Profile and Facts of Mark of NCT: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Mark is a South Korean singer born in Vancouver, Canada. He is a member of the three sub-units of NCT, NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream.


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Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

Mark was born on August 2, 1999, and currently is 17 years old. His astrological zodiac sign is Leo. His Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit.

Height and Weight

He stands 174cm, or 5 ft and 8 inches tall, and weighs 52 kg.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name, and Childhood Stories

Mark is a South Korean singer who was born in Vancouver, Canada.

Mark’s birth name is Mark Lee. His Korean name is Lee Min-hyung, while Mark is his stage name.

The 17 year old idol lived peacefully in Canada. But when he was 6 years old, his father decided to shift in South Korea. After hearing this, Mark was very upset.

He then entered a music school, and got used to Korean culture. He was very attentive in his class, but sometimes felt bored. Afterwards, he was admitted to Seoul School of Performing Arts.

During his free time, he liked to play the guitar.

Bio and SNS

Blood type: A
Chinese name: 李珉亨(Lǐmínhēng)

Label: SM entertainment

Official Website: NCT | NCT 127 | NCT Dream
Twitter: @NCTsmntown
Instagram: @NCT127


Mark studies at Seoul School of Performing Arts.

Prior to that, it is rumored that he attended Eonju Middle School, where returnees can catch up with their studies after lessons.


Aside from his parents, Mark also has an older brother, rumored to be named Lee Jin-hyung.

Career & Bio

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Years Active: 2013-present
Position: Main rapper

Mark Lee is a South Korean singer from Vancouver, Canada. In Korea he is called as Lee Min Hyung.

Like Wendy from Red Velvet, he entered S.M. Entertainment via the 2012 S.M. Global Auditions held in Canada.

After about a year since entering, December 2013, he became part of S.M. Rookies, a group of trainees.

In April 2016, after long years of training, he was announced to debut as a member of NCT. NCT U, the group’s first sub-unit, released their debut single “The 7th Sense” a few days later.

A few months after, he was chosen again to be part of NCT’s second sub-unit, NCT 127. And a month later, he was yet again announced to become a member of the third sub-unit, NCT Dream.

He is the only members to be in all sub-units at the moment.


-“I Want to Enter Your Heart” (for “Sweet Stranger and Me” OST, 2016)
-“The 7th Sense” (NCT U, 2016)
-“Without You” (NCT U, 2016)
-“Chewing Gum” (NCT Dream, 2016)
-“My First and Last” (NCT Dream, 2017)
-“Trigger The Fever” (NCT Dream, 2017)

-“NCT #127” (2016)
-“Limitless” (2017)

*Single Album
-“The First” (NCT Dream, 2017)


*TV Shows
-“NCT On Air” (2016)
-“NCT Life” (2016)

Net Worth

Mark has an estimated net worth of 1.2 million from his K-pop work.


Mark has not been involved in any relationships so far.

He had to adapt to Korean culture after moving from Canada during his early teenage years, which was more important than a relationship.

Also, he has always been busy with his music activities, and does not have the time for a significant other.

Favorite Things

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Food: Bagels, Chicken, Cookies and Cream ice cream
Color: Blue
Artist: Coldplay
Music Genre: R&B, rap
Hobby: Bike riding
Sport: Badminton
Fashion: Casual attire, baseball cap

Fun facts

1. Known as a little brother in the group.
2. His fanclub name is NCT Fan Club.
3. His shoe size is “27cm”.
4. He is from Vancouver Canada so he could not speak Korean when he came to Korea
5. He studied Korean so hard.
6. He is only 16 years old but he has a talent of music writing
7. He respects YunHo of TVXQ
8. He is a high school student at present.
9. He is in charge of speaking english
10. He adjusts any kinds of environment easily.
11. Jaehyun is his roommate.
12. He likes to fun with his friends.
13. He has been receiving praise left and proper for his rapping performance in “The seventh experience“.
14. Because of his rapping talent, netizens are loving him just as much as enthusiasts are.
15. He liked living in Canada
16. He helped compose lyrics for a lot of NCT songs
17. His favorite holiday is Christmas
18. He likes EXO’s Xiumin and SHINee’s Minho
19. He wants to visit United Kingdom, especially England, in the future
20. One day, he would like to perform with artists he admires

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