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Who is Jung Il-woo Girlfriend?: Love life about Jung Il-woo

Jung Il-woo a famous actor known for his roles in Unstoppable High Kick(2006). last work of Jung Il-woo was Cinderella and Four Knights(2016). 

He has finished his study from Hanyang University at Department of film & theatre. He is also known for the film Flower Boy Ramyun Shop & Moon Embracing the Sun. 

He is the first non chinese actor who has awarded with Huading Awards in 2012. 


Jung Il-woo reveals in a interview that his only girlfriend is Sandara Park(Kpop girl group 2NE1). She is also known as Dara. Jung also said they have 6 years of relationship. 

This relationship began at the Return of Iljimae television series. Sometimes they talk in media that they are like friends. But saying “I won`t talk to her much but I do listen to her concerns and give her advises” dictates that ray of romance prevails between them. 

Long friendship turn out to be a good relationship.probably it happens at the matter of Jung Il-woo. 

Ex Girlfriend

Kim jin

At octobor31,2013 a article was published about relationship between Kim jin & Jung Il-woo. Kim Jin is a fashion designer from Diva group. Jung woo has also accepted this fact. 

Jung also said that they were enjoying their dates apparently. But in november 5 Jung said “The suddeen,one way breakup notice after the marriage proposal,You have hurt me & my family,and you are so rude”.

Lee Chung ah

It was heard that,Lee Chung ah had a relationship with Jung Il-woo. Lee Chung-ah is a south Korean actress. 

Temptation of Wolves,My tutor friend 2 are some of his drama that made her famous. Their love news came first by a photo spreaded in the social media,where they were talking closely. 

Their relationship remain almost 2 years. After breakup, when Chung was asked about their relationship, she said the had broked up because, both of them are very busy wi9th their career. 

But she also said ,Jung is a good boy,but sometime he appears like a crazy man. Jung hadn’t said anything after broke up. 

Kim Yoo-mi

Kim Yoo-mi is said to be one of the ex-girlfriend of Jung Il-woo. She is a south Korean actress. Though Kim has married Jung woo, but her lover was Jung Il-woo. 

Kim is better known for her roles at Wide Awake. She began her career by the movie SWAT police. Media said that it`s Kim’s fault for breakup relationship with Jung. 

Not only that ,Jung`s fans also said Kim is an impish girl, she doesn`t care for anyone. That`s why they broke up their relationshiop. 

But Jung Il-woo confessed, he was at fault for the relationship breakup with Kim. 

Park Shin-hye

Some media source said that Park Shin-hye was the ex-girlfriend of Jung Il-woo. They acquainted during shooting of a drama. Park Shin-hye is an actress,dancer,model,singer. 

She is better known for his role at drama you are Beautiful,Flower boys next door. She had also worked in Chinese drama. Because of that, she had won popular foreign actress award for the drama Heirs. 

Their relationship broke up after 7 months. On that time,in twitter followers commented that, she is now in love with Jang Keun-suk.

They hadn’t said directly anything regarding their relationship in front of media. But they were spotted together in some places. 


Jung Il-woo is also very frank about his opinion. Because of his direct interaction, fans love him a lot. 

In,relationship matter,he is always frank to the media. Though a lot of rumors are available in the media regarding his girlfriends, he answer every questions,when asked about his relationship.

One funny things is that, it’s not necessary to for her wife to be proficient in cooking. He loves his mother`s delicious cooking. 

In an interview, while asked about relationship, he said that, he tend to get passionate rather than cool down at relationship matter. One of his big achievement is gaining hallyu award internationally. 

His Ideal type of woman

Jung Il-woo thinks as his ideal type is none othe than south korean singer & actress Lee Ji-eun. She is better known as IU at the stage. 

In an episode of SBS’ ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment’ Jung Il-woo confessed about his ideal actress. He said that his idel is someone who has double eyeleads & some facotors that common with him. 

Jung Il-woo explained regarding her that “While I was filming the drama ’49 Days’,I felt like I could really relate to the lyrics of her songs. 

How he thinks about marriage

Jung Il-woo is really a good actor. He is now busy with his build up of career. 

Some says that man is incompleted without being marriage,But Jung Il-woo is not concurrent with the quote. Though he has a positive thoughts about marriage but he prefers his career first. 

After breaking up with Kim Jin & Kim Yoo Mi he talks to an inteview that he is now busy wih dramaseries. He also said he will marry if he gets someone who resembles serenity. 

His Ideal situation of dating

Extricate fear & feeling more confident is the shadow of dating situation. Jung Il-woo prefers to be understable during dating. 

He also thinks to go a long walk together & have dinner at a favourite place. While on the spot messaging,chatting squashly is a good pattern of dating . 

But be cautious while sharing personal information. Cause Jung Il-woo thought it would be an offense in the future. 

Jung Il-woo tries to be in the manner of speaking always. Another way of getting romance in dating situation is compliementing the girl. 

How his fan think about his lover

Jung Il-woo fans always prefer him as a truthful person. He really convey his feelings & describes things as best as he could. 

Fans are convergent with the decision of Jung Il-woo,After breaking up with Kim Yoo Mi Jung Il-woo seemed to be dejected. 

But at that time fans support him a lot inspiration through social media. Fans have also inaugurate different movements regarding that situation. 

Though some fans have blust negative talkings about relationship regarding Jung Il-woo but most of the time Jung Il-woo get good moral support from the fans.