Profile and Facts of Jaehyun of NCT: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Jaehyun is a fundamental vocalist for NCT. He is part of the two NCT units, NCT U and NCT 127.

He is without doubt one of the most masculine participants of the crew. Even his groupmates say so themselves.

He also has fairly white skin, which earned him the nickname “Casper”.


Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

Jaehyun was born on February 14, 1997. He is now 20 years old.

His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Height and Weight

He stands 181 cm tall and weighs 63 kg.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name

Jaehyun was born at Seoul, South Korea with the name Jung Yoon-oh (정재현). Due to his fair skin, his nickname was Casper.


He spent his early stage in the United States for about 4 years, but thought it was boring. Nonetheless, because of this experience, he is fluent in Korean and English.

Jaehyun is very sensitive, but strong. He tries to to make everyone happy, an optimistic personality he earned in his childhood.

Also, ever since he was young, he wanted to live a free life. He thinks that without freedom his life is valueless.

Academic wise, he was a clever boy. However, he disliked to be attentive in class, and wanted to just play, preferably basketball, with his friends.

Bio and SNS

Blood type: A
Chinese name: 鄭允午(Zhèngyǔnwǔ)

Label: S.M. Entertainment

Official Website: NCT | NCT 127
Twitter: @NCTsmntown
Instagram: @NCT127


Jaehyun graduated Seoul School of Performing Arts.

He was already popular at that time, and many girls would wait outside the school gates to see him. However, he never tried to act cool or stuck-up, and was nice to his admirers.


Jaehyun is an only child, therefore his parents give him all their love, and are very supportive of his activities.

The family lived in a rich area of Gangnam, which tells us that Jaehyun had a well-off childhood.

Career & Bio

Position: Vocalist, rapper
Years Active: 2013-Present

Jung Jaehyun is a South Korean singer for the popular k-pop group NCT. He belongs to two of its sub-units, NCT U and NCT 127.

S.M. Entertainment scouted him when he was in the 8th grade (14-15 years old). He then passed the audition and became a trainee.

In 2013, when he was 16 years old, he became a part of S.M. Rookies, a group of trainees. In 2015, despite his pre-debut status, he became the host for the program “Show Champion”.

And finally, on April 2016, Jaehyun made his debut as a member of NCT and its first sub-unit NCT U.

A few months later, he was revealed to be part of the group’s second sub-unit, NCT 127. He participated in composing their first song “Fire Truck”.

His position in the NCT sub-units is ‘vocalist’. However, he plays the piano as well.


-“The 7th Sense” (NCT U, 2016)
-“Without You” (NCT U, 2016)

-“NCT #127” (2016)
-“Limitless” (2017)


*TV Shows
-“NCT On Air” (2016)
-“NCT Life” (2016)

Net Worth

Jaehyun has an estimated net worth of $2 million from his K-pop work.


Rumor: Yeri (Red Velvet)

Netizens suspect that Jaehyun is in a relationship with Red Velvet’s Yeri.

The rumor started in 2015, when she made an appearance in Jaehyun’s program “Show Champion”. Netizens claim he was constantly making eye contact with her.

And during a basketball competition among k-pop artists, Jaehyun waved at Yeri, to which she was giggly about.

But they haven’t been seen together for a long time, so this rumor has died down. Furthermore, Yeri is a very friendly person, therefore fans must have simply mistook her kindness.

Favorite Things

Food: Meat, especially spicy pork
Color: White
Sport: Basketball
Film: “Beauty and the Beast”
Artist: IU
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Hobby: Playing the piano, sports
Fashion: Simple clothes, usually with one black item

Fun Facts

1. His fanclub name is NCT Fan Club.
2. His original name at birth was Jae-hyung
3. He changed his name from Jae-hyung to Yoon-oh legally
4. His respects SiWon from Super Junior
5. He truly loves Doyoung as a big brother
6. He knows the day of Doyoung’s parents’ marriage anniversary
7. He graduated Seoul School of Performing Arts
8. He was talking like a real brother with Doyoung so a lot of people thought they are related
9. His ideal type of women is one with long, straight hair.
10. His favorite fruit is Peach
11. His favorite scent is Lavender
12. He likes to read fantasy novels
13. He is a good care taker to his younger groupmates
14. He is in charge of sweeping in the NCT dorm
15. He wanted to be an architect when he was young
16. He believes in aliens
17. He wants to have two children eventually
18. His roommate in the NCT dorm is Mark
19. He is good at swimming
20. He likes to cheer people up when they are sad

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