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Who is B.I’s Girlfriend? Lovelife about Kim han bin from iKON

The original name of B.I is Kim han bin. He was born on october 22 1996 in south korea. He is a good rapper, composer and lyricist of iKON.

He started his first stage show at the age of 13 as a featured rapper in Mc Mong’s 2009 tack as “Indian boy’.On january 2011 he joined as a trainee in YG entertainment.

He and his friends laid the foundation informing the Team B group comprising of six members. This team was revealed to public in a stage show hosted by Mnet survival program.


B.I has no girlfriend yet. He is a devoted guy .

He has not experienced in dating a girl .

Ex Girlfriend

He is dedicated to his work so he is not much diverted by girls.

His Ideal type of woman

he likes determined and goal oriented girl. He likes innocent strong and independant girl.

He loves pure and innocent girl who owns slender look, Fit well in oversized cardigan and blue jean with sneakers under slim ankles.

Personality wise someone who is sincere in whatever they do, who can demand him and challenge if necessary, who gives him space at times, Short pretty korean or foreign girl who speaks korean language well. Some one adventurous and fun loving personality.She should understand and encourage him in all his future challenges.

How he thinks about marriage

He acted many marriage subjects but still din’t reveal his view regarding his marriage to media.

He had not yet selected his girl friend for dating if so happens she will be the luckiest

He wants to look after his love life with utmost care and love. Really the girl who marry him will be the luckiest in the universe.

His Ideal situation of dating

Interested in dating but unable to find right time for it. Since he is a person with professional passion.

He doesn’t want to sacrifice his time for dating compensating his passionate work.

He used to imagine dating spots for the sake of composing songs but not yet experienced the real feeling of dating.

How his fan think about his lover

Fan’s confirm that he has no relationship with any girls. Since there is a good picture portrayed by media fans believe he must be sincere in his work without any personal affairs.

Still some fans are curious to disclose his affairs. But they couldn’t discover even a single news still.

List of Love story Dramas/Movies He Appeared On

Mostly he was composing songs representing IKON.

He didn’t get a chance to enact in dramas.

He was participating in many reality shows so no much performance was displayed in drama

Fun facts

Rhythm Ta, My type, apology , Dumb and Dumber, what’s wrong , i miss you so bad, Anthem, Be I , just another boy, climax, we ride, we run the streets, Aoy, wcf, Down bitches, hold up, welcome to my city, wake up.

There was a story behind composing the song ‘apology ” and ‘anthem’ where he imagined the bad boys who had a break up with girls.

He felt their feelings while composing that song.

One of his track ’empty’ achieved no 1 position in various music programs.


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