Who is Jonghyun’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Jonghyun for SHINee

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Jonghyun (Real Name: Kim Jong-hyun / Hanglu:김종현 born April 8, 1990) is a South Korean singer and songwriter.
He was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.


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When still in high school, Jong-hyun was spotted for his bass performance and scouted by SM Entertainment, a famous Korean entertainment office.

In 2008, he made his debut as a member of South Korean pop group ‘SHINee‘ on their first album, The Shinee World (2008).

Rumored Love Interest

Yu Ra

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In a radio program, Jonghyun said that he was a big fan of Yu Ra and always enjoyed listening to her songs.

His comments caused a great stir among many of his fans.
Jonghyun later apologized of making his fans upset and explained that he was just supporting her as a fan.

On the other hand, Yu Ra made a comment on Jonghyun’s statements as follows; “I’m really honored that such a wonderful senior performer as Jonghyun has some interest in me. ”

However, she also revealed that he is not his favorite SHINee member: she prefers member Lee Seung Gi instead. Unfortunately for Jonghyun, it looks like the feelings are not mutual.

Ex Girlfriend

(Rumor) Lee YuBi

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Jonghyun was rumored to be dating Lee YuBi, a Korean actress whose mother is the famous Korean actress, Gyeon Mi-ri.

Lee became well known through her appearance in the TV drama series Vampire Idol(2011).

A year later, she made her fame stable by her great performance in the TV drama series The Innocent Man (2012), by which she won the reputation of “National Sister”.

In 2014, The Sport Seoul got a scoop of Jonghyun and Lee’s romance, which said that they were walking holding hands in Seoul.

It also said that they met through their common friend, Kang Minkyung, a member of pop-ballad duo Davichi.

Both of the agencies the two belonged to denied their romantic relationship, saying they were just friends. According to the representatives, the two only met because they belong to the gathering group for celebrities born in 1990.

Shin Se Kyung

In August of 2010, Jong-hyun admitted that he was dating with Shin Se Kyung, a Korean actress.

Shin became well known nationwide through her performance in the sitcom, High Kick Through the Roof (2009-2010).

The couple were the same age and hit it off. The more they spent time together, the deeper they fell in love.

Jong-hyun didn’t hide his relationship with Shin, so they often got their photos taken while having a date.

After nine months of dating, Shin and Jonghyun broke up in June 2011, because of their busy schedules.

His Ideal Type of Woman

During a talk in the TV variety show, Jong-hyun revealed his ideal type of woman was someone who had a sense of gentleness and modesty, in other words, a woman who was very feminine, looking good in a dress.

Also, he mentioned in a magazine interview, “I like women who look like foxes and also have a sense of tenderness. But I don’t like people who are sly as foxes.”

Marriage Views

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When Jonghyun appeared as a guest on a radio program, he was asked to share his thoughts about his marriage.
He said that he wanted to get married by at the age of 35, but he thought it would be probably impossible.

At that time, he was so busy with preparing for his solo activities that he couldn’t afford to think of others.

He said that he would not be able to get married by he was 35 as long as he kept this kind of lifestyle.

His Ideal situation of dating

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In the Japanese magazine interview, Joughyun was asked about his ideal dating situation.

He answered, ” I want to go out for shopping or dinner with my girlfriend in a busy street like Shibuya or Roppongi, Tokyo, because most people would not recognize me in the crowd.” 

Jonghyn had once his picturers with his ex-girlfriend, Shin Se Gyeong taken during having a date, so he seems to be a little anxious about paparazzi.

Considering his fame, however, it would be almost impossible for him to go out for a date without being noticed in South Korea.

Fans’ opinion on his lovelife

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After the relationship with Shin Se Gyeong was exposed, Jonghyun fell out of grace with the fans.

Furthermore, Jonghyun officially admitted that he was dating with Shin, saying “please quietly watch us over”. This made his fans get furious.

Some fans left him and others started to harass Shin by posting numerous offensive comments on her homepage.
For example, “Do you really believe you and Jonghyun are a good couple?”, “Stay away from Jonghyun!”, “Know yourself and just die!” etc…

Some thoughtful fans tried to stop such harassment for fear of declining Jonghyun’s reputation, but in vain. Finally Shin was forced to close her homepage.

Their relationship lasted only about nine months, and his fan quickly forgave him.

List of Love Songs He Sings

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(Album: Korean version)
・The Shinee World (2008)/SHINee
・Lucifer (2010)/SHINee
・Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You (2013)/SHINee
・Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me (2013)/SHINee
・Odd (2015)/SHINee

(Album: Japanese version)
・The First (2011)/SHINee
・Boys Meet U (2013)/SHINee
・I’m Your Boy (2014)/SHINee
・D×D×D (2016)/SHINee

(Album : Solo)
・BASE (2015)/Jonghyun
・The Collection “이야기(Story) Op.1″ /Jonghyun 


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