10 Best Nightlife Spots in Osaka that You Will Feel Truly Grown

Where do you know what is recommended if dating in Osaka? In order to solve the problem of people who do not know, we investigated the seasonal place!

But is a strong image of the location of the “Comedy”, of course it just nationwide third largest population not, has continued to develop as west of the male, there is a variety of attractions.

Namba Parks

Convenient access at Nankai Namba Station directly connected “Namba Parks”. Shopping, restaurants, a cinema … and 9-story everything uniform of the commercial complex.

In particular, the roof garden “Parks Garden” that spread from the second floor through the ninth floor is the famous ♪that it has been certified to the 2014 America CNN stations “most beautiful air garden in the world” while are in the middle of the city of Namba, this it is also because it is healed in a lovely rooftop garden is perfect for a date♥

Address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Naniwa-ku Nanbanaka 2-10-70
Opening hours Mall / 11:00 to 21:00, restaurant district / 11:00 to 23:00, Garden / 10: 00 ~ 24: 00 ※There is some different store Parking:
Phone 06-6644-7100
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Umeda Sky Building

“Umeda Sky Building” a height of about 173m is also famous as the attractions of Osaka!
British quality paper as the “Times” or “building the top 20 of the world”, the Colosseum and the Taj Mahal terrible too do is♪

I building of the degree to be introduced along with the World Heritage Sites, such as the two wings of the east and west, the top It has become a structure, such as to connect the “Floating garden observatory” in the.

At the top of the skyscraper, a view of Osaka in the 360-degree panorama while feeling the wind you are able outlook! Good also view this building from the outside, is also good views of Osaka from within, it is very recommended spot.

Address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Kita-ku, Oyodonaka 1-1-88
Opening hours Floating Garden Observatory / 10 : 00 ~ 22: 30 (the last admission 22:00) closed: No admission fee: Adults 800 yen (Floating garden observatory) Parking:
Phone 06-6440-389
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AVENO Harukas

Japan high topics as building skyscraper “Abenobashi Terminal Building” is the station directly connected terminal building!

Some of the 60-story has entered the Kintetsu Department Store and Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel, it is also useful to also stay in the shopping ♪58 floors to 60 floors of the observatory in the “Harukasu 300”, enjoy the sky gardens and cafes , views of Osaka, has become a space such that want to stay much.

Address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Abeno Ward Abenosuji 1-1-43
Opening hours 9: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Harukasu 300)
Phone 06-6624-1111
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Nor the only eateries to eat, not even just the club and cabaret play, also eat those delicious play noisily, such casino restaurant “Jack & Queen”! Birthday party and after-party, to Groups supports a variety of applications.

In Japan, where you can enjoy the casino as a fashionable intellectual game is an unusual shop. Nashi mistake also rise with nature in a not very intimate relationship ^^

Address Osaka, Osaka Prefecture Naniwa-ku Nanbanaka 3-14-16 Seianbiru first floor
Opening hours Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 24: 00, weekdays 17: 00 ~ 24: 00
Phone 06-6634-2577
Website or Facebook

The Doranken clam

Climb the steep stairs to International space. I went for the first time with friends. It was already crowded with customers who are raised in a karaoke.

Is a bar that American owner has management. Girl bartender and makes a drink in the day instead. With people who do not know is where the imperceptibly become friends. I want to go all means.

Address Yubinbango542-0084 Osaka , Osaka , Chuo-ku, Soemon cho 6-26
Opening hours Tuesday: 8: 00 pm – 6:00 am
Wednesday: 8: 00 pm – 5:00 am
Thursday Sunday: 8: 00 pm – 6:00 am
Night after ten o’clock visiting Allowed, after midnight visiting Allowed, open until the first train, operating Sunday
Holiday Monday
Website or Facebook

ROR comedy

Some guys were pretty funny and shed light on funny misunderstandings about cultural differences. But others seemed amateur. I’d like …

Address Yubinbango542-0082 Osaka , Osaka , Chuo-ku, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 2-16-13 Hohsen Building 1F
Opening hours Gold 9:00 Pm – 11:00 Pm
Sat 7:30 Pm – 10:00 Pm
Holiday Wednesday
Phone 080-4451-5539
Website or Facebook

Moon tower

Moon Tower is somewhat of an Osaka institution . If you’re travelling through and want a cool, yet unassuming bar in which to hang out, then go to Moon Tower! The staff are friendly, speak english, and will make your favourite drink, Or Challenge Your Tastebuds With Their Own Creations.

The Atmosphere Is International And Fun, And You Will Find Like-Minded Locals As Well As Ex Pats. Indeed, It’S A Great Place To Go In The Evening To Meet Friends (Or Make New Ones) , before hopping on to another bar, or dancing the night away in a dark club;)

And if you’re unsure of what to do next in Osaka, then the knowledgeable staff will happily fill you in with their recommendations.

Address Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi Nishi-Shinsaibashi 2-16-8 rivet building 1F
Opening hours [Mon-Fri] 18:00 to next 3:00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] from 18:00 to 5:00 next day
Night after ten o’clock visiting Allowed, after midnight visiting Allowed, business Sunday
Phone 06-6210-3414
Website or Facebook

Club queue International Party Bar

“Club Q the best bar ever ❤” The atmosphere is great and the staffs were very friendly❤Definitely a must go bar ! They will change also the atmosphere of the bar depending on the customer

Address Yubinbango542-0083 Osaka , Osaka , Chuo-ku, Higashishinsaibashi 2-1-14 button building basement first floor
Opening hours Mon-Sun:
8:00 pm – 5:00 am
Phone 06-6226-8136
Website or Facebook

Club Piccadilly Osaka Umeda

After a half of hour of roaming in the district or so, finally managed to find this club. I was simply strolling around, not using smartphone GPS nor cab, trying to find the place on my own. And I managed. Went in bit on.

The early side, around 10:45 PM, found not so many people in there, but as the night went on, the place got more and more packed Great sound system, nice interior, good drinks, and the most important – music.

That particular night they were hosting several DJ’s, first one being the biggest head shot around, as it was explained to me by locals The guy was playing good music, a little bit of something for everyone; hip – hop, Rnb, oldies disco … had a great time.

I was surprised to see that local clubbers are so much into hip-hop music, but I guess that’s just the way the things are in the Empire of the Sun. But what I find most important is the fact that music was so good it allowed me to utilize my dance moves to the full extent.

Ended up having dance-off with some cool crowd – such fun If I ever find myself in Osaka, I’ll definitely pay this place a visit.

Address Yubinbango530-0051 Osaka , Osaka , Kita-ku, Taiyuji cho 8-17 Plaza Umeda Building 8F
Opening hours OPEN 19:00 – 25:00 CLOSE
Holiday Monday/Sunday
Phone 06-6809-5895
Website or Facebook

Sam & Dave one

It can interact with foreigners was fun in the feel good music! Wide It is fun or dance together have dance everyone happily there is also the second floor! Please go you by all means!

Address Yubinbango542-0086 Osaka , Osaka , Chuo-ku, Higashishinsaibashi 2-7-20 Southern Palace building 6F (Formerly Bar1)
Opening hours 23:00-5:00 (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur,Sun)
22:00-6:00 (Fri,Sat and Before Public Holiday)
Phone 06-6212-5867
Website or Facebook