Who is Byun Baek-hyun’s Girlfriend? Lovelife with Taeyeon

Byun Baek-hyun was born in 1992 and became famous as singer and actor in South Korea. He was influenced by famous singer Rain and started practicing music when he was eleven only.

Besides music, Baekhyun also likes martial arts and got black belt in Hapkido. He started his acting career with SM Entertainment in 2011.

He is an EXO member from 2012.


SM Entertainment revealed in 2014 that Baekhyun is in relationship with Taeyeon, who is also a celebrity. This confirmed the suspicions of the huge number of netizens that repeatedly said that both Baekhyun and Taeyeon are in relationship.

The couple had known each other for roughly three years, since when Baekhyun first entered SM as a trainee. They first got close as colleagues and only after a long time their friendship developed into something more.

The Korean magazine Dispatch published a detailed report that showed concrete evidence of their relationship. The two have been spotted in a car date, and their SNS activities have also been made public. The two often liked each other’s pictures on Instagram.

Breakup with Taeyeon

However, their relationship was not always smooth. Both the actors tried to make their relationship work many times and had dates to get closer to each other.

However, according to mutual friends, their liason was an extremely damaging one, and they reportedly split up many times just to get back together after a little while.

Very discussed was the episode in which Taeyeon unfollowed her boyfriend on the Social Network Instagram, while Baekhyun was still following her. This raised suspicion among fans of the two.

In 2015, after roughly 14 months of dating, they finally parted their ways, citing their busy schedule as the reason why they couldn’t make their relationship work.

His Ideal type of man/woman

Un post condiviso da EXO BAEKHYUN (@baekhyun_news) in data:

Baekhyun has revealed during interviews that he is attracted to charming women.

He would like to date a girl around 160-165 cm tall, with white skin and straight long hair. She also have to be really pretty.

Opinions on Marriage

Baekhyun has never talked much about marriage. Being very young it is unlikely he is thinking seriously about it.

Surely some people expected him to tie the knot with ex-girlfriend Taeyeon and are sad over the fact they broke up. On the other hand perhaps the most ardent fans are happy to continue dreaming about their favorite idol.

His Ideal Dating Situation

Un post condiviso da EXO BAEKHYUN (@baekhyun_news) in data:

Baekhyun never disclosed which is his favorite dating situation, but he did go to a lot of dates with former girlfriend Taeyeon.

The two often saw each other late at night or early in the morning, because their busy schedule does not allow them to meet at any other time.

Most of the times they met in Taeyon’s car, a Mercedes-Benz SLK 55AMG. They have to be careful not to be caught by fan, so their location of choice is the outskirts of Seoul.

Fans’ Opinion on his Relationship

Un post condiviso da EXO BAEKHYUN (@baekhyun_news) in data:

Fans of both SNSD and EXO were at first very angry about the relationship between the two, but gradually started accepting it after the official statement released by SM.

When the two broke up fans in Korea and abroad were saddened by the news, but still wished the two a happy life.

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