Who is Key’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim Ki bum of SHINee

Who is Key’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


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Key (Real name:Kim Ki-bum / Hanglu:김기범, born September 23, 1991) is a South Korean singer and actor. He was born and raised in Daegu, South Korea.   

Key made his debut as a member of the group SHINee in 2008 and also started his acting career through his performance in Moon Night ’90(2011).


Nicole of KARA

Nicole, an ex-member of the girl group KARA, is often said to be Key’s girlfriend. They are so close beause they have a lot something in common. For example, they are the same age (born in 1991) and are members of ’91 line’, the private group of the pop idols born in 1991. Also both can speak English, so they sometimes talk in English instead of Korean.

Some fans say that they spotted the two having dates. Key often posts pictures with Nicole on his SNS sites. Both say that they are just best friends, but there is the possibility that they are actually in a romantic relationship.

Ex Girlfriend

EunJi of APink

Key was said that he was dating with EunJi, a member of the girl group APINK. Key performed with EunJi as a couple in the TV variety show We Got Married (2013). Their performance as a couple was so good and natural, and this caused many viewers to think they were actually dating.

In the magazine interview, Key commented that EunJi was his ideal type of woman. Both of them admitted that they kept in touch after the show.

His Ideal type of woman

When he appeared as a guest on the radio program, Key talked about his ideal type of woman. He said “I like a woman who values her own individuality, not only in appearance but in her way of thinking, too.” 

Then the DJ asked Key if he had his ideal woman in the Koeran entertainment world, he answered, ” You might be surprised, but I found Park Bo-young very attractive when I saw her performance in a TV drama series.”

He also mentioned that his ideal type of woman was EunJi, a member of the girl group APINK, whom he co-acted with in the TV variety show We Got Married(2013).

Marriage Views

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Key was raised by his grandmother from his birth because his mother was sick after giving birth and his father was busy with work. So he seems that he has stronger feeling for his family than the other members.

When he talked about his grandmother in a TV variety show, he was almost crying while remembering the days he had rebellious attitudes to her.

He has never shared his actual thoughts about marriage, but he definitely wants to get married to someone who will take care of his family.

His Ideal situation of dating

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Key talked about his ideal dating on a radio program. He said that he wanted to enjoy meals with his girlfriend not at an exclusive restaurant but at home. “I want to make a lot of elaborate dishes together, like those you often see in TV dramas.”

He also said, “It would be awesome if we could enjoy beautiful fireworks out of the window while having a meal.” Key likes both cooking and eating, so this plan is something that only he can think of.

How his fan think about his lover

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Most of Key’s fans don’t believe that Key and Nicole are dating now.

Thanks to her frankness, they take Nicole as one of his closest friends and have positive feelings for her.

At the same time, Key doesn’t admit their romantic relationship. His agency SM Entertainment denied it as well.

His fans seem to be more concerned about his bitter relationship with bandmate Minho. It is said that Key has been bad terms with Minho since they were trainees of SM Entertainment.

List of Love Songs He Sings

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Album: Korean version

・The Shinee World (2008)/SHINee
・Lucifer (2010)/SHINee
・Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You (2013)/SHINee
・Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me (2013)/SHINee
・Odd (2015)/SHINee

Album: Japanese version

・The First (2011)/SHINee
・Boys Meet U (2013)/SHINee
・I’m Your Boy (2014)/SHINee
・D×D×D (2016)/SHINee

Song: Solo

・Born to Shine / Key


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