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10 Popular Spots for Tourists at Port Kobe

Speaking of Kobe, modern Western-style lined Kitano, Hideyoshi Toyotomi loved famous hot spring; Arima Onsen, Mt. Rokko that night view can enjoy, Kobe Port Harborland of cruising can enjoy and Meriken Park, etc., are famous.

Here are the 10 popular spots for tourists of the Kobe that has been carefully selected.

Kobe Harborland

While watching the ship, walk the wharf is recommended. When you take photos, you can take a very beautiful photos. In the night there is lit up, you will be romantic mood.

This place is the place that Speaking of Kobe. Views of the Ferris wheel is well and easy to take photo to the Port Tower. Shopping facilities are also substantial.

Address Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Access From JR Kobe Station By walk (About 6 minutes)
Opening hours 10:00~19:00
Holiday Nothing
Phone 078-360-3639
Website or Facebook

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Garden & Ropeway

There is a stop of the ropeway steps away from Shin-Kobe station. Ropeway will be able to ride on immediately if you go in, because it is constantly driving. In addition, you can enter the park for free by climbing on foot.

You can walk while watching the Nunobiki-falls. Since a tour walk around the park while hearing the description about the herb is held, it is surprisingly fun. You might want to go look because a variety of events will be held.

Address 1-4-3 Kitanocho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0002, Hyogo Prefecture
Access From JR Shin-Kobe Station By walk (About 5 minutes), get on the Kobe Nunohiki ropeway at Herb garden submontane station and 10 minutes to arrival.
Opening hours 9:30~17:00
Holiday Nothing
Phone 078-271-1160
Website or Facebook

Kobe City Hall (Observation Deck)

You can enjoy the view of Kobe from the 100m height from the ground. Since it is just become a view from the good point, the harbor of the state and, mountain also felt close to. The center of the city of Kobe is looked diligently.

It is also recommended as a date course. In addition, this facility is a very big benefit is free of charge. The 24th floor prospects lobby, have been released and free to walk.

Address 6-5-1 Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0001, Hyogo Prefecture
Access From JR Sannomiya Station By walk (About 7 minutes)
Opening hours Monday – Friday: 8:15 – 22:00 / Weekends and Holidays: 10:00 – 22:00
Holiday New Year’s holiday period; 1 day for equipment inspection
Phone 078-322-5329
Website or Facebook

Kobe City Oji Zoo

Around this zoo there is a Mt. Maya, so this zoo is lush. You can spend leisurely if you avoid Spring blossoms seasons, long holidays and tourist season. Selling point of Zoo is the panda and koala.

Amusement park is okay for small children. And restaurant of the park is reasonable. In principle, Wednesdays is holiday of this zoo, please confirm website before you visit.

Address 3-1 Ojicho, Nada-ku, Kobe 657-0803, Hyogo Prefecture
Access ・3 minute walk WEST from Hankyu “Oji Koen” station
・5 minute walk NORTH from JR “Nada” station
・10 minute walk NORTH from Hanshin “Iwaya” station
Opening hours [March~October]9:00~17:00 (Last enter 16:30)
[November~February]9:00~16:30 (Last enter 16:00)
Holiday ・Wednesday
・December, 29~January, 1
Phone 078-861-5624
Website or Facebook


When you walk, from the Sannomiya it is a little far. Of course, It is not a distance you cannot walk. Because there are a lot of coin parking, it is also recommended to visit by car.

There are a lot of Westem-style buildings, and this is exotic town. After climb up to the harbor gazebo you can see the good scenery of Kobeko.

Address Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0002, Hyogo Prefecture
Access From JR Shin-Kobe Station By walk (About 14 minutes)
Opening hours Nothing
Holiday Nothing
Phone Nothing
Website or Facebook Nothing

Mt. Maya

Night view of Mt. Maya is one of Japan’s three major night view. Its night view is the wider range that looks really beautiful. If you go by car, you need to climb the stairs to walk a little after stopping the car in the parking.

It is a little scary dark between them of the road. In addition, the Mt. Maya, there is a point where you can enjoy in addition to night view. It is a road toward the observatory. Road was glowing faintly. It’s beautiful. Since the romantic place, you will want to go again.

Address Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Access Take from Sannomiya Station to ”city bus 18”, get off at “Maya cable shita” bus stop. Then, take Maya view line (cable ropeway) and get off at “Station of the Stars” station .
Opening hours ・Spring season (3/20~7/19), autumn season (9/1~11/30)
10:00~17:30 (Weekdays)
10:00~20:50 (Holidays)
・Summer season (7/20~8/31)
10:00~20:50 (All day)
・Winter season (12/1~3/19)
10:00~17:30 (Weekdays)
10:00~19:50 (Holidays)
Holiday Every Tuesday
Phone Unknown
Website or Facebook

Mt. Rokko

It is one of Japan’s three major night view. Night view is the highest, is “100 million dollars night view”. About an hour by car from Sannomiya Station. Rokko-sanjo-bus is run from the cable Sanjo Station to Arima ropeway summit station.

There are many tourists and people who come to hiking. You can enjoy hiking without full-fledged equipment.

Address Higashinada-ku, Kobe 657-0101, Hyogo Prefecture
Access Detail information shows below:
Opening hours 7:10~21:10
Holiday Nothing
Phone 078-904-2291
Website or Facebook

Kawasaki Good Times World

It has been displayed on projects easy-to-understand that Kawasaki has worked so far. Many things of the exhibits are arrow to be touched in hand, you can experience the magnitude of the scale of heavy industry.

Also, there are things what is familiar, such as train and bike, you can also ride on and touch them. There are also held Quiz games and screenings. For families with children, half a day would enjoy here.

Address 2-2 Hatobacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0042, Hyogo Prefecture
Access From Subway Kaigan-Line Station By walk (About 8 minutes)
Opening hours 10:00 to 17:00 (admittance until 16:30 p.m.)
Holiday Closed on Mondays (or the following day if Monday is a national holiday)
New Year’s Holiday (Dec. 29 to Jan. 3)
Phone 078-327-5401
Website or Facebook

Kobe Animal Kingdom

In this zoo, you can freely contact with animals. Kangaroo or came running toward me, is fun. Kangaroo Mamezo sleep in the pillow of heart shape seems popular. Since the zoo was a flowers and birds garden previously, flowers are also beautiful.

Since most of the zoo is a greenhouse, you can play well even when the rain. There was admission ticket with round-trip ticket from Sannomiya costs 1500 yen.

Address 7-1-9 Minatojima-minami, Kobe 650-0047, Hyogo Prefecture (Formerly Kobe Botanical Garden)
Access Take from Sannomiya Station at Port Liner airport district, After 14 minutes boarding
, get off “K computer before (Kobe animal kingdom)” station.
Opening hours [Weekdays] 10:00~17:00 (Admittance 16:30)
[Holidays] 10:00~17:30 (Admittance 17:00)
Holiday Every Thursday (Spring Break · GW · summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays are excluded)
Phone 078-302-8899
Website or Facebook

Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets

Parking is wide. Stop for free. There is a lot of people when compared to other outlets, even on weekdays. There is also a thing that contains a different brand from the other outlets, is interesting.

Product Types are many, discount at the time of sale is cheaper than that of other outlets. Since there are many famous cafes and eateries, it is not troubled when you have a break time. Fashion and accessories, such as a meal in sporting goods, is anything enjoyable place.

Address 7-3 Kozudai Kita-ku, Kobe 651-1515, Hyogo Prefecture
Access About 3.5Km from Kobe Sanda interchange of Chugoku Expressway.
Opening hours 10:00~20:00
Holiday Once a year (February third Thursday)
Phone 078-983-3450
Website or Facebook