How to transfer among Shinkansen, Kintetsu Subway Local Trains from Kyoto Station

Kyoto is widely known for its local subway trains. It has so many magnificent and modern train that you can’t find easily in any other places of the world. If you are travelling through the Kyoto reign, then Kyoto station will be your first step for your destination.

Just like you heard it has a huge station building. There is a very fancy hotel if you needed to stay. There were also few departmental store for proving you with various kinds of goods.

Kyoto station is not looks like any ordinary station it has three level structure. On the ground floor all the west lines platforms are located. Shinkansen platform are located on the 3rd floor and Kintetsu platform at the second floor just under Shinkansen track. So it will be very easy for finding those tracks without breaking a sweat.

Kyoto station has two sides

Good things are that all the track are connected smartly overpassing walkway at second level of the west side. You can walk through the station without a ticket.

It is very interesting and visitor find this attractive that it has an underground walkway also. If you are not familiar with the underground walkway, then it will be an ideal opportunity for you.

Kyoto station has two sides, north and south. It will be easier for you to go through any gates you like as the both sides are equally connected by the walkway and underground pass. Enter into any of those gates as the both gates have several ticket counter for you.

transfer between the Shinkansen to Kintetsu railway

If you wanted to transfer between the Shinkansen to Kintetsu railway, then you have to use this gate for your easiest travel as it is the best way.

There is an easy going option just like I mentioned earlier, you can exit from this gate to Karasuma after quickly getting off from the Shinkansen. For doing so first you need to cross the gate.

After exiting from the gate you can take South-North pedestrian walkway to get Karasuma side.

Shinkansen Hachijo ticket gate

Before getting into the train you need to collects your ticket first, you can now use the Shinkansen Hachijo ticket gate for getting your eagerly awaited tickets for your trip.

It is located at the center of Hachijo side on the fairest ground floor. If you wanted to exit to Hachijo side, then this get is the easiest option you can chose from.

Pass the transfer gate

Finally, if you have enough of the walk through then come at the Shinkansen Transfer gate. It is a rule that you have to pass through here to the subway train.

Pass the transfer gate and now you will see the subway trains by whom you are going. One things you have to know that you can’t go through the automatic ticket gate it’s for legal travel and safety.

Kintetsu Kyoto station is simple

Kintetsu Kyoto station has four tracks only for the trip, two tracks are for limited express only and the other two has been used for local trains. There is only one ticket counter for the passengers.

This ticket gate is very simple. There is only one platform so you don’t need to worry, if you are new here then you can’t have lost your way that easily.

tickets counter

Just like Shinkansen Kyoto station has two also sides north and east. Those two also connected from the walkway both from the ground and also underway. You can find several tickets counter from the both two gateways.

There is also a shopping mall connected to the underground shopping complex.

From Kyoto subway it is just 10 minutes’ way to Shinkansen through the conventional line. Please do not exit and go through Shinkansen transfer gate.

From the conventional lines Kintetsu Railway is also just 10 minutes far. Carefully exit at west gate and go to Kintetsu Ticket gate. From this place through the conventional line Kyoto Subway just 10 minutes’ way back. Exit at the underground east gate and go to subway ticket gate.

10-12 minutes to exit

Shinkansen to Kintetsu Railway path also just 10-12 minutes exit at Shinkansen central gate and please go to Kintetsu ticket gate.

Then if you wanted to go Shinkansen to Kyoto station then it is 10 minutes’ path as well. You have to exit at Shinkansen Hachijo east gate and go to subway ticket gate.

Then your final destination Kintetsu to Kyoto Subway it is 15 minutes’ path. You have to Exit at Kintetsu ticket gate and go through Hachijo side and then go to underground subway ticket gate.

But you have to remember one thing very clearly that Kyoto Subway Karasuma line and the Kintetsu line both those two line go through each other. You have to aware of that some of subway trains run on Kintetsu line.

Sometimes you may not have to transfer at Kyoto station when you go to Nara or come back from there.



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