8 Great Caves in Okinawa You Can’t Help Breathtaking

Exploring caves might be mysterious and dangerous sometime. But there are a lot of fun and experience exploring caves.

Many caves have its own historical and cultural background, it is important to treat any cave you found yourself with respect. Here is a list of best recommended caves in Okinawa!

1. Shimuku Gama

During the American Invasion, the people of Yomitan use this cave as a hiding place.The cave prevents them from being hit by shelling when America wanted to invade Okinawa.

When American soldiers appear at the entrance of the cave with machine guns, the people inside the cave are ready to kill themselves instead allowing the Americans to kill them.

When they realized that the soldiers are not attacking them, they surrender to the Americans and they were led back to their home.

All the people that hide in this cave survived the war.

2. Chibichiri Gama

Chibichiri Gama is located very near to shimuku gama. It is a hiding place for people during the war then.

When the American Invaded Okinawa, The people hiding in this Cave were said to commit suicide rather than submitting themselves to the Americans. About 5% of the people hiding in Chibichiri Gama are said to have survived.

People that have family among the dead or people that survived are always avoiding this cave in order not to bring the memory to them again.

Bereaved families do go there to offer prayer to their family that died in the cave.

3. Yabuchi cave

The cave is discovered by a group of archaeologists in 1959.The cave is a historical site and praying ground to some Okinawans.

There is a station where visitors’ signs guest book near the cave. The cave is very easy to locate, but the road leading to the cave is rough.

The parking spaces in front of the cave are very small and accommodate few medium cars.

Visitors are advised to stay a bit far from Okinawans offering prayer in the cave in order to give them privacy.

The ceilings have to be watch because it gets smaller at a certain point.

4. Gangala cave

Valley of Gangala is a limestone cave spread over by forest.You can experience the ancient time when you explore the gift of nature to mankind in this cave.

Valley of Gangala is located very close to Naha. The cave is an abode of Minatogawa in the early days. The Minatogawa are very important to Japanese history.

The valley of Gangala is not just a tourist site. Archaeologists are still exploring the valley for research purpose.

The café inside the cave is the point where the tour of valley is always started.

Shop Hour Tour departure times
①10:00 ②12:00 ③14:00 ④16:00
Closed Open daily
Price ・Price for tour ¥2,200 (junior high and under is free with an adult)
・Student: ¥1,700 (need to present your valid student ID card)
・Group of 20 people or more ¥1,700
・We also offer private tour (from ¥34,000)
Payment method
Service Fee Payment methods for the booking and service fee [¥1600] : VISA, MASTER,JCB,AMEX,DINERS.
Duration 80 minutes.
Tour starts at ①10AM ②Noon ③2PM ④4PM
Language(MENU) English / 繁體中文 / 한국어

5. The Blue cave

The blue cave is located in Onna village very close to cape Maeda.The cave is best known for its snorkeling and its blue water.

There are experienced instructors that will give guides to the use of snookering equipment.

The cave is being explored by boat under the supervision of the tour guides and instructor. At the entrance of the cave floater is being offered to people that cannot swim.

Inside the cave, the blue water will give you inspirational experience and you will feel relaxed.

Blue cave Dive Tours SPARKLE
Hours Telephone(+81)90-1943-6643
Address 〒904-0414 Okinawa Onna village Maeganeku 10 (MAP)
MAP CODE 206 096 320*76
Access 5min. From Ishikawa IC
Parking ○
Hours of Operation 07:00 ~ 22:00
Regular holiday Open all year

6. Gyokusendo cave

The total length of the cave is about 5km. It is located in Tamagusuku.Only 0.85km is open to tourists for exploration.

The cave is one of the most visited caves in Okinawa. It was first discovered by a group of researcher from Ehime University in 1967.

The cave is sometimes used as a location for both local and international filmmakers for their movies.

The cave is best known for its Illumination, stalagmites and stalactites.

Service menu/charges/Opening Hours
Free Pass:
Adult – 1,650JPY, Children – 830JPY
Gyukusendo Cave & Kingdom Village:
Adult – 1,240JPY, Children – 620JPY
Kingdom Village & Habu Center:
Adult – 1,130JPY, Children – 570JPY
Opening Hours:
9:00am〜6:00pm, Remarks 5:00pm
Facility Information・Contact
Address:1336, Tamagusuku Maekawa, Nanjo-city, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-0616
Phone:+81 (0) 98-949-7421
FAX:+81 (0) 98-949-7100
Website URL:
Access1:Approximately 30 minutes from Naha Airport by Car (open road)
Access2:Approximately 8 minutes from Okinawa Expressway : Haebaru Minami I.C. by Car (open road)
Access3:Approximately 1 minutes from Nearest bus stop : Gyokusendo-mae by Walk
Stop for line : 51, 54, 81, 82, 83

7. Matsuda Mega Gama cave

The Matsuda Mega Gama cave is open for a guided tour to the public 2013.The cave is regarded as a source of water to the local villagers, long time ago.

During the invasion of the Okinawa the cave is a hidden place where local villagers take refuge.There are two different tour offered by the tour guides. The Mega Gama cave and The Mega Gama cave and remains.

Matsuda is best known for its gajyumadu trees that protect the village from strong destructive winds.

Address: 78 Matsuda Ginoza-son, Kunigami-Gun, Okinawa-Ken, Japan

8. Sefa Utaki

Sefa Utaki is regarded as a holy and sacred place during the days of Ryukyuan. The place is part of UNESSCO heritage site.

Sefa Utaki is the place where the goddess of creation came down to earth.The worshipping area is made up of a numbers of caves.

The caves are made up towering rock stand side by side to give the shape of triangle.

9:00 to 18:00 (entry until 17:30)
December 29 to January 3; three days each during the 5th and 10th month of the lunar calendar, which usually corresponds to June and November in the solar calendar
Fees200 yen