type: A
Label: Big Hit entertainment
Chinese Name: 鄭號錫 (Jung Ho Seok)


Official Website:
Twitter ID: @BTS_twt
Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @bts.bighitofficial


J Hope has attended Global Cyber University. His major is Broadcasting Performing Art.


Ho Seok is the only boy in the family. He has one older sister named Jung Da Won, who is four years older than him.

She once posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram, but fans found out and she locked her account.

No information is known about his parents, but they once surprised him with a message for his birthday, organized by the group members.

Career & Bio

J-Hope made his debut in 2013 as BTS. He is famous for a great rapper and dancer.

Aside from promoting with BTS, Ho Seok became active at being a dancer and a singer

Occupation: Singer, dancer
Position in BTS: rap and dance
Active Years: 2013–present
Status: Single

Netizens who disliked J Hope trended a rude hashtag about him, as a means of cyberbullying, in November 2014. The singer and dancer was called undeserving for his position in BTS, and was told to leave the group immediately.

Other messages of hate were directed towards fellow groupmates Jin and Rap Monster, which claimed them to have a mental disorder–a topic that should not be joked about.

Fans showed their support by tweeting, commenting non-stop on J-Hope’s social media accounts. They also made the hashtag “#JHopeYourePerfect” trend on twitter, which was a success.

It is widely known that J Hope was a great dancer even before debuting with BTS. PUMA recognized his and BTS’s talent in their commercial which aired from September 2016. The commercial features J Hope giving dance lessons to his members.

A few months afterwards, BTS Members decided to make a fan’s dream come true. Through the charity Make-A-Wish Korea, BTS was able to contact an ill fan and organised to meet with her. The fan’s name was Angelica.

While the foundation tweeted the emotional meeting in their official twitter account, Angelica also posted a picture on her Instagram account, captioning “I am so happy and thankful.

My face has cleared up. The sun is shining. I feel like a new person. The birds are chirping. God has shown me the answer to everything. I couldn’t be any happier representing all the international army.”

BTS Members are indeed also happy that they had this opportunity to make a fan’s dream come true.

TV show:

Running Man(2015)

Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $8.3million from his artist work.


In mid 2016, J-hope stated he is single. Through thorough research, it can be said his statement is true.

He also stated he lacks time for himself, so he can’t consider a relationship as of the moment.

Favorite Things

Subject in School: Music
BTS song: ‘Dark & Wild’
Colors: Green
Film: “If Only”
Personality: Easy Going, Fun
Season: Spring
Number: 7
Song: “Skool Luv Affair”
Perfume: Perfume by KENZO and john varvatos
Fashion: T-shirts with bold art, ripped jeans

Fun facts

Known as the best dancer in the group.
Before debuting, he was active in dance competitions
Is known to be a great singer.
His fanclub name is A.R.M.Y
His religion is Christianity.
His hairstyle is short hair
He becomes happy when he is dancing
He becomes sad when staying alone at his home.
He becomes mad when he can’t sing and dance well.
He becomes sleepy when after the lesson.
He becomes relax when he listens to musics.
He becomes high when he sings in front of his fan.
He speaks Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese
His makeup tips are natural taste.
He does not have a tatoo.
He was a street dancer before joining.
He gets awards of street dancing
He distinguish in between private and work.
He is emotional person.
He gets 3rd prize at the national tennis competition.
He cleans inside a dorm.
He has a dog named Mickey.
He does not like exercising.
His fellow bandmates sometimes describe J-Hope as the mother of the group because he nags them.
He is the closest friend to Jungkook.
“If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results” is his motto to live by.
He loves dressing up as Batman in costume parties.


Dark & Wild(2014)
Wake up(2014)

Extended play:

Skool Luv Affair(2014)
The Most beautiful moment of life pt1(2015)
The Most beautiful moment of life pt2(2015)

* Single
Young Forever (2016)


MelOn Music Award : New artist of the year(2013)
Golden Disk Award: Newcomer Award(2014)
MelOn Music Award: Best Male Dance Award(2015)
Golden Disk Award: Disk Bongsang (2016)

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