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Who is Lee Seo-jin’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Lee Seo-jin

Who is Lee Seo-jin’s Girlfriend now? I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Lee Seo-jin This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee. Lee Seo-jin (born January 30, 1971) is a South Korean actor.

He is best known for his leading roles in the historical dramas Damo (2003) and Yi San (2007).

Lee Seo-jin made his acting debut in 1999 in the television series House Above the Waves.

He made it through many projects, mostly TV shows. Because of his hard work, he was able to reach his fame for playing a wonderful role in a TV drama called Damo in 2003. After that, his popularity rose again because of the drama hit called Phoenix.

Lee was lucky enough to partake a big role in an action movie in 2006 called “Shadowless Sword”. It was his first ever film and he will be forever proud of it.


Crushed on Han Ji Min?

During a recent episode of “Grandfathers Over Flower”, Lee Seo Jin showed interest in actress Han Ji Min. While eating dinner at a restaurant, Baek Il Sub asked Lee SeoJin how old he was and Lee Seo Jin answered, “I turn 43 this year.”

To which Baek Il Sub replied, “It’s not too late. I married when I was 36, you should get married now.”
When listening to their conversation, Lee Soon Jae chimed in and said, “Nam Sang Mi seems to have a nice personality.” However, Lee Seo Jin refuted and said, “From those I’ve seen, Han Ji Min is the nicest.”

Sounds like Lee-seo-jin has a little crush on Han Ji Min.

Ex Girlfriend 1: Choi Ji Woo

The chemistry between actors Lee Seo Jin and Choi JI Woo was obvious when the two appeared on the variety show “Grandpas Over Flowers.” And their appealing chemistry set off dating rumors that persist almost a year later

Choi Ji Woo Discusses Dating Rumors With Lee Seo Jin in a article .

On February 4, an article in the media outlet Korea Times reported that Choi was still being asked if she was dating Lee. She denied it but in a vague way.

Choi said that after the program people encouraged her to date Lee, but appearing on a program together does not automatically mean you should date.

‘Does co-stars mean dating partners after all,” she said. Not necessarily, but it was apparent that they liked each other.

The actors worked together on the 2015 episode of the program that also starred four actors in their seventies, Lee Soon Jae, Shin Goo, Baek Il Seob and Park Geun Hyung. Lee and Choi accompanied them on a backpacking trip.

It was quickly obvious that Choi and Lee were fond of each other. She called him “cute.” He said she did not need to wear make-up.

In May, the program’s producer/director Na Young Suk, asked if they were dating and planned to marry. Lee said they could marry if Choi fixed her excessive spending habits. She said, no thank you, and then everyone laughed.

Ex Girlfriend 2: Kim Jung-eun

One of the most openly affectionate couples in the K-entertainment Sphere, who were largely expected to announce wedding plans sometime soon (possibly even this year), has instead broken it off.

Kim Jung-eun and Lee Seo-jin started dating while filming the 2006 SBS drama Lovers, and had been going strong ever since.
In the two years they had been dating, they were one of a few celebrity couples who were open about their relationship status (many others choose to be coy, denying rumors even when they’re obvious to the public), and were occasionally seen in public on dates together.

Both stars were effusive in praise about the other, and Lee Seo-jin even appeared on Kim Jung-eun’s variety show (Chocolate) to serenade her with a love song, singing the same love theme that marked their characters’ romance in the drama Lovers.

A Sudden Break Up

The two traveled to the U.S. together as recently as this summer, and shot a fashion spread together in New York in September.

So it’s a bit shock to hear from Kim Jung-eun’s own lips that the couple is no more. She admitted it in press interviews on November 22, saying she couldn’t keep lying to the public further — the split occurred at the end of October. It’s particularly surprising since the couple hadn’t given signs of much trouble or fighting leading up to this news.

Kim didn’t Want to Break Up?

Kim confessed that it was a one-sided decision; Lee initiated the breakup, which came as a shock to her. She fought tears as she conducted her interview, saying, “It felt like I’d been in an unexpected car accident” and “I felt like I’d been shot.”

She admits that it’s difficult dealing with the shock of the breakup, and had just begun work on her new series General Hospital 2 when Lee dumped her. The drama just began airing this Wednesday on MBC.

His Ideal type of woman

“Lee Seo Jin reveals his ideal type to be a plump and cheerful woman

tvN aired a new episode of ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’ on April 25, showing Lee Seo Jin engaging in a one-on-one interview as he divulges his ideal type.

He said, “”I don’t really look at the face,”” to which Producer Na Young Suk asked, “”Then do you look at the body?””

Lee Seo Jin replied, “”Body? Let me see. I like petite and plump women, who are funny and bright.”” He continued, “”I like it when they have some meat on their bones. I also like when their belly comes out a bit.”””

How he thinks about marriage

About his marriage lee seo jin just Stated that he should marry Choi Ji Woo.

On the July 31 episode of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day,” Lee Seo Jin dropped a brow-raising comment about Choi Ji Woo, who had been on the show the prior week.

While waiting for the guest of the week to show up, Taecyeon tries some of the kimchi that Choi Ji Woo had brought to the house, and comments on how good it is. Lee Seo Jin then says, “Is she not coming again today?” Producer Na Young Suk says cheekily from behind the camera, “Bring her here everyday?” “Just get married then.”

But Lee Seo Jin responds, “If we get married, [I’d] probably bring her [here] even less. Because if you get married you want to be apart more.”

Hilariously, the on-screen caption says, “What is he saying..”

How his fan think about his lover

Lee seo jin is one of the most popular actor in Korea.

He has wide fan circle ,His fan thinks that He is only a mere man who also happens top act ,and funny and cute with his ever charming dimples smile.

He is acting like a prim and proper gentleman who can’t be bother with the show.

He is a really intelligent person who is happy will only marry when they are truly in love. Apparently he has not yet found that person. He seems confident in himself and his choices and not the type to cave to family or friends.

Beside all this Lee seo jin is very busy business man and fans wants to see more of in near future.

List of Work


– Marriage Contract (MBC / 2016)
– Wonderful Days (KBS2 / 2014)
– Gye-Baek (MBC / 2011)
– Possessed | Hon (MBC / 2009)
– Lee San, Wind of the Palace (MBC / 2007-2008)
– Lovers (SBS / 2006-2007)
– Phoenix (MBC / 2004)
– Damo: The Legendary Police Woman (MBC / 2003)
– Since We Met (MBC / 2002)
– Shoot for the Stars (SBS / 2002)
– That Woman’s House (MBC / 2001)


– Love Forecast (2015)
– Shadowless Sword (2005)
– I Love You (2001)
– Taxi of Terror (2000)