Profile and Facts of Taeyong of NCT: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Taeyong is a Korean singer and leader of NCT, a South Korean boy band under S.M. Entertainment.

The group debuted with their first sub-unit NCT U, which is composed of six members: Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. Kun and WinWin then formally debuted by means of collaborating in Chinese promotions of the group.

He was then announced as a member of NCT 127, the second sub-unit of NCT.


Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

Taeyong is born on July 1, 1995. Now he is 22 years old. His nickname is TY Track.

Height and Weight

Taeyong stands 179 cm tall and weighs 59 kg.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name

Taeyong was born in Seoul, South Korea. Taeyong’s birth name is Lee Taeyong and his nickname is TY Track.


Taeyong has been a very clever boy ever since his childhood. He is a good speaker, and for this, he has the ability to be the leader of NCT.

He also earned remarkable marks in his school, as he was very attentive in his class. He also liked to join cultural programs. His teachers liked him very much for his active participation.

He also had an interest in learning guitar, so he started to practice at the age of 11.

But opposite to his “model student” persona, he was quite problematic on the Internet. In 2009, he made racist remarks about Japanese people online. He also scammed people by selling fake products.

Bio and SNS

Blood type : O
Chinese name : 李泰容(Lǐtàiróng)

Label: SM entertainment

Official Website: NCT | NCT 127
Twitter: @NCTsmntown
Instagram: @NCT127


He studied at School of Performing Arts Seoul.


He is the youngest child of the family, and has an older sister.

His family let him purse his passion for music at a very young age, which led to his talents today.

Career and Bio

On December 2013, Taeyong became a member of S.M. Rookies, a group of trainees under S.M. Entertainment. Even before debuting, he was already very active and popular.

He collaborated with k-pop girl group Red Velvet for their single “Be Natural” in 2014.

In 2016, S.M. Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man created NCT with the concept of having unlimited members that would be separated into sub-units and be active around the world.

Taeyong was chosen as a member of the group’s first sub-unit, NCT U, alongside fellow S.M. Rookies members Taeil, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. Kun and WinWin also participated in Chinese promotions of the group.

He debuted with the group’s first single, which he helped compose, “The 7th Sense,” alongside groupmates Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark on April 9, 2016.

He was then announced as a member of NCT’s second unit NCT 127 in July, and was part of their debut EP “NCT #127”.


-“The 7th Sense” (NCT U, 2016)

-“NCT #127” (NCT 127, 2016)
-“Limitless” (NCT 127, 2017)

-“Be Natural Ft.Taeyong” (Red Velvet, 2014)


*Variety Shows
-“Exo 90:2014” (2014)
-“NCT On Air” (2016)
-“NCT Life” (2016)

Taeyong’s Scamming Controversy


Taeyong revealed his scamming experiences, saying “When I was younger, I made a mistake with some wrong actions, so I thought that I would like for the members and dongsaengs I love to not make the same mistakes.

So I like to let them know what I know. I don’t want them to become like me.” he admitted.

The people or fans leaked and uploaded evidence of Taeyong’s awful scamming actions when he was in middle school. He sold broken things and lied about it, he increased prices and took a lot of charges, he badmouthed people using bad words at customers.

Netizens, especially fans, were shocked by this other side of Taeyong’s personality. This kind of attitude is definitely an awful one.

His agency, SM Entertainment, then came to defend him and released a statement saying “Taeyong is deeply reflecting on the mistakes he made during his middle school days.

We apologize to everyone who may have suffered negatively. We will work hard to raise Taeyong into an artist with good character and great skills.”

There were fans who kept defending him, by saying that the past is in the past and we should not make a big deal out of it, but some people keeps bashing Taeyong.

Does he deserve this hate? After the downright awful things that he has done in the past?

Taeyong’s Racist Comments


It must be an unfortunate year for Taeyong, because his bad behaviors in the past is revamped by netizens. Taeyong is already known as the scammer with a rude attitude problem.

People bashed him for his wrong doings, but he keeps defending himself and getting help from his team and agency.

Although, more and more controversies came. Netizens discovered that Taeyong is not only a scammer, but also a racist.

His comments on Japanese people such as “So lame.” “I bet at least 50 out of those 100 students are anime character loving nerds right?” He also fat-shamed Japanese girls and called them ugly. Nobody in the entertainment industry should have a personality like that.

Netizens are then questioning SM Entertainment why they accepted a person who has such and awful personality like his.

Taeyong Rude Script-crumpling Controversy

Taeyong’s past keeps haunting him. One time, after a radio interview, Taeyong crumpled his script in front of the camera and in front of the radio VJs.

Normally, scripts are supposed to be kept after it is needed. Other people spent a lot of time writing the script, imagine their hard work on a script and it will just end up being crumpled in front of all the people?

While other members were respectfully holding the script properly, Taeyong was the only one seen giving less appreciation to the script that was specifically made just for him.

He basically threw the people’s effort away. Nobody just rudely crumples a script right after the show.

Netizens became more and more angry at Taeyong. His scamming controversy, his racism, his sexism, his bad attitude and his script-crumpling habits.

Net Worth

Taeyong has an estimated net worth of $2 million from his K-pop work.


Taeyong has previously stated that he is single. Despite his plenty scandals, it seems that he doesn’t have one regarding his lovelife.

Probably the artist is deeply regretting his past actions, and is showing his seriousness in his career by not causing any more trouble such as having a relationship.

Also, he is the leader of NCT. He doesn’t have time for anything besides his career.

Favorite Things

Food: Korean noodle soup
Movie: “The Lion King,” “Howl’s Moving Castle”
Color: Black
Music Genre: Hip-hop
Fashion: Dark colors

Fun facts

1. Known as cham in the group.
2. His fanclub name is NCT Fan Club.
3. His most famous gossip is he committed a fraud when he was a junior high school student and got arrested by police.
4. He is famous for his good looks even before debut
5. He is the best rapper in the group
6. He collaborated with Red Velvet as a rapper in 2014
7. He has also been modeling because of his looks
8. His respects Jong Hyung from SHINee.
9. He appears a CM right after he debut.
10. He studies Japanese hard now he is good at a language.
11. He has a pet dog named Ruby
12. He likes to go swimming
13. He wanted to be a firefighter when he was young
14. He is roomates with Johnny
15. He takes good care of his fellow groupmates
16. Going to France is one of his dreams
17. He does the laundry for NCT members
18. Members claim he is good at cooking
19. He keeps the NCT dormitory clean
20. His nickname “TY” also stands for “thank you” to his fans

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