Who is Cho kyuhyun’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Cho kyuhyun

Cho kyuhyun is a famous celebrity of South Korean world who took birth in 1988 in Seoul. He is especially known for his acting skills. He remained member of South Korean acting group The Ballad. He started his career in May 2006 with a super junior role. Since then is having a successful career in acting field.


The rumors about Kyuhun’s girlfriend met truth when Uhm Ki Joon revealed that they both are in relationship since long in a radio show. Uhm Ki Joon told that they both had romantic relationship and are having dated since long.

Kyuhyun is silent regarding this relationship whereas Uhm Ki Joon has made it public. Uhm has openly told that they both are having romantic relationship and will both get to each other soon. However, Khyhyun has not made any comment over this rumor. Moreover, Kyuhyun is likely to have other relationships as well. He used to have dates with other celebrities.

Kyuhyun remained in much news due to his number of ex-relationships. He was in relationship to a famous celebrity in 2011. However, he did not commented as it truth and denied any such kind of relationship with anyone.

However, he told that Park Heneul was his girlfriend whom he broke up. He told that they both were having good relationships but their relationship did not work and both got separated. Park has not made any comment about her relationship with Kyuhyun.

His/Her Ideal type of man/woman

Kyuhyun has been a successful actor since his debut. He believes that true relationship needs honesty and trust. When both the partners have trust in each other they can have successful relationship.

He has told that he is in relationship with Park with whom he broke up and is now just a good friend to her.

How he/she thinks about marriage

Kyuhyun has not spoken about any plan regarding his marriage. He believes that he will marry the one who can trust him and can support him in his career.

Moreover, he thinks marriage is a life lasting relationship and it should be done after serous talks and understandings. He is looking for the one who can understand him well and can remain close to him for rest of his life. However, he will marry soon with the beautiful one whom he loves.

His/Her Ideal situation of dating

Kyuhyun has been in news due to his several rumors regarding dating with number of celebrities. He was found dating Park Heneual on number of occasions.

However, he told that she was just a fried of him and they both had nothing among them. Whereas rumors reveal that they are in relationship and are having dates. Moreover, Kyuhyun says that he is frank to all his friends and co-workers and goes with them on dates quite often. He has not dated anyone considering her for marriage.

How his/her fan think about his/er lover

Fans have heard about many relationships of Kyuhyun. He was found dating Park Heneul many times which made his fans think about their relationship.

However, Kyuhyun told fans that it is just a rumor and he is just of friend to Park. Moreover, he believes in frank and close relationship with friends and colleagues. His fans are quite curios about his relationship and want to know his true relationship with celebrity. He told fans that whenever he would find anyone good for him he would marry her.