Profile and Facts of Taeil of NCT: Bio, Net Worth, Fun Facts etc.

Taeil, also known as Moon Taeil, is a South Korean singer. He is the main vocalist of NCT, a South Korean boy band under S.M. Entertainment.

The group debuted with their first sub-unit NCT U, which is composed of six members: Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. Kun and WinWin then formally debuted by means of collaborating in Chinese promotions of the group.


Birth Date and Zodiac Sign

Taeil’s birth name is Moon Taeil. He was born on June 14, 1994, and is currently 23 years old. He is the main vocalist of NCT 127.

Height and Weight

Taeil stands 173 cm tall and weighs 55 kg.

Birth Place, Nationality, Birth Name

Taeil, or Moon Taeil, was born in Seoul, South Korea.

His birth name is Moon Taeil.


Taeil’s voice has been amazing from his early years. He looks like a bit like Lee Dong Wook, as he is godly handsome and attractive. But he is apparently the least attractive member in NCT.

When he was in his school, he was very attentive in his studies. Taeil was very shy and did not talk too much as like others.

Even now, he is very shy and seems really nervous on camera compared to others. Basically people think he’s no fun and honestly he looks a bit down.

However, Taeil had an extra look on music. He passed his free time by learning guitar.

His parents helped him very much in learning music. They enrolled Taeil in a music school when he was at 7 years old. He was a very talent boy. He learned guitar very quickly compared to others. For this, his teachers liked him.

He also passed his free time by playing computer games.

Bio and SNS

Blood type: O
Chinese name: 文泰一(Wéntài yī)

Label: SM entertainment

Official Website: NCT | NCT 127
Twitter: @NCTsmntown
Instagram: @NCT127


Taiel graduated from Seoul Life Science High School.

He then enrolled in Hanyang University to study Applied Music. However, he decided to drop out in order to pursue his music career instead.


Taeil has his parents and a younger sister, who is three years younger than him.

It appears he has a good relationship with his family. His mother is the person he admires most.

The musician also revealed that he gets along with her, and he is grateful for her constant support. They often have phone calls where she would just listen to him ramble.

Career and Bio

Position in NCT: Main Vocalist
Active since: 2015

Taeil is a South Korean singer and member of NCT (Neo Culture Technology), formed by S.M. Entertainment. He is the main vocalist of two of its sub-units, NCT 127 and NCT U.

The 23 year old started his music career in October 2015, when he became a trainee for S.M. Entertainment and part of S.M. Rookies.

In 2016, S.M. Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo-man created NCT with the concept of having unlimited members that would be separated into sub-units and be active around the world.

Taiel was chosen as a member of the group’s first sub-unit, NCT U, alongside fellow S.M. Rookies mambers Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun and Mark. Kun and WinWin also participated in Chinese promotions of the group.

He debuted with the group’s first single “Without You” alongside groupmates Doyoung and Jaehyun on April 10, 2016.

He was then announced as a member of NCT’s second unit NCT 127 in July, and was part of their debut EP “NCT #127”

The 23 year old stands out from the other members due to his talent in the music field, for he can play the guitar and the piano.

However, he is considered the least attractive member in NCT. Unfortunately he is very shy and seems really nervous on cam compared to others. He doesn’t talk much despite his beautiful voice.


*Extended Plays
-“NCT #127” (NCT 127, 2016)
-“Limitless” (NCT 127, 2017)

-“Without You” (NCT U, 2016)

-“Because of You” (for “The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 OST,” 2015)
-“Sound of Your Heart” (for SMTOWN, 2016)


-“NCT On Air” (2016)
-“NCT Life” (2016)


-Asia Model Awards 2016 – New Star Award (NCT U)

Net Worth

Taeil has an estimated net worth of $1 million from his K-pop work.


Taeil doesn’t have girlfriend at the moment. One of the reasons he is single is possible because NCT has just debuted, and he wants to focus on building his career at the moment.

As we can tell from his decision to quit a prestigious university to become a musician, Taeil is dedicated to his career. For the moment, he doesn’t want to be distracted.

However, he said that he wants to get married at 34.

Favorite Things

Food: Meat, Ice Cream, Pizza
Song: “MaMa” – Bobby Kim
Artist: SHINee, Trey Songz
Movie: “Lump of Sugar” (2006), “Masquerade” (2012)
Hobby: Listening to music, Watching movies
Color: Black
Motto: “Do whatever I want”
Fashion: Simple monotone colors

Fun facts

1. Known as the big brother in the group.
2. His fanclub name is NCT Fan Club.
3. He is the oldest member of a group.
4. His is the shortest member of NCT.
5. He is one of the longest member as a trainee
6. He is the best singer of the group
7. He released OST for a drama before debuting.
8. He released his teaser the last.
9. He leads other members like a big brother.
10. He wanted to be lawyer when he was young.
11. The first instrument he learned to play is the piano.
12. He wants to go to Madagascar
13. He keeps a four-leaf clover inside his wallet, which was given to him by an old woman.
14. He doesn’t like carrots and sushi.
15. He also wanted to be a zookeeper when he was in high school.
16. He often phones his sister
17. He quit university in order to become a singer
18. People think he looks like Lee Dong Wook
19. He also admires Korean musician Kim Bum-soo.
20. He brags about his abs a lot.

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