Best 8 Zoos In Osaka, Kyoto and Other Kansai Area

The Kansai area is a popular tourist destinations in Japan. Here are the best 8 zoos in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Wakayama.


The third zoo in JAPAN was inaugurated in 1915. The place is well known for rejuvenation and reminiscing traditional culture of japan.

The zoo is unfurled in 11 hectares. It has a capacity of housing 1000 animals (230 different species). The number of annual visitors to zoo are around 1.5 million.

The zoo is working assiduously to recreate the original habitat of animals. Reptile house came into existence in 1995.

Later Carnivorous Animal Area was discovered which united carnivorous and herbivorous animal together in one common environment.

It’s a bit tedious to walk around in sweltering summer.The zoo has a multifarious variety of animals in Africa . Kids here are allowed to feed animals such goat and sheep. The astonishing fact is that polar bears are kept in open.It’s avant grade experience to see big wild cats pacing back and forth.

The polar bears and red panda are lovely of all. Polar bear playing with its toys , enjoying their intimate time and giraffe stalking each other are some cool scenes to watch.


This zoo is located in the Ikeda City encompassing mesmerizing location and picturesque locales in Osaka Prefecture . The zoo is compact because of its coverage area.

The zoo covers only 0.3 hectares that is approximately 3000 square meters of area . The zoo can be covered by walking from end to end in less than 5 minutes.

Secondly, the zoo is popular as it encompasses herbivorous animals which are very tame and docile among children. They have a plethora of multifarious herbivorous animals which people love to see .

They have wombats , wallabies , emus , sheep , goats, alpacas, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs , turtles , chickens , a Patagonian cavy and raccoon.

Satsukiyama zoo is emancipated of entry charges.The construction of zoo is simple, the entire area is cordoned of with fences . Through fences it becomes a cakewalk for the visitors to watch these dreadful animals closely but at the same time it becomes a bigger impediment to take photograph .

There are no space in between the fences so that people can have some snapshot of animals.

Abandoning wombats and wallabies many of the animals are tame and docile.You will find no sign of anguish or suffering on the face of animals.The zoo also have ample education space that apprises us regarding wombats as well as small animals which are found in japan.

There is also an area built for people where they can touch various animals such rabbits , turtles , pigs and chickens.


The massive indoor petting zoo is located inside tempozan shopping entertainment complex.

It was inaugarated in 2005.They have recently enlarged their program a new “jungle”zone which showcases some eye catching animal like kangaroos and alpacas.

The entrance area is filled with a overwhelming population of guinea pigs , bunny rabbits and tortoises. Succeeding to these animals there is a habitation of some amicable dogs, unfriendly cats and two enormous pigs.

There are some large screen monitors fitted on the walls which continuously preview some videos of cats.

You are really fortunate if you arrive at the time of feeding pigs as you cannot afford to miss this adorable moment. A astonishing sense of ardour is seen in them during this time.

There are numerous signs indicating how to interact with animals.

There’s a mysteriously named jungle room where alpca , kangaroos , owls , Patagonian mara , capybaras wander freely. Alpaca here seem to be most intriguing and bizzare.


Sprawling in an area of 3.4 hectare(8.4 acre) in Sakyo ward, kyoto municipal zoo was opened in 1903. It is the antiquated zoo of JAPAN after Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

The cages constructed here are almost30-90 years old. Most of the animals are accommodated in concrete and steel cages.

An “ape room” is a new facility.When this zoo was founded it housed 238 animals representing 61 species.

The number of visitors per day is around 6500. During world war two the south part of zoo was taken over by occupation forces.

After a century in 2003 the zoo became an accommodation to 721 individuals representing 175 species. The animals in the zoo are lions , tigers , jaguars , bears , hippos , deers , gorillas , red panda, tanuki , cranes , swans, flamingos , eagles , hawks , sea lions and many more.

The aniamls here seem to have no anguish or suffering.An Animal Data Room apprises us about skeletons and other vital information about the erstwhile residents of zoo.

Initiated in 1982 with information of red pandas, visitors were also apprised about tiger and added it later in the list in 2010.

The zoo encompasses a wildlife rescue center embraced in 1989. The rescue center is prohibited for public.


The incredible zoo is located in the city of nara,japan at the foot of mount wakakusa established in 1880. The zoo resides in nara park which is under the authority of nara prefecture.

A whooping 1200 sika deer are found strolling around and can be touched which gives us a pleasant feeling and vanishes our fear regarding animals.

The sprawling park in located in about 502 hectares of land which includes grounds of today –ji, kofuku-ji and kasuga shrine. The park is also home to holy shrines making it a divine place for worship.

According to parishioner, deer from this area were regarded pious because of call on of takemikazuchi-no-mikoto,one of the four gods of kasuga shrine.

It is said that he was invited from kashima,ibaraki and appeared on mt.mikasa riding a white deer. From that moment onwards deer were considered to be sacred by kasuga shrine and kofuku-ji.

After the world war 2 dear got deprived of their divine status and were reckoned as national treasures of the city. Deer cracker is a meal for deers that is sold all around the park .

Visitors can purchase it to feed adorable deers. It is possible that sometimes deer may turn aggressive so be vigilant.


At the the entrance you will be confronted by a whooping number of flamingo pond. Visitors get mesmerized with even glimpse of pink colored flamingoes.

A traditional Japanese style rest place “mori no Yakata” can be eyeshot to the north .Still if you feel dormant ‘animal children country will reignite your dormant passion. Flashy and capacious it is a imperative breeding farm. The Oji Zoo nurtures for the Queensland koala.


There are two Sichuan Red Panda at the zoo. Yan, female was born in 1985 and is the oldest living panda in Japan Taro a male red panda.

A red panda has an an ability of standing for concise period when he is ambiguous of his surroundings.There is a place where you can pet ducks,Patagonian cavies and sheeps strolling around .even you can pet domesticated guinea pigs and european rabbits.

Polar bear

Through a glass plane visitors can view two marvelous polar bear frisking out together on land and water.

Sea Lion pond

Watching California sea lions swimming will come as a avant grade experience to the visitors as they have never watched them before.

It will be delightful to see sea lion wallowing in the capacious pool or lying on the land. The scenario surrounding the lions have been made in such a way that it resembles their natural habitat.

Western land lowland gorilla

Gorillas have been petrifying visitors with their dreadful look for so many years but these gorillas are contrary to our prejudiced opinion as they are quite sensitive and adorable to the visitors.


One of the astonishing, Himeji City Zoo which is unearthed in Hyogo Prefecture at the pedestal of historic Himeji Castle. A whooping 1 million people visit it per year and is authorized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Himeji Castle is adorable and mesmerizing with its impeccable architecture.

The antiquated fashion and appearance of the zoo abandons visitors with inkling that they haven’t altered the design since its existence.

At the very first you are greeted with Chilean Flamingoes. The cage housing them is about 18 meters long 2.5 meter tall and 8 meters wide. apart from flamingoes you will be delighted to watch red kangaroos.

Their cell is about 8 meters wide and 15 meters long. the kangaroos are not that massive and atall as we imgine it to be in our dream.

Next to them are the chimpanzees. Their cells are kept cordoned so that the chimpanzees do not hurl food or feces on visitors. For this acrylic panels are installed on their cage bars.

These panels also prevent fresh breeze from entering the cage.Ring tailed lemur are kept empty cells with their windows fitted with nets.


The center of attraction in wakayama zoo are the giant pandas which have been breeding since will be able to see how how mother panda offers unconditional love to their cubs making it a quite emotional scenario.

When the mother panda takes a catnap with a newborn in her hand and if he is about to fall off the zookeeper will make her cautious to prevent an untoward incident.

Located near the picturesque locales of ocean and cordoned off by the rich forest makes it a lovely place to watch and visit. Ample amount of bamboo can be procured from the park.

In case of twins the zookeeper put the cubs in incubator as mother panda can only nurture one cub.

The safari tour on Kenya an exclusive vehicle drives you around massive ground level making it possible for you to see large number of animals like tropical,Malayan tapirs,cheetah, rhinoceros during 25 min trip.

Events like marine wave are held which give you an opportunity to get familiar with marine animals.