Who is Minho’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Minho of SHINee

Who is Minho’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


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Minho (Real name:Choi Min-ho/ Hangul:최민호, born December 9, 1991)  is a South Korean singer, actor, and presenter. He was born in Incheon, South Korea.

His father, Choi Yun-kyum, is a well-known soccer coach.

He was coaching Daejeon Citizen former and now he is in Gangwon FC. Perhaps because of this genetic inheritance, Choi Minho has very good reflexes too.

In 2008 Minho was chosen as a member of SHINee. He is the main rapper of SHINee.

Before his debut as a member of Shinee, he worked as a model. He is the tallest among members in Shinee.

When Choi Minho was 16 years old, he was chosen as the youngest model for the fashion show that was produced by the famous designer André Kim.

He graduated from Konkuk University in 2015. His specialties are acting, soccer, sports and Japanese. His hobbies are soccer, basketball, going to gym, game and golf.

Minho began his acting career through his appearance in Pianist (2010). Thanks to his performance in this movie he was recognized as one of the most promising young actors in South Korea.

Nowadays he has a successful acting career while being active as a member of SHINee.


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Minho has revealed in interviews that he is not in a relationship. He stated that he is too absorbed by work and cannot make space for love.

The singer knows that his partner would become his priority, eventually disrupting his everyday life.

Ex Girlfriend

(Rumor) Sulli of f(x)

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It is said that Minho was dating with Sulli, an ex-member of the girl group, f(x).

Minho and Sulli co-starred in the TV drama series To the Beautiful You (2012). They performed the lead roles of the couples, who were gradually drawn to each other.

The episode including their kissing scene became a topic of conversation nationwide. Through performing in this drama, Minho and Sulli got close instantly.

According to the recent entertainment news, however, they are close just as colleagues of their agency, SM Entertainment. It seems that they are actually friends, not lovers, unfortunately.


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Minho was rumored to be dating with Yuri, a member of the girl group Girls Generation.

Paparazzi took pictures of the two having a dinner alone. Some fans posted the picture of the couple wearing matching accessories on the SNS sites.

Moreover, Minho was often seen to speak to Yuri when they co-starred in the music programs or concerts.

Both of them denied their relationship and said they were just friends, but it was obvious that they were dating.

In 2015, Yu-Ri was dating Oh Seung-hwan.

He is a Korean professional baseball relief pitcher and plays for the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) in Japan.

His Ideal Type of Woman

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Minho talked about his ideal woman in a TV variety show. He said he liked someone who took good care of him and hit it off with him. 

He likes women who like sports, gets on well with him, laughs so much and has a good fashion sense. His ideal type of woman is also neat and clean.

He likes the kind of woman who wears a soft one‐piece dress and scarf, and also long straight hair.

He also said that his ideal celebrity in the Korean show business was Kim Tae-hee. Minho had been a big fan of Kim since he was in middle school.

When Minho met Kim for the first time, he was too shy to say a word to her. During the show, Minho expressed his feelings to Kim through a video message.

Opinions on Marriage

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In a magazine interview, Minho talked about how he thought about his marriage, saying; “My marriage ideal is my parents. They brought me up in the environment where I could feel relaxed and free.

They also told me to have a positive attitude toward everything, which still helps me a lot as an entertainer.

If I got married and had my own child, I want to do the same things to my child as my parents did to me.”

It looks like his parents want him to get married, too. In a recent TV show, his mother was seen asking him when he will bring a girlfriend home, complaining about the fact that he is already 27.

Ideal dating situation

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When asked about his ideal dating in a variety show, Minho was sort of at a loss for a word because he had never thought about that.

He thought for a little and said, “I want to please my future-girlfriend by making nice memories that she will always remember.” 

Then the MC asked him the details of that, Minho answered, “For instance, on the Christmas Eve, I will prepare a delicious Christmas cake for her and we will whiff off the candles on it.”

Fans’ Opinion on his Love Life

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It is said that Minho takes care of fans than any other members of SHINee. But he sometimes makes his fans feel sad with gossips about his romance.

Yuri, a member of Girl’s Generation, was reportedly Minho’s girlfriend. However, most of his fans didn’t believe it.

They said that Yuri is his closest junior of SM Entertainment. In a TV variety show, Minho said that Yuri was his ideal type of woman, which caused some fans to believe they were dating, but most of them laughed the matter off.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies He Appeared On

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TV drama series

・Pianist (2010) as Oh Je-ro
・To The Beautiful You (2012) as Kang Tae-joon
・Medical Top Team (2013) as Kim Seong-woo
・Hwarang: The Beginning (2015) as Soo-ho


・Spring Granny  (2016) as Lee Ji-han
・Marital Harmony (2016) as Prince Candidate

List of Love Songs He Sings

Album: Korean version

・The Shinee World (2008)/SHINee
・Lucifer (2010)/SHINee
・Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You (2013)/SHINee
・Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me (2013)/SHINee
・Odd (2015)/SHINee

Album: Japanese version

・The First (2011)/SHINee
・Boys Meet U (2013)/SHINee
・I’m Your Boy (2014)/SHINee
・D×D×D (2016)/SHINee


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