Get to know the Free Wi-Fi portal application! “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi”

Now in the era of smartphone, internet has become even more important than before. With the internet, we can use our smartphone for searching direction with map, sending message to our family and friends, and also posting the photos we took during our travel to social media.

But, since the internet we use in our home countries can’t be used in other countries we travel to, we need even a smarter devices which can provide wireless internet connection known as Wi-Fi. This post will tell you an application namely ‘Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi’ that can provide you an easy access to free Wi-Fi connection in Japan!

1. The app you need to download

Recently, many companies provide free Wi-Fi, so we don’t need to buy the device by ourselves. But security issue should be concerned. So often these companies required email address from their users each time they try to connect and this can be very irritating. Because of that, an application for smart devices namely ‘Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi’ solves problems like this.

You can download the app “Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi” from the AppStore or Google Play. Please download it before you leave your country. This device is available on iOS and Android devices.

This device is attracting attention of free Wi-Fi user because it solves the troubles and help you to connect with free Wi-Fi smoothly. You just have to register your personal information with this application. This device can be able to deal with the free Wi-Fi in about 143 stations of Tokyo subway. The range keeps increasing, which makes this application very useful for new comer in Japan or tourists.

2. Do the settings

After arriving at a Japanese airport, first thing you have to is to connect to a free Wi-Fi access point. Check whether it is available with this application. Some airports and access points you can use can be seen below.

  • Osaka international airport (Itan airport) terminal building “Osaka-airport-free-wifi”
  • Narita international airport terminal  “Free WiFi-NARITA”
  • Fukuoka airport terminal  “Fukuoka_City_Wi-Fi”
  • Kagoshima airport terminal  “Kagoshima-Airport_Wi-Fi”
  • Haneda airport international terminal  “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI”
  • Haneda airport domestic terminal “HANEDA-FREE-WIFI”
  • Ariake-Saga airport terminal building “Ariake-Saga-Airport_Wi-Fi”
  • Sendai airport terminal building  “00-FREE_Wi-Fi_Sendai_Airport”
  • Kagoshima airport terminal  “Kagoshima-Airport_Wi-Fi”
  • Shin-Chitose airport terminal building “NewChitose_Airport_Free_Wi-Fi”
  • Naha airport domestic terminal arrival lobby “Okinawa_Free_Wi-Fi”

There are also other airports not mentioned here. But you can still start the app and connect an access point.

3. Connect to a free Wi-Fi!

You only need to register with this time one time. Register the required fields with your name, email, age, gender. Another way, you can also register with your Facebook account. You can still can register when your phone is in airplane mode.

After registration tap certificate button. You will find the button on the main page of the application. After completing the connection you can use the internet freely.  You can connect 3 hours maximum. After 3 hours you may reconnect it again. There is no limitation as far.

Features of the app

One of the attractive features of this application is, it supports multiple languages. Primarily, it has 11 languages, but it is increasing day by day. English, Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai language, Malay, Indonesian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese are the first 11 languages.

You can use those languages not only for the main page but also for other pages like news, Q&A, Wi-Fi access point search, etc. ‘Travel tool’ page will help you to find another application, web page, travel guide, instruct, and related other things to travel in japan.

You can use this application not only in an airport or subway stations, but also available in convenience stores, complex buildings, public spaces, commercial facilities etc. This app will definitely make your stay in Japan more convenient.