10 Attractive Points of Kaga Onsen and Ishikawa Prefecture

Ishikawa Prefecture is found on Japan’s sea coast.

It’s northern part consists of the Noto Peninsula, while the prefecture’s southern area embraces the main city, Kanazawa. It is rich in culture and tradition, together with natural beauty.

1. ) Activities

Your visit to Kaga just can’t be completely satisfying without trying at least a single activity the place has to offer.

From Skiing to Paragliding, the activities available ranges from mild to extreme. Nobody is left out in the activities that can be enjoyed: the park can be used to jog and exercise.

2. ) Onsens

hat would be a visit to Kaga without dipping at least your feet in its wonderful hot springs? They have 8 hot springs that are unique from each other, which makes it hard to pick which among them is the best.

Here are the names of the Onsens you can find here: Yamanaka Onsen, Yamashiro Onsen, Katayamazu Onsen, Awazu Onsen, Tatsunokuchi Onsen, Hakusan Ichirino Onsen, Chugu Onsen, and Shiramine Onsen.

3. ) Sightseeing

With Ishikawa’s massive land in the heart of Japan, the mountain range of Hakusan, the Noto Peninsula, and the land’s plains can be seen all together. At the far end of this mystical landscape is the Sea of Japan.

The official website of Oshikawa suggests that you visit the following attractions to make your stay worth every second: Senmaida Rice Fields, Chirihama Beach Driveway, Kakusenkei Gorge, and Hakusan National Park Hakusan National Park Center.

4. ) Festivals

Gatherings take place during certain parts of the year in Ishikawa. You will be warmly welcomed to witness these events and even participate. Notable festivals are the Abare (rampage) and Nafune Gojinjo Drum, which is frequently from July to October.

Tourists have well commented that they appreciated the rich culture of Japan way more than they ever had after participating in these festivals.

5. ) Food

After a long day of appreciating, enjoying, and being mesmerized, what other better way is there to re-charge? Dining in Ishikawa might be a little complicated—because of the various appetizing dishes it has to offer.

The Noto, Kanazawa, and Kaga/Hakusan area each have their own traditional dish that serves as a medium on looking back at their prestigious histories.

6. ) The Nomura Family Samurai House

Samurais have been informally given the image of being violent due to how they are portrayed in films. However, it is actually a result of their dedicated passion on discipline, integrity, and honor.

Your visit to the Nomura Family Samurai house will truly make you appreciate a samurai’s code upon seeing the practice of perfection in almost everything in life.

Address 1-3-32 Nagamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Access N/A
Opening hours Every day from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (4:30 pm in winter).
Holiday N/A
Phone Phone Number: +81 76-221-3553
Website or Facebook https://www.japan-experience.com/city-kanazawa/nomura-residence

7. ) Notojima Aquarium

Being an Archipelago, Japan is surrounded by several beautiful sea creatures. It is imperative that you see the country’s fauna to get a closer look of their mild behavior and beauty itself.

The Notojima aquarium is by the seaside. It has a gigantic aquarim where Sun fish and Whale Sharks live. The attraction also has a Dolphin and Penguin show for children.

Address 15-Bu-40 Notojima Magarimachi, Nanao 926-0216, Ishikawa Prefecture
Access N/A
Opening hours 20th March ~ 30th November 09:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
1st December ~ 19th March 09:00 am ~ 04:30 pm
Holiday N/A
Phone Phone Number: +81 767-84-1271
Website or Facebook http://www.notoaqua.jp/global/english/

8. ) Mitsukejima Island

Set at the Noto Peninsula, the island captures the attention of anyone that sets eyes upon it in an instant.

It is commonly known as the Gunkan-Jima (battleship) island due to its distinctive rock formation that does resemble a battleship laying at rest by the sea.

Address Horyumachi-Ukai, Suzu 927-1222 , Ishikawa
Access Directions are in this website: http://experience-kanazawa.com/information/to_kanazawa.html
Opening hours Depends on weather as visitors are exposed to the sea. Please visit their website or call their number for verification.
Holiday N/A
Phone Phone Number: +81 768-82-7776
Website or Facebook http://experience-kanazawa.com/sightseeing/mitsukejima.html

9. ) Rokkosaki Light House

Also in the Noto Peninsula, this lighthouse is one of the oldest ones of its kind in Japan. It was built in 1883 for safety measures due to frequent marine accidents.

It is remarkable that this lighthouse provides view as far as seeing the Tateyama Mountains and Sado Island, proving its capability of safety measures for seafarers.

Address Noshiromachi , Suzu City, Ishikawa
Access You can visit Japan’s official Tourism web page for directions at http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/spot/natuscen/rokkosaki-lighthouse.html
Opening hours Also depends on weather, it is also in the Noto Peninsula, where the Battleship island is.
Holiday N/A
Phone Phone: 0768-82-7776
Website or Facebook http://www.jnto.go.jp/eng/location/spot/natuscen/rokkosaki-lighthouse.html

10. ) Ishikawa Prefecture’s Tourist Information Center

We absolutely had to include this spot in our 10 places to visit in Ishikawa. The establishment provides tourists directions to places they wish to visit. This is also a bus stop and has a generous number of seats to rest at while waiting for your ride, or simply to take a rest.

Their staff is very knowledgable about the place and speaks good English. Brochures and Maps are also available here.

Address 1-1 Kinoshimbomachi | JR Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa 920-0858, Ishikawa Prefecture
Access Complete details are in their website.
Opening hours No information about their availablity is posted in the site. But being an information help desk, they seem to be in operations everyday during normal offic hours.
Holiday N/A
Phone Phone Number: +81 76-232-6200
Website or Facebook http://www.kanazawa-tourism.com/