5 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Echigo-Yuzawa

Echigo-Yuzawa has been famous as hot springs area for a long time and the seasonal changes there are very marked. Many people visit there for avoiding heat in summer and enjoying skiing in winter.

Although there are many ski resorts in Echigo-Yuzawa, there has a plenty of sights other than ski resorts as well. We introduce sightseeing spots in Echigo-Yuzawa surrounded by full of nature below.

Lake Daigenta

Lake Daigenta, being a large dam lake made by damming up the water of Daigenta River, it is the first arch dam in Japan. It is surrounded by a full of nature showing you a beautiful view of fresh green in early summer and red leaves in autumn.

You can experience feeding river fish, getting on a boat during the season of spring to autumn. There is a course for exploring around the Lake Daigenta, which makes you enjoy relaxed time of full of nature.

Address: Tsuchitaru, Yuzawa-machi, Minami-uonumagun, Niigata
Access: 15 minutes from Yuzawa Interchange on Kanetsu Expressway by a car
Open Period: Late in April to middle of October (TBD)

Nozomi Bridge and Shijuhachi Falls

Shijuhachi Falls, getting limpid water flown down from Lake Daigenta and being just a 10 meters fall, it is a marvelous view of plenty of water if you see from its lookout.

You can command a view of Shijuhachi Falls from a suspension bridge called “Nozomi Bridge.” It is surrounded by a beautiful view of fresh green of early summer and multicolored autumn leaves.

Address: Tsuchitaru, Yuzawa-machi, Niigata
Access: 22 minutes by a bus on Ogenta line from Echigo-Yuzawa St. east entrance, and 500 meters on foot after getting off
15 minutes from Yuzawa Interchange on Kanetsu Expressway by a car

Nio Guardians of Zuishoan Temple

Two Nio guardians, resting on tower gate of Zuishoan Temple of Soto Sect, are works of Uncho Ishikawa succeeded in Echigo from the end of Edo period to the early years of Meiji Period, and are sculptured and colored delicately in every detail of hands and feet.

It is said that those were colored brightly when a sculptor of Buddhist statue in Ojiya repaired them in Showa era 4, which made their current appearances.

Address: 4595 Tuchitaru, Yuzawa-machi, Minami-uonumagun, Niigata
Access: 10 minutes from Yuzawa Interchange on Kanetsu Expressway by a car
Tel: 025-785-5505
Open Period: except winter season (due to winter enclosure)

Koh Sekiguchi Museum

This museum displays works of Koh Sekiguchi, who is the leading person of Japanese cutout pictures and successful both within and outside Japan.

His 27 cutout pictures are displayed there, and displayed works are replaced according to the season such as his masterpiece “Warabe” and “The Tale of Chikamatsu Shinju” received the Award of Salon de Paris in France.

It is enjoyable for visitors to see the cutout world made of Japanese paper delicately. Also, you can experience cutout by thinking the design on your own.

Address: Hotel Sporea Yuzawa, 1920-1 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minami-uonumagun, Niigata
Access: 6 minutes from Echigo-Yuzawa St. west entrance on foot
Tel: 025-784-1222
Open Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Admission Fee: Adult 300 yen, Child 200 yen
Days Closed: N/A

Naeba Independence Boardwalk

Naeba Independence Boardwalk, being the longest wooden footpath of 1.7 kilometers long and 2 meters width, anyone such as small children and people with wheelchair can explore into the forest at ease.

Whoever comes here can buy a plank at 1,000 yen and extend the footpath with it. You can write a message on the plank. It is enjoyable for many people to see the beautiful view of Naeba from season to season.

Address: Hiuchi First Ski Slope Parking Lot, Naeba Ski Resort
Access: 30 minutes from Echigo-Yuzawa St. of JR Joetsu Line by a car
Tel: 025-789-2706
Open Period: Except winter season (due to fallen snow)